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  1. OK, Here is a slideshow of some photos of the rifle. RIFLE PICS Offers pouring in atm - thank you all... Will get back to you all in good time. (when I'm not at work!..)
  2. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD In good condition, recently serviced. Comes with: 3 x 10 shot mags Tasco 6-24x50 Scope Green Laser Silencer Bipod Realtree sling Foam-padded Hardcase Stirrup Pump & Adapter AA Field Domed Pellets (4.51 & 4.52) Can post (at buyers cost/risk) or F2F meet. SOLD(Pics to follow - its late) Thanks.
  3. Scope Cam Video Gotta love the woodies at the beginning!
  4. Good for Air Arms Owners! Its in HiDef. Air Arms S410 Strip Down
  5. I was so thinking that! He was a Wet *******! I was thinking that too slightly. LOL!
  6. My van is like a bankers safe - so no worries there.
  7. Was that the jailbirds thing I watched tonight?
  8. I have been shooting lots this last couple of days. I have also got into the lazy habit of leaving my air rifle & pistol, in my van too (in thier respective gun bags). Now - is it illegal to have the guns in the car/van when I'm not actually on the way to or from a shoot or gunshop? Afterall, my van is not a public place - but its in a public place when on a highway etc. But, my house isnt a public place either, but its on a public street too. Confused dot com
  9. Anyone got one they want to sell toi me?
  10. And whats inspired you to ask this question d1z? Lol...
  11. FarmerB

    Good Times

    Lol - Only time will tell...
  12. Sweet - Cheers for pointing that out.
  13. FarmerB

    Good Times

    Was out shooting a few woodies today. Managed to shoot a woodie at 50yrds (48yrds) straight in the head with my springer! So pleased! Finally it seems my aim is improving... Lucky shot? Probably... Bagged 2 other woodies too.
  14. Thats a sweet webpage!! - Set to homepage... I got a memory like a sieve - you know I'll forget the end of the world. (!!??)
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