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  1. tiny tim

    Tradesman rates

    Having loads of work done at the moment £180 is about the average. Manchester
  2. tiny tim

    What a spineless cabinet we have

    I know someone that voted remain because she thought the price of Prosecco might go up
  3. tiny tim

    To End All Wars DVD (2018)

    I fancied that. B725 watch it then sell it to me
  4. tiny tim

    Central Heating combo boiler

    I’ve had this problem a few times and as London Luke says. My money is on the expansion vessel
  5. tiny tim

    House down valuations

    South Manchester...the only plus is that it’s ok if they value your house low and value the one your buying low as well..it drives both parties down
  6. tiny tim

    House down valuations

    Same with me valued £15000 under but the house I am buying did the same so after negotiations cost me £5000
  7. tiny tim

    Knife carry while shooting

    leatherman wave, invaluable in the field...knife ,pliers ,screwdriver brilliant warrenty I never go shooting without it
  8. tiny tim

    Terrible decisions

    i agree with jdog
  9. tiny tim

    Using same pen twice

    the poults are fed different pellets at different stages of there diet so wouldn't really work
  10. tiny tim

    Himalayan Balsam

    One of our woods on the shoot had it ,Wes trimmed regularly and have eradicated it now
  11. tiny tim

    Training a cocker from start to finish.

    Enjoyed that. Interesting as I have a pup about a month younger
  12. tiny tim

    Kingfisher Pic

    nearly every pic in magazines and competitions is photoshopped to some degree good pic
  13. tiny tim

    Manchester River worst microplastic pollution

    My god it’s got to be cleaner .when I was a kid as cragman says it was full of ***** and tampons ...hunted rats on there loads of times ..the water was black..nothing lived in it...it was toxic now salmon run up it.....a friend of mine fished it lower down and caught salmon parr anythings an improvement to what it was
  14. tiny tim

    Beretta optima chokes

    green one sold black and yellow still for sale