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  1. When it all goes pear shaped for him at least eather of his two dad's can give him a gardening job 😂
  2. Keep an eye on the cfg website they go round the country on a regular basis
  3. Shame your not closer I've got a beretta 303 for sale £225
  4. I've got the digital one's have to say very pleased with them, the home appointment made me go with them as opposed to the other makers
  5. Personally I don't care who made the metal box, I would be looking at the locking system, if that goes wrong you are in a world of pain
  6. Is north Devon to far? if not i can highly recommend it
  7. I've been with t mobile/ ee for years never had a problem, just go into a shop every year and they sort out a good deal there and then
  8. I've got a rhino ported one £20 if interested?
  9. No shows you take security seriously
  10. As said by ehb102 look into the ladies only shooting scene while you are waiting for your licence, they have many meetings around the country and welcome ladies without a licence, some grounds do a day for ladies off there own back barbury shooting is doing one soon but might be a bit far for you. Good luck with your application it's a great scene to be in
  11. When I looked at buying one I worked out which bells and whistles I wouldn't use and ended up buying a 525 laminate plus 2 titanium teague chokes and a smaller butt pad for£1800, I'd like to think the xs has had extra finishing in the action for that price but I'm not hopeful
  12. Looks like the hydrant had the last laugh Looks like he will make a full recovery thankfully
  13. Shame your not closer I've got 2 .177 pistols I've had since I was a kid, you could have had them for free
  14. It's Hobson's choice really, they all preform much the same, you need to pattern them to see what works for you and your cartridge, years ago manufacturers chokes were poor so the likes of teague and briley made better quality ones but now most manufacturers produce good quality chokes I personally use extended chokes just to protect the end of the barrel
  15. I've got a pair, does a good job of muffling the sound the reception from the surrounding is not as good as the cfg digital's that i changed to but more than acepable, comfort is in the hands of the beholder plenty of choice of ear buds If you're interested I will sell you mine for £150 posted but bare in mind that some of the buds have been used PM me if interested or want photos
  16. Go and lay a few yards of bricks that'll harden your hands up
  17. They'll also fit some fabarm guns
  18. Go for it, you know you won't be able to stop scratching that itch 😉
  19. The browning sl is available in left and right hand comes with adjustable stock as standard, my auto with adjustable stock can be either as normal
  20. Personally I think they look okay as they are but your gun your money your choice
  21. If it's got brushes they may be stuck up
  22. Looks like a badly stuffed one to me
  23. Maybe the answer is to educate the children better and not to be so naive?
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