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  1. Interesting thank you, it’s the field of view that interests me for quick target acquisition, ie following squirrels through trees
  2. Just a quick question, these scopes, is it possible to get the same type of accuracy from these as a regular type scope?
  3. Waxoyl is for inside cavity’s, use dinitrol 4941 black on the outside of the chassis put a garden hose up the inside and wash it clean first before doing the inside
  4. Not yet, ideally .22 single or multi shot not fussed, narrowly missed out on a Walther rm8 for £260, that was a cheap gun 🤷‍♂️ are the logun mk2 professionals any good?
  5. Anyone got one of these manually indexable multi shot adapters?
  6. Just after a bit advice, looking for a cheap pcp to shoot squirrels, something secondhand, accurate and preferably a British or reputable brand, condition isn’t that important more reliability and accuracy. I seen things like logun mk2 professionals, logun solo, Webley and bsa guns! any help is appreciated as I’m not sure on the guns that might have known faults and cause me bother buying secondhand
  7. Ooft that’s a sweet gun!
  8. I’ve got them and I love them, could hear the beaters slagging my mates who couldn’t hit a bird to save themselves, my hearing aids lol
  9. Thank you for this and also the pictures, I’ll give a little thought to the next batch
  10. I could weld a hinge on so that the part of the hinge hangs over the hole! take it those trail cameras are the way to go?
  11. You think I should half it and weld a plate over?
  12. This is my first attempt with the squirrel feeder, anyone got any tips? Putting it up tomorrow 👍
  13. I bought mines the short version of these, she hadn’t had cold feet with them on
  14. The only thing I’d say with pull through sharpeners is to buy a few, they get worn and if you can’t get the same one then you’ll get another and the rod angles will be different and all your hard work will start again! I have a pull through I used on a works leather man for years and like it, I’m tempted to buy the worksharp pull through, it looks neat
  15. Looking for a Hawke turret cover please
  16. There is talk these quad seals are causing issues, some not loaded square into the cartridge! Just what I heard
  17. Did this go unnoticed, Gamebore steel have just shot up to nearly £300 a thousand for 32g 70mm cartridges! Usual we are getting ripped off!
  18. They legally only have to supply parts and servicing for upto 3 years after the vehicle was sold so I would think the parts infrastructure will crash on its head, wouldn’t want to be owning a reasonably new Mitsubishi just now! Watch the RV plummet!
  19. Anyone got one of these knifes lying around they don’t want?
  20. I was looking at one of these for a rough shooting gun as they are quite light but some of the adverts on older guns say updates or modifications carried out and some of the new guns say they are the updated model, has there been a problem with them, a recall or something?
  21. Stake the legs in and tie them to the stakes!
  22. Roll call johnnytheboy + Gregg + Colin + Scott P fifegun tignme - tentative Ewan + Mark Tam + Douglas Daniel W Stephen + Scott + JK Wee Dave + his mate
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