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  1. What is wrong with today's kids?

    See you soon Martin will have a fresh stock of coffee in so you can start to drink me out of house and home again
  2. British Roswell

    Think i will donate the 2 weeks hols in Haverton hill to the PW charity....might even throw in a days pigeon shooting to the winner hows that...
  3. British Roswell

    Monkeys by any chance right what do i win ...
  4. Air rifle scope

    Give me a ring in the morning Pete
  5. Air rifle scope

    Anytime you want to call round just let me know;; Found it stuck at the back of the gun cupboard its a Viking 3 x 9 40 wide had it given years ago and never used it would be perfect for air rifle fetch the gun with you and we can put the scope on i have a few set of scope mounts some might fit.... kettles on and water nearly boiling..... when ever you can get im available
  6. Air rifle scope

    Hi Pete think i have one he can have if you collect even a coffee will have a check later and let you know for definite just going out at the minute but will be back just after 1-30pm..
  7. Trail cams

    Mine does that but looked into it about 3 years ago so every time anything triggers it you get a pic... good thought i then found out you were charged 35pence for every picture... So didn't bother and was pleased as well as the first night i had it set up i ended up with over 150 pics of the dairy herd passing by would have cost a fortune...
  8. Karma!

    Keep us informed this could be good....
  9. Archer NV with Firefly IR

    Digital are **** in comparison to a tubed NV 2 lads i shoot fox's with both have archers and i use an envis they will beat any digital to bits... I fact one of them has had 4 different digital one in the last 18months and finally he got an archer last september happy as larry with it
  10. "im mainly......"

  11. "im mainly......"

    Just need Kduby back and Gordon will be happy for all his faults he was a good mate ever needed a hand with anything he was always there to help..
  12. National insurance after early retirement

    I retired at 55 after 40years without being out of work except for 6 weeks didn't draw any dole or any benefits.. When i retired i checked up and was told that after 40 years i did not have to pay any more contributions asked for it in writing and got the letter a few days later.. So 10 years later When i drew my OAP at 65 it was far more than i expected so back on the phone asking them to check as i thought they had made a mistake... Only to be told it was correct so i asked why it was higher than i expected and was told as my late wife had paid NI contribution all her life i was entitled to her share.. Who was i to argue so went out and bought myself a new rifle...been retired coming up 16 years in April this year..often wonder how i found time to go to work..
  13. "im mainly......"

    Never met but missed your threads so a glad day to see you back all the best for 2018 ...
  14. Anschutz 5 round mags. 1417

    right got my numbers mixed up its an age thing mine must be the 1517 hmr then...

    Just over a year old, be lucky if its been used more than 6 times.....