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  1. few taps with a rubber hammer ,left and right ,forwards and backwards should sort it out .
  2. will try and scan the article and post it just for you , i believe it was one of 6 made and theres another in canada still around . thanks only just seen this, thanks
  3. not yet , never thought of that or even sure they keep copys ,could you imagine the costs of a re run for 1or 2 copies 😬
  4. thank you kind sir πŸ‘
  5. Sad times ,Mike you will be saldy missed RIP big fella
  6. wanted shooting times from weekending Feb 12th 1972 and weekending 20th May 1972 . inherited my late fathers gun which mr boothroyd done an article on and would love another copy willing to pay postage and a bit more . thanks MM
  7. use the 55 grn blitzkings through my tikka 223 1 in 8 twist and never swapped from the day i bought it using 25.1 grn of h4895 and ive got a tub or two left thankfully . Great to see the 223 on show as to many think speed is the key 22.250 ??
  8. Struggling for the bag this early in the season , should be able to do it in one drive this early on. on a well run shoot that is
  9. bit of a treck but about the best out there , not the cheapest but never lket me down . https://muntjacstalker.com/
  10. try an older 687 30" or the older dt10 30" both very well made guns , but what do i no πŸ‘€
  11. was on Anglesey 2 weeks back not many showing then, a few lads had 5 off mackerel rock but that was it . good luck and keep us updated πŸ‘
  12. Tikka T3 light using sako 70g arrow heads , spot on
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