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  1. Cheap trimmer line tends to snap and not wear. We use sthil 2.4 mm for edging and cutting grass just depends what you are cutting and power of the machine As said before better with round line Triangular or square vibrates
  2. As above. I have joe Irving’s the learning chain for sale £10 posted. moxons are good as Lloyd says. Join a spaniel club. There’s a wealth of knowledge there
  3. tiny tim

    Copy Lanskis

    I am very happy with mine<cop)I have never seen the real thing to compare against
  4. Personally I wouldn’t even worry about it .it will do no harm
  5. No sorry , I defiantly had it but can’t lay my hands on it . looking for it I have found boxes full of handbags and shoes and I am the one that hoards stuff
  6. Loads near me in south manchester
  7. this company close to me is very and profesional Professional Photo Printing | Photo Printing | Digital Photo Printing - DS Colour Labs just had a look ands they do transfers from negative to digital once you have a digital image it is relatively easy to get it photoshopped and manipulated i have used this companyloads of times for large prints and always been 100% happy ,on the one occasion i had to ring about a query with my order they reprinted all my prints ,sent the money back and a voucher off next visit ....very happy with them
  8. Updated here is what I have left plus a few more all from smoke free home the now what I call books are all brand new. Not read also three Plummer books without dust jackets the complete lurcher nirth and both again adventures of an artisan hunter if you want better pics just let me know All books that have been paid for have been posted Should read north and north again
  9. digging the dirt volume 2 provisionally sold waiting for payment
  10. Saw a rabbit today on our shoot. I stopped the van to look at it. that how rare they are around here. There used to be thousands
  11. got the cocker man somewhere will have a search about
  12. £10 each apart from the world of the working terrier Which is £15 loads more. Got just about every dog book. Just ask IMG_7833.MOV
  13. These are the same type of boxes we make as mandarin boxes around the ponds ,we have had tawnys in them
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