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  1. hawkeye


    some thing or other
  2. thats what he's going to make it out of...
  3. hawkeye

    face masks

    Hi Mel you have PM just sent contribution to Lin's cost let me know when you get it... think you have my address all the best to the both of you and daughter for helping..
  4. hawkeye

    face masks

    Mel PM sent thanks
  5. Mel would it be possible to have 2 please and detail so i can donate to costs..



    42 moulton grove

    stockton on tees 

    cleveland ts197rj

    tel 07711669070

    kdubya would like 2 as well if possible ex member who got banned a few years ago if ok just send to my address..



    1. My mate shoots a lot of fox's on a night but because of the position of the farm he always calls plod to let him know he will be out.. He rang them this morning as one of his farmers has started lambing to let them know he will be out tonight, they put him through to firearms dept and was told in no uncertain terms he would be arrested and could possible loose his license as it is not classed as a priority and was told he had to stay indoors even after he had a heated discussion with them and told them he drives from his house to field shoots any foxes then drives home. And is not in contact with anyone if thats the case what about the pigeon shooters can we go ahead and shoot or what...
    2. Just been over to check my larsen trap and its gone some **** has pinched it....
    3. Well that worked they said they would contact the company . Just checked my bank account this morning to pay some bills and there is my money transfered back into my account jobs a good un....
    4. Quick phone call to my bank this morning they are going to sort it out and claim my monies back..
    5. Know how you feel i ordered some things from the net advert said 4 to .7 days delivery this was on 1st feb only £39 monies taken out my debit account 2nd feb received e-mail to say they had my order and would let me know when it was processed.. Then completely forgot other things on my mind a few days later came across the last e-mail they sent me ( then found it was from USA ) so up till now i have sent 4 polite e-mails asking the state of play never even had the decency to reply to me is it possible for the bank to get my monies back ?? with it being a debit card..
    6. hawkeye


      Well i retired in 2002 when my wife died was 55 at the time best move i ever made my job was changing and not for the better.. Im 73 now and don't seem to be enough hours in the day play golf 2 0r 3 times a week weather permitted. Used to fish a lot mainly salmon with a few trips too rutland thrown in, but had to give that up not enough time. i shoot a lot mainly pigeons crows fox and clays at the week end.. reload all my own cartridges for 12 gauge even make our own lead shot since 2008 also reload 223 plus 6.5x55 just sold my 308 and teaching the lad who bought it how to reload he comes one afternoon a week depending on his shifts. Do a lot of rabbit shooting when there is any about hardly see any nowadays..
    7. Mel been there done that felt really guilty till i went for the weight in lost 2lbs that week... tried it again the following week didn't work that time😭
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