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  1. That’s what I was going to do if you saw her work you wouldn’t think she was deaf. Just works off hand signals. She constantly glances back at you just need the collar to use as the stop whistle
  2. No no wax at all ,or any irritation. Dogs fine just stone deaf look on the bright side. It’s not going to be gunshy
  3. Keep me informed. Mine has gone exactly the same. She is three and not had any shots over her she has been beating all last season. Took her to the vets last week but it was a joke sit in the waiting room and then the dog gets taken in to see the vet and then they told me she wouldn’t keep still charged me and said it could be a build up of wax, so going down the ear drops route until I can go in with her and pin her down either that or the vet said we could sedate her looking back she has Been deaf for a long time. I had trouble with the stop whistle As you can imagine
  4. +2 just take things slowly ,its easier in the long run
  5. I drove past the illegal rave at Carrington near Manchester. There was literally thousands of young people and one police car ,what chance have the police got as I passed I could hear the abuse they were getting ,blocking there way. One lad walked past the car and ran his bottle top down the paintwork youngsters have no respect for anyone
  6. they still dig on there ,don't know if they find much quite amazed how many people live local to me
  7. Google wasp catapults. I use the uniphox. Brilliant got one in very coat I go out it
  8. Will have a look. I did have a few wheels but not sure if they have been thrown away. what is up with the roller. No drive or no drive on one side The guy that does my repairs will have plenty of spares but not sure if he will post
  9. I will have a root about in the garage. I might have a few wheels...I recently moved house and threw most of my spares away Put a pic up of the mower so I know the model
  10. if you want a quick fix get someone to weld the two pieces together
  11. Mine was nearly two so no need to worry.
  12. tiny tim

    Mares Tail

    Glyphosate won’t kill it. We use a product called grazon pro. It’s a lawn herbicide a couple of doses will kill it. But it’s expensive
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