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  1. hawkeye

    I phone 6 s

    sold subject to the usual ....thanks for looking..
  2. well I've had one from labour, and 3 from the cons they were asking me to pay money into there war chest to help them fight labour had a few from other ones didn't read just straight into the bin ... To cap it all couple of days ago received an e-mail from the Cons asking why i had not contributed to there war chest.....cheeky **** cannot repeat the answer i sent then as would get banned...not had anyone knocking on the door yet would like them to... Kdubya who used to be on here before he got banned is door knocking in hartlepool for the Brexit party..he.s that peed of with the present lot....
  3. hawkeye

    I phone 6 s

    just upgraded my phone to a 8+ so i have the above for sale £70 registered post or make me a reasonable offer, go on treat yourself for xmas...in very good condition has been on o2 network, I've had it from new.. forgot to add it is in the original box but does not have the charge leads as they are needed for something else
  4. Hi big bird are the lanyards long enough to hang a thermal spotter round your neck like the camp one if they are it could sort my presents out for a couple of shooting mates
  5. got some 308 brass thats no longer needed sold my 308 and buyer does not reload.. 59 Lapua never been loaded £30 133 win brass some been loaded no more than twice £40 total 192 cases all deprimed and cleaned £70 posted or if you collect £60 on sale elsewhere....
  6. hawkeye


    you have PM
  7. unless you are on a mac then its on top right
  8. are you sorted yet Dave ? i have a router and never used it don't know what make unless i go into garage and check if interested PM me with your e-mail and i will send you pictures..
  9. hawkeye

    Picitinny rail

    got a GRS stock from my Howa 1500 and might have rail as well as i changed mine to one with 20 moa PM me if interested
  10. hawkeye


    Fingers crossed mate..
  11. You seem to have convicted her decided that she is a criminal before any court case to prove it.. If she ever goes to court and is proven under law to be guilty then she is a criminal and not before in my eye's
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