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  1. There will be no problem. As said mines been back four times and each time replaced with a new one ,my friends have similar experience. Best guarantee ever. Send back to Whitby knives ,kendal
  2. Loads in south Manchester, see them every day
  3. Ginger biscuits. Ginger cures travel sickness. Try it it worked on one of mine that was always sick.
  4. No problem. I was after the Kanias and travelling through Bradford tomorrow
  5. Very good gun. I love mine
  6. Gramoxone works as a defoliant it kills all leaf growth but doesn’t penetrate the roots,as a general weed killer glyphosate is better
  7. Ebay. Glyphosate 360 will do the job. We use 30 litres every summer. It does the job
  8. What model is it ? the only problem I have encountered is the float sticking in the bowl below the carb
  9. You can try a few rows around the edges but don’t do any more ,maize likes a clean seedbed and no competition best just have the maize in its own
  10. tiny tim


    Swifts arrived yesterday
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