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  1. Hi would you take 25 for the investor ds half choke
  2. Hi , Would you take £60 posted ? Stewart
  3. What would you want for the car suction rod holders posted?
  4. I have a moderator bridge for a my Wildcat Predator 8 in 5/8 X 24 thread I bought it for my Tikka Tac A1 but ended up with a new SL5 so the bridge is no longer required. Its has never been used .... looking for £50 posted to you door. I can send pictures if required but I'm sure if your looking you'll know what it looks like. Thanks Stewart
  5. I would take the body protector £15 posted ? Stewart
  6. Bullets arrived ...... great deal 😎. Thanks Jay . All the best Stewart
  7. I’m interested if you still have them?
  8. I have 3 invector DS 20gauge chokes full, 1/4 (imp cyl) and Cyl along with a Browning choke key in Browning box , I no longer have a 20g shotgun . Only the 1/4 choke has been used. £70 posted. Cheers Stewart
  9. I have a new never used Wildcat Predator 5/8 x 24 (5/8 UNEF) bridge. I bought this for a T3X tac A1 but it did not look or feel right so ended up getting a SL5. Now not required ..... £55 posted or might trade? Cheers Stewart
  10. Hi , interested in your flies . Could you send me some pictures ?
  11. Nobody have a 20 bore 725 and looking for spare chokes ........ open to offers?
  12. No takers ...... open to offers ?
  13. Anyone have a set of these going ? Cheers Stewart
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