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  1. Pete hope everything is going to be ok and you get good results had something similar about 2 years ago passing blood in stools had camera took about 6 polops send them away for testing all came back clear hope yours are the same mate take care and keep in touch..
  2. Well had my first lot of kemmo yesterday some nice nurses kept asking if i wanted coffee or sandwiches after effects at the time none i was tired but had nothing to do all day but read, had a few books on my kindle read one and was well into my second one when time was up. Big comfortable chairs and side table so well looked after started kemmo at 9-15 and had last lot finish at 3-15 pm. John picked me up at 4pm just felt a bit tired put that down to all the reading got home had coffee then John went home foe dinner. I had mine then settled in to watch the masters till 10pm de
  3. you can say that again pete keep fingers crossed and hope all goes well for you..
  4. You are always welcome Pete any time, well been told its liver cancer going into the bile duct it cannot be operated on so i asked if it was stage 1 2 3 4 and he said when they cannot operate its classed as stage 4...so only option is kemmo that will start being of April as soon as they can sort me a place out.. It will be one full day , then the same day the following week then a week of then start again and so on for 3 months then they will take another scan to see if the kemmo has shrunk it then go from there..
  5. Thanks lads i have an appointment to see the Doc Friday morning at 10-45 to discus the medication i will be on...
  6. Pete had a good look and don't seem to have your number in this new phone can you text it to me again please.. cheers Mike Forget that last request Pete i have your land line and mobile logged on my computer...
  7. cheers mate them my thoughts exactly..as long as i can get out and do a bit of clay shooting..
  8. Spoke to Jacki last week martin seems to be doing ok from what i can gather , she said he is being typical martin doesn't want help from any one just wants to do it himself.. Got my results not good its the big C and in a spot where they say it cannot be operated on so looks like its going to be kemmo and just hope that will slow it down. Just waiting for an appointment now to see the surgeon to confirm the way to go..
  9. Snap lot cheaper than BG and better sales service
  10. Thanks guys will let you know what's happening as soon as i find out...
  11. Latest update got a text from Jacki tuesday just gone didn't get around to answering her till later in the week as i was in hospital myself having biopsies taken out of my lung to see if what they have seen on last MRI scan was the big C or not will get results hopefully in next couple of weeks.. Anyway Martin had a episode and collapsed but this time he didnt hurt himself as it was on the grass right outside Jacki's house sent her a text on thursday to say hope things were going ok, got bad news he had had 2 more seizures and was taken back into hospital will update again when i hear mor
  12. Just had a look 27th feb 2005 was my starting day
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