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    New to welding, Advice please!

    Hi it is a very old sip topweld 140 must be 30 plus years old fan is bolted to the back vemt pulling air through the sides
  2. vmaxphil

    New to welding, Advice please!

    If you're having problems with the welder cutting out and are confident at doing it, fit a 4" pancake type fan to draw air through it, made the world of difference to my sip welder
  3. vmaxphil

    Confused . Com Today

    Maybe they were "filming" in the barn
  4. vmaxphil

    Air compressor tripping breaker

    Most likely the windings are shorted if it's blowing a 30a trip, if it's the rcd tripping it could be the capacitor
  5. vmaxphil

    Walnut Board for Stocks

    Have a word with team tractor on here, for a few quid he should be able to help
  6. vmaxphil

    Tour de France 2018

    Spot on I think Richie port might agree with you
  7. vmaxphil

    Navy Diver

    Read Martin farr's "dead man's handshake" if that doesn't put you off cave diving nothing will
  8. vmaxphil

    Wide fitting walking boots

    Try altbergs they do wide fittings
  9. vmaxphil

    Mini windfall...

    Beers on you this month then ?
  10. vmaxphil

    A bit of market research

    Ever thought about refilling air bottles, h&s might be a problem but it would bring in airgun trade if you could do it cheep enough
  11. vmaxphil

    Ring main spur type query

    Nothing wrong in principle, just a little bit amateurish to be honest, ideally you would want to run the armored from the consumer board
  12. vmaxphil

    Tour de Yorkshire

    Are you going to agree with the anti-gun brigade when they get going then ?
  13. vmaxphil

    1.4 vw polo

    1.4 polo 4 door in blue 43,300 miles service history has had a new clutch owned by a little old lady ( get away driver for the mob ) mot Jan 2019 has a lot of scrapes on corners and mirrors but no dents pm me for pics if interested good reliable car for youngster about £450
  14. vmaxphil

    1.4 vw polo

    Sorry forgot that 2001 51 plate
  15. vmaxphil

    Motorcyles and Shotguns

    I used to put mine in it's hard case to give more protection and strap it across the rack, strapped a holdall on top with the rest of my gear
  16. vmaxphil

    Charger leads, plugs and thieving magpies

    Wait till they are out then raid their rooms and deny all knowledge of the leads
  17. Trump to meet kim, n Korea being nice at the winter Olympics, looks like the Chinese have been bending Kim's ear
  18. vmaxphil

    Shoe bullying

    Hands up those who haven't got a mancave full of tools ?
  19. vmaxphil

    Help!!! Cabinet keys

    Try the back of the sofa ?
  20. vmaxphil

    Last day today

    Last day today I'm now retired, taken early retirement at 60 technically I'm on 14 days leave. I've been working for the n h s for 21 years in maintenance, didn't even get a goodbye from the boss or anybody else only a goodbye from my workmate who had today off, nhs cuts I suppose
  21. vmaxphil

    Last day today

    Thanks for the good wishes, I was more bemused than annoyed still as John innman said " I'm free "
  22. I will be taking early retirement on decimal day in February, I have 44 years paid up in national insurance and will take my state pension in 6 years time, the question I'm asking is do I have to pay in / sign-up for n i for the next 6 years?. I have looked on .gov but can't find the answer I hope someone on here can or had experience of it answer me Phil
  23. vmaxphil

    My first beaters day

    Invite him to lunch and show him what real food tastes like
  24. vmaxphil

    National insurance after early retirement

    I'll be 60 in February 66 is my state pension age thanks for the info
  25. vmaxphil

    National insurance after early retirement

    Thanks lads mostly as I thought, I'll just have to wind down now that's if I actually wound up in the first place