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  1. As per title looking for a barbour wax, size 42 in olive green. Located in the South West. Exeter, Totnes, Plymouth. Cheers
  2. Looking for the above please. Cheers
  3. Hi Guys, I did some searching but couldn't find a simple answer. I have a. 243 sako 75 synthetic stock with swivel studs fitted. I want to fit a 9-13 harris swivel bipod but I want it to be quick release as I shoot from a vehicle and in the field on foot and to fit in my slip, cabinet, etc. Does anyone know if I need to fit an adaptor to my rifle to gain a quick release solution? Cheers
  4. Does anyone have any contact details for these guys? I was fishing and saw this sign and after a bit of googleing got a club name but cant find any contact details. https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/4153467
  5. Cheers for the response guys. I was hoping there might be somewhere close by but looks like Horam is the nearest other venue then.
  6. Hi All, Does anyone know if there are any clay pigeon shoots in the Fletching, Ringmer, Newick, Chailey areas of East Sussex, apart from Northall CPC? I remember going to one in the woods over the back of fletching, it used to advertise in the Friday ad, but I cant find any information on it either. Any help, much appreciated.
  7. Hi All, Does anyone in the Bristol area have a shot goose which would do for a christmas dinner? Thanks in advance for any replies
  8. skinny

    CZ 452 stock

    I need a .22, sorry forgot to add that onto my post
  9. skinny

    CZ 452 stock

    My synthetic stock has broken, anyone got anything going. Wood or synthetic? .22 , Silhouette or style model.
  10. Has anyone by any chance got any spare tickets going? Im in the Bristol area, can collect.
  11. Its flexible and depends on whats on offer but not into 5 figures.
  12. Hi ack-ack, It all depends on the price really, I would like something to restore and customize a little bit but im open to all sorts. If they have anything going though I' be inerested to see what they have.
  13. I have had a look but have not really seen anything thats looks liek a good project for teh right price yet.
  14. Hi all, As in title I am after a VW splitscreen or Bay window van as a project to work on. If its a Bay I want a Tax exempt one. Cheers for any replies.
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