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  1. Go outdoors climbing rope is what you want in various diameters and colours
  2. i was in the same dilema but went for the s10 as its more waterproof
  3. We have had a really good season this year. Changed the way the drives are driven and it has worked more work parties and better feed has made a difference
  4. tiny tim


    The problem is the Manchester zone covers 500 sq miles and I live in it. The Toyota hiace van I have had for 15 yrs will soon cost me £300 a month for the pleasure of leaving my drive ..it’s madness
  5. its incredibly hard to get a win in field trials congratulations
  6. Forks no good for actually getting the roots out You will bend tines. Grubbing mattock is the tool you want
  7. Last year it was that thick even the dogs were having trouble The pheasants weren’t keen on it ..early this year I weedkilled multiple paths through ,just as it was starting to grow. Looks really good this year
  8. Cheap trimmer line tends to snap and not wear. We use sthil 2.4 mm for edging and cutting grass just depends what you are cutting and power of the machine As said before better with round line Triangular or square vibrates
  9. As above. I have joe Irving’s the learning chain for sale £10 posted. moxons are good as Lloyd says. Join a spaniel club. There’s a wealth of knowledge there
  10. tiny tim

    Copy Lanskis

    I am very happy with mine<cop)I have never seen the real thing to compare against
  11. Personally I wouldn’t even worry about it .it will do no harm
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