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  1. hawkeye

    ICO TECH 500

    any body got a ico tech 500 for sale let me know asap thanks Mike
  2. A lot of people think this is far to much to be paid..But i would bet if they were offered the same salary they would not turn it down.. I think it is to much for what they do but i would take it if offered..
  3. hawkeye

    Birthday Boy

    Had mine checked the other day and wasn't even my birthday .........Happy birthday anyway
  4. some thing different just hope she likes it..
  5. Another old topic started up only 4 years old...😎
  6. The humper smock would suit you ditchman for when fat Sarah comes round 😍
  7. hawkeye

    Game of Thrones

    Looks like i didn't miss anything by not watching it 😃
  8. Didn't know kdubya had any friends.. Thought you might have been at oak lodge today Figgy nice day for shooting a few clays even kdubya turned out...
  9. hawkeye

    GRS stock

    only pic that would upload
  10. hawkeye

    GRS stock

    changing my guns so have a GRS stock for sale its is fully adjustable for shoulder length and cheek height I think the colour is royal jacaranda looking for £350 ONO posted.. Its been on my Howa 1500 in 308 for the last 2 years and it has hardly been used so going back to original stock..send e-mail for pictures..
  11. he couldn't as he always had his mouth full 😷
  12. there is a big difference shooting rats they don't breed.. shoot the adult corvids and they don't as well, only difference is you stand more chance of getting a big bag of adults and that is when they are coming to feed the young.. As for shooting woods out i did that on one wood years ago shot every adult that i could, they have never been back in at least 10 years there has not been a nest in this particular wood where as before there would be the best part of 75+ nests.. Farmer wanted it shot hard so we did now he complains its costing him money to treat the crops for pests that the corvid used to get..
  13. lot of difference between rats and corvids...
  14. Plus you get more than one chance at the adults if they have young they will keep coming back so you can get a few chances, then once the adults are dead go for the branches before they leave the nest...
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