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  1. hawkeye

    world cup

    The way they are playing they will be lucky to beat Croatia
  2. hawkeye

    MTC viper connect 4-12x24

    how much you have to state price..
  3. hawkeye

    Horse fly bite

    If you have been wearing shorts you must have been inside a lot ( no tan )
  4. hawkeye

    Dog walker in pea crop calls the police

    I always let the farmer know when im out shooting.. Used to ring the police but talking to one of them after getting pulled again, he said it did not matter if i rang or not if they got a call and there was a firearm involved they had to respond.. so stopped calling them let them come im not bothered its all legal..
  5. hawkeye

    Fox question after fright.

    its more than likely a dpt then.
  6. hawkeye

    Lapua 308 brass

    do you still have any 308 Lapua left PM sent
  7. hawkeye


    I will have this Steve PM sent
  8. hawkeye

    Warrener fox DVD

  9. hawkeye

    Jackdaws today

    scaffy and myself went to one of my farms yesterday we were there for 4am. Had set the hides up the day before on the same farm but about 3/4 mile apart we were set up against the cow sheds and started shooting at 4-30am, Didn't even wake the farmer up he had a rough night saturday in the town, we packed up at 8 am i had 75 and scaffy had 99 farmer over the moon when i text him. the rooks and jackdaws go into the buildings and eat and **** in the cow meal costs him a fortune, The stock don't even bother when a 12gage is going of next to them they keep trying to get the hide netting bloody long tongues...we just leave them and the son tidies up the dead birds and bins them.
  10. hawkeye

    Warrener fox DVD

    Happy shooter you are the first one to offer full price so they are yours.. 1- A season with the Warrener vols-1&2 2-The foxes worst night mare 3-Modern foxing with the warrener Bank transfer preferred as i don't use PayPal if thats `ok pm me and i will send you details for payment will have to be tommorow as im going to bed up at 3am to go crow shooting Mike
  11. hawkeye

    Warrener fox DVD

    Brian a PM about some of them so you have second dibs if i hear nothing tommorow i will let you know.. cheers Mike
  12. hawkeye

    Environmental question....

    Especially when big Sarah is round 😂
  13. hawkeye

    Warrener fox DVD

    got a load of Warrener dvd all genuine no copys £15 each posted or £12.50 if you take more than one.. A season with the warrener VOL 1 & 2 Hi-tech predator control for fox and mink The fox's worst nightmare modern foxing with the warrener fox control the warrener way.. ALSO FOR SALE All genuine Chris green pigeon PIGEON SHOOTING SECRETS REVEALED volume one Chris green CROW SHOOTING SECRETS REVEALED volume one Chris green WILDFOWLING THE WHOLE STORY volume one Chris green WILDFOWLING THE WHOLE STORY volume two
  14. hawkeye

    Bushnell elite 6 x 24 x50

  15. hawkeye

    pigeon shooting Chris Green

    pigeon shooting Vol 1 2 3 sold pigeon shooting secrets revealed volume 1 crow shooting secrets revealed volume 1 £28 for the pair posted also wild fowling the whole story volume 1 and 2 £28 posted