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  1. 28" auto is about equal to a 31" o/u, 30" auto is about equal to a 33" o/u if that's of interest
  2. There's a very similar one sold by wested leather good quality, coombe farm gun shop have some on offer at the moment don't know if it's the mk1 though
  3. Yes I think you hit the nail on the head there
  4. I should think telling him he's a novice has rubbed him up the wrong way
  5. I've worked for the last 42 years until i retired in the mod and NHS and I can honestly say I never did a days work as it was such a doddle, in fact when in the mod on Friday's a group of 4 of us whoud come in on early flexi time clear the desk by 11 o'clock and go shooting get back for 4.30 have a coffee and leave 5 o'clock booking 1/2 hour flexi time 😉
  6. I think you will find that the government is going to fine companies because they haven't fitted enough meters to meet government quotas
  7. Bet he stinks or have I got the wrong animal?
  8. I assume it's a clear finish you are after if so I would use Danish oil but it will go darker for a lighter finish try tung oil just avoid water based varnish it always seems to have a tacky feel
  9. Also buyer beware spares are almost impossible to find so it's very expensive hand made parts that saying they are reliable
  10. PM sent for payment details Phil
  11. Blimey she wouldn't break her nose if she fell over 😉
  12. Heavy specs just like 60 years ago lots of individual lenses, the tests eye health have improved no end though
  13. Oh yes you will ! Plus a lot more I've had tests for 60 years and not much has changed
  14. I would have thought that big cats would be marking their territory and if so i would have thought any dog who came across it would react quite differently to normal scents
  15. Also look at custom fit guards, they will come to your house and have 15% off at the moment. I am having mine done Sunday, they have good reviews from motorcycle vloggers unfortunately not to many shooters, check out the reviews for cens as some have had bad customer service. I'm getting the basic digital as the top models seem to give you just more programs, lloyd Paterson on YouTube has reviewed cens and bought the basic digital
  16. Play around with gaps and capital letters some times auto insert doesn't work, I've just ordered Wednesday with no probs delivered sometime today
  17. I'm using Philips gun cleaner that's about 20 years old with no probs
  18. Look for the beretta slips on Ebay the one i have has a quite big end to it and swallows my 32"
  19. Went out shooting clays today with the beretta 303, 3rd shot in and had a miss load so I thought but no it turns out the magazine tube has broken in two at the crimp. The question I'm asking is do you think it is a viable repair bearing in mind that it is 35 years old and not worth much more than £ 300 and also can a crimped tube be bought ?
  20. This is sounding like an " aa " meeting for gun owners
  21. I feel that I'm a lightweight with only 9 guns in 25 years, got 4 in the cabinet and looking to reduce it to 3 at the moment
  22. Check the pressure relief valve outlet outside and see if it's wet first otherwise it's check as above
  23. There all edible some only once
  24. Have a look at Alex Steele on YouTube he had a go at aluminium and found it difficult with many failures
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