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  1. why not stick to skoda and buy the Yeti ,very capable moter 😉
  2. so tempted as this was the last rifle i bought new 30 + years ago . counted for some rabbits that gun .
  3. but will you say that when you wake up in the morning with your balls missing 🥶
  4. try close contact training on a one to one basis in a small room . any outdoor adventures on a one to one and on a lead until your happy then off the lead. any mistakes back on the lead , make a corner of a fenced off field your friend as its easy to trap him down and get him back . small steps = big steps
  5. condolences to all that new him and his family , shot on our shoot a fair few years ago and ivited many to shoot with him on the marsh . not many like him left . sad times RIP
  6. im sure ive seen somthing similar and was told it was full of cordite used to set mortors off , so be careful
  7. 17 Foxes with NV in the last 6 weeks May have answered your own question there
  8. enjoyed that thanks for taking the time to share 👍
  9. few taps with a rubber hammer ,left and right ,forwards and backwards should sort it out .
  10. will try and scan the article and post it just for you , i believe it was one of 6 made and theres another in canada still around . thanks only just seen this, thanks
  11. not yet , never thought of that or even sure they keep copys ,could you imagine the costs of a re run for 1or 2 copies 😬
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