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    1. was on Anglesey 2 weeks back not many showing then, a few lads had 5 off mackerel rock but that was it . good luck and keep us updated 👍
    2. Tikka T3 light using sako 70g arrow heads , spot on
    3. Fallow never stop moving around and cover big areas
    4. two basket of fire lasted me a whole year even with making jams and sauce so will be doing them again this year . great all rounder
    5. magman

      22 Hornet

      sorted now thanks
    6. magman

      22 Hornet

      22 Hornet wanted , screw cut would be ideal as would a full package (scope, mod ) north west thanks MM
    7. now stranger hows things going with you ..


      1. hi sabs Think your missing the point it is a huge safety concern shooting with a dog tied to your waist , looks like you have a good stick there why not use it or better still have the person filming you hold her . hope this helps you understand and live up to your username .
      2. feeding pot ash will help them start to rippen .
      3. all i use is multi panel http://www.multipanel.co.uk/products/walls/classic-wall-panel-range
      4. lightly fried in butter go down a treat
      5. magman


        nice , would you of said the same to the lads that put there lives at risk to defend our county who smoked ? ***** springs to mind
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