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  1. he couldn't as he always had his mouth full 😷
  2. there is a big difference shooting rats they don't breed.. shoot the adult corvids and they don't as well, only difference is you stand more chance of getting a big bag of adults and that is when they are coming to feed the young.. As for shooting woods out i did that on one wood years ago shot every adult that i could, they have never been back in at least 10 years there has not been a nest in this particular wood where as before there would be the best part of 75+ nests.. Farmer wanted it shot hard so we did now he complains its costing him money to treat the crops for pests that the corvid used to get..
  3. lot of difference between rats and corvids...
  4. Plus you get more than one chance at the adults if they have young they will keep coming back so you can get a few chances, then once the adults are dead go for the branches before they leave the nest...
  5. SNAP that's the way i do it...
  6. I would wait till the branches are out in may then have a go you will get more when they are on the nest feeding..
  7. Ok when are you bringing that powder for me ?????
  8. JOHN if this does not go i will take it..😃
  9. hawkeye

    Show time!

    Mate went yesterday took him 6 1/2 hours to get home there was an RTA not far from ground and he said he was stationary for nearly 3 hours glad i didn't go..
  10. hawkeye

    John Haynes

    He was well and alive when i spoke to him this morning ( mag357 )must be a different John Hayes PS should have read it properly its John Haynes not Hayes 😳
  11. any further news about this
  12. I started with a mec 9000 progressive 2 years later splashed out and bought a ponsness warren 800 best move i could have made.. we make all our own shot most of the time get the lead free from a mate who has his own roofing business .. So easy to knock out a 100 cart's in about 20 minutes then a quick wiz in the drill to round the ends off and make them easier to use in the semi auto if needed... If you had been a bit closer you would be welcome to see the PW in action..
  13. hawkeye


    No my contract was with sports direct who i bought from, The courier that was there problem. I ended up going to the local shopping centre and went in and spoke to the manager and told him i could not seem to get to speak to people he got straight on the phone and sorted by the time i got home there was a letter of apology , and also a legal letter that i had to printout sign and then scan and send back to them.. Since then had another e-mail saying they were getting nowhere with the courier and i could have full refund or another parcel as i was my grandsons xmas present ( one of many ) i opted for another parcel just means when it gets here i will have to repackage and post to Oslo in Norway..
  14. hawkeye


    Can beat that ordered some jogging bottoms for grandson 18/11 still waiting delivery... went onto there tracking site and low and behold they were delivered and signed for on 21 /11 at 11.35am funny that as i was in James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough from 9-30am that morning and didn't get back home till after 1-30pm checked with all neighbours no one had taken a parcel in and there was no card through the door..
  15. When you are let out of the clink
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