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  1. Or! Goodbye “goodbye” Farewell “farewell” you just can’t join our club!
  2. Lord Geordie


    Give me £150 and a good night out in London “Chuck in a free train home” and I will pop down with a 15lb sledge hammer and ring the damn thing for them
  3. Not an engineer! But can you not use something similar to acro props to support, remove the pre cast posts and install new?
  4. May find it’s government sanctioned that all such meds are restricted until they are happy it’s safe?
  5. Like Chinese baby milk! Only takes one company to try and cut corners!
  6. Been using them on a limited basis for years. I only ever needed half a tablet! it was in the US they first recalled them! I think it was a bulking agent rather than the ranitidine that’s the issue.
  7. A TRUE kilt is WOOL. End of. Same as tweed! It’s a Scottish tradition!
  8. Always said the system was unfair! Some folk where I work get up to 6 fag breaks a day, as well as their lunch break etc! If that fag break is 10 mins it’s an hour of smoking and not working. Where as the non smokers get nothing! No extra pay, no extra time off etc. Add to that, when the smokers go for their break, the non smokers are left to take up the slack, which affects productivity. Personally I think you should have to clock out for fag breaks! No company should have to pay while your not working! I don’t get paid for lunch breaks nor my tea break! Why should smokers?
  9. Was just a typical event here up north!
  10. Dropped you a PM. Cheers matey! Will wait and see if it’s wanted first 👍
  11. I have a 3 shot semi auto with wood stock! It’s multi choke. Trouble is I am in Newcastle.
  12. Just think of all that extra time you can spend in the field. ok it may be in a shallow grave! But it’s still in the field
  13. I have a few old white spirit stoves “same as primus” if you want one?
  14. Lord Geordie

    im back

    A dead horse ?
  15. Sorry to hear that you were made redundant! If it’s simply one year until your pension age, maybe tighten your belt and squirrel away as much as you can while going self employed! That way if your due a tax bill you will have most if not more than enough to pay it! I do 30 hours a week at the mo to spend more time with my dad to make sure he is OK. On that I get £9 an hour and only pay a few hundred a year in tax! It’s the NI that eats into my wage! In total between tax and NI I pay around £1000-£1200 per year. what I am trying to say is try “if you can” to make small savings here and there to have some funds left at the end of the year for your tax bill, but remember there is also NI to pay! hope it all works out for you
  16. I am using VSDC free video editor on the laptop. It’s a little complicated to start with but you soon get used to it.
  17. And hopefully it’s a heavy book! sorry to hear your evening was ruined by this ****! Hope your recovery is swift, both physical and mental. And hope your eye is OK too.
  18. If you have an iPhone or iPad “splice” gets some fairly decent reviews! you get a few days free but then after that you have to pay!
  19. Sadly there are few which give you all the options and some even stamp the video which can be quite annoying. Windows USED to have movie maker? I had a few disks of movie editing programs but non work with the new systems. many purport to be freeware on web searches, but are infected with bugs etc. So be wary. I have a basic one on the laptop at home so will see what it’s called when I get home from work for you. If you have an iPhone or iPad “splice” gets some fairly decent reviews!
  20. Can you not broaden your horizon by finding any PCP with a decent volume air chamber and having it dialled up? Just a thought!
  21. Happy new year! ironic it’s 2020, and already I am blind drunk!
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