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  1. safes

    Yes please I'll take one
  2. Any beaters needed next season on Saturdays near Mansfield? , Notts 2 cockers (one just turned a year) Thanks Martin
  3. Re-cloth pool table

    Yes still living here... He'd supposed to of sorted it with the "mate" agreeing to pay half as it was an accident, but I've never seen a penny! (I think it wasn't a friend just someone he knew) Under pressure as the wife keeps saying she wants rid of the pool table and wants it turning into a dining room. Never thought kids would cause more grief the older they got...
  4. Re-cloth pool table

    I've tried God knows! It was a mate of his? Was promised to pay half but nothing it's been over a year... He's 20 now
  5. Re-cloth pool table

    Has anyone re clothed a pool table? No1 son had a party and managed to rip the cloth! Looking like £150 at least for someone to do it and maybe £50 for DIY, the cushion cloth will look a little faded compared if I re-cloth the bed only but it'll be a much easier job I imagine? Anyone done it? Think I'll get watching a few YouTube videos.
  6. Binoculars

  7. Freelander 2 on a 12 plate start stop

    http://www.freel2.com/forum I've found this a very good forum for info
  8. Hello from Papplewick, Nottingham...

    Welcome Quite a few from the Mansfield area on here
  9. Harkila High Bird Gore Tex jacket size 58/XXL

    What's the chest measure?
  10. Bakerboy Stands for BASC Council

    Met you a while back Terry, so you get another vote from me
  11. Leather boot care

    Thanks folks
  12. Leather boot care

    Is the Leder Gris OK with Goretex?
  13. Leather boot care

    Bought myself some Karrimor SF boots which I'm impressed with and I want to try and look after them, previous boots died a death falling apart at seams (not good quality boots) What do folks recommend to keep leather supple without affecting goretex lining? Used Nikwax cream on old boots, leaflet with boots recommend fluorocarbon based impregnation and wax based cream... Cheers Martin
  14. Binoculars, for birdwatching

    I've bought 2 pairs of Opticron and I'm happy with them 8x42