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  1. MrAdventure

    16 foot lpxe salmo rod

    any chance of more info (weight ,age) and maybe some pictures of the Guidline 16' rod? Thats if you still have it. Cheers Stewart
  2. MrAdventure

    Salmon fishing rods and reels

    Hi ...... would you have a price for the Diawa 16’ rod ?
  3. MrAdventure

    Salmon fishing rods and reels

    Might be interested in the Diawa 16ft salmon rod if you would split? Any pictures? Stewart
  4. MrAdventure


    Cheeky offer ....... £40 posted ?
  5. MrAdventure

    Browning invector ds choke

    If you'd take £25 , I'll have it as a spare ?
  6. MrAdventure

    Scierra XDP 10-11 Salmon fly reel

    Reel arrived today ...... well pleased 😁 Stewart
  7. MrAdventure

    20 gauge Plastic Snap Caps. New.

    Go on then , if you pm me your address . Stewart
  8. MrAdventure

    Wanted: Salmon fly reel

    If your looking for a good reel . Airflo Sniper 9/11 £40 new with free line . You canny go wrong mate ...... I have 2 of them. Stewart .
  9. MrAdventure

    few bits for sale

    Could I have your 56VXL scope covers please if the £40 includs postage . Thanks Stewart
  10. MrAdventure

    Browning 725 Hunter Grade1 12 gauge

    Price drop to £1290 . Thanks Stewart
  11. MrAdventure

    ZOS 10-40x60SF scopes

    Both scopes now sold pending payment . Thanks.
  12. MrAdventure

    ZOS 10-40x60SF scopes

    Hi Guys , Flynny can have the dot and Speaky can have the other one ........ sorry but I would need £3 each extra to post . If you could let me know if this is ok .
  13. MrAdventure

    ZOS 10-40x60SF scopes

    I have a couple of Chinese ZOS 10-40x60 SF scopes both illuminated , one has a duplex type reticle with a floating illuminated red dot and the other has a hash marked cross with a lower line and lines beneath it and is illuminated with red or green. The duplex one is perfect but the other has some contamination within the scope but it dose not affect its optics. No boxes or anything but both have lens covers. They appear to have about 40 moa and are 1/8 moa clicks , I cant find any info apart from the stuff on Evilbay. They are quite a heavy scope and of to a high mag for me , maybe someone might have a use for them. They are both in good condition no dents or creases and all adjustment knobs ,focus knob and illumination working the way they should. £100 posted for the 2 scopes sounds fair. MrA.
  14. MrAdventure

    Primos 2 point gun rest

    If you still have it I'll take then at £35 posted . Stewart
  15. MrAdventure

    Primos 2 point gun rest

    Would you take £30 posted for it? Stewart