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  1. hawkeye

    Hide Seat

    I suffer with my back if sitting for a long time in the hide. I got a seat from Paul Hart ( the pigeon shooter ) in fact i have 2 now been using them for a few years now they have a good back rest and fold up so they are easy to carry if need be.. Nice and strong and not to heavy what more do you want..
  2. hawkeye

    .17 hmr ammunition

    Just spoke to him we will have them PM me contact number and address and will arrange to collect in next couple of days..
  3. hawkeye

    .17 hmr ammunition

    i will call my mate in the morning to see if he want the other 250 and let you know so if you could hold them for me it would be appreciated
  4. hawkeye

    .17 hmr ammunition

    will take 250 for £60 if you don't sell them all can collect...
  5. hawkeye

    My Lurcher ???.

    Springer spaniel got him at 2 years old lost him just before his 9th birthday never once heard him bark.. One of my neighbours did not even know i had a dog ( had him nearly 6 years ) at the time she only new when my back garden fence blew down in some strong winds and when she came out into her garden to inspect damage the dog was sat on my lawn watching he..she would not believe i had him for nearly 6 years at the time as she had never heard a thing from him..
  6. hawkeye

    Shot maker

  7. hawkeye


    Thats the word i was thinking of...
  8. hawkeye


    because he hoards them 😂
  9. hawkeye

    Shot maker

    PM me your e-mail and will send you some pics and videos
  10. hawkeye

    Shot maker

    just for time being not using shot gun very much mainly rifles..
  11. hawkeye

    Tikka t3 lite in 223

    That would do me fine Steve where did you get it from
  12. hawkeye

    Shot maker

    £350 Shot maker for sale complete with all accessories. The shot maker is based on the short drop method and similar in design as the “Littleton Shotmaker” It comprises of 2 dripper trays made from stainless steel each with 6 dripper nozzles.. Trays are heated with electric rings connected to temp controllers. We have been making shot for several years with this machine and it will produce 35Kg + per hour. The shot made runs into a tank of fabric conditioner whose level is kept constant with a circulating pump. Dripper trays are supplied with sets of nozzles to make shot sizes 6, 7, and 8. System comes complete with stand, all ladles and strainers and fab conditioner. Also comes with tumbler ( modified cement mixer ) to tumble and coat finished shot with graphite. Instructions supplied and demo given on collection.. Also have quantity of lead ingots and antimony ( linotype ) at additional cost that would get you started... Fot video clips on shot maker in action PM me with e-mail address.. COLLECTION ONLY
  13. hawkeye

    Cleveland police

    Praise where praise is due just had my renewals through. Got letter in August to let me know my fac and shotgun permits were due in November, and they had also made an appointment for the feo to call 21 sept i rang them as i had another appointment that day so they changed it to the 24th sept.. Feo turned up 5 minutes early sat and had a chat while he went though my application and i had to add a couple of things nothing serious just forgot to state the amount of ammo i could get..everything else was ok. He took my renewal away and yesterday my new fac and shotgun certificates arrived in the post. What better service could you have they call do interview and save you the cost of postage.... PS never had anything from my Doctors about reports...
  14. hawkeye

    Tikka t3 lite in 223

    cheers bumpy 22 will check them out..
  15. hawkeye

    Tikka t3 lite in 223

    Looking for a large knob for my bolt for above gun..existing one is to small..