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  1. At least you got a free tank of fuel
  2. Gramoxone works as a defoliant it kills all leaf growth but doesn’t penetrate the roots,as a general weed killer glyphosate is better
  3. Ebay. Glyphosate 360 will do the job. We use 30 litres every summer. It does the job
  4. What model is it ? the only problem I have encountered is the float sticking in the bowl below the carb
  5. You can try a few rows around the edges but don’t do any more ,maize likes a clean seedbed and no competition best just have the maize in its own
  6. tiny tim


    Swifts arrived yesterday
  7. It’s very dry at the moment. Watering will help. I don’t know what part of the country you are in but in the north west the lawns are suffering
  8. I,ve just had the same decision ....ceramic can crack if you drop something on them and there cold underfoot so I have gone for vinyl
  9. I,m with bulb ,bills are cheaper than british gas
  10. Of all the cartridges I tried. The eley ones are the quietest i use plastic wads in mine and have no problem
  11. As above the difference at 50 yards is hardly noticeable.... stood my mate 50 yards from me and fired 10 shots with two subs and asked him to tell me which ones were the subs .....he couldnt tell the difference ,y mate has a Remington semi hush power in 20 It’s inertia and won’t cycle subs or slower cartridges but he uses the faster ones and it cycles fine
  12. don't worry about it ,just don't use the subs ,theres not much difference in sound any way ....elys are the best in my 20
  13. Having loads of work done at the moment £180 is about the average. Manchester
  14. I know someone that voted remain because she thought the price of Prosecco might go up
  15. I fancied that. B725 watch it then sell it to me
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