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  1. Hi will, just wanted to say thanks again mate, had a cracking time and we will definitely be back, for those reading I cannot recommend Scraptofthill farm enough, everybody was so welcoming and helpful and the shooting was very good despite the dire weather, I really would go, its a cracking experience Phil i'm glad to see my Jackdaws made there appearance on the video , it sounded like the battle of waterloo in that wood on Sat evening, wished id have stayed with you instead of picking what I thought would be the perfect spot. For the record I did not mince down the path, I jogged
  2. Hi underdog, it was a culmination of things mate, when i stripped the gun it was filthy, so stripped cleaned and lubricated it, i also changed the piston and the o-ring, was cycling perfectly but yesterday it double fed, been told its either a worn shell stop or a problematic recoil spring, ill take the recoil spring out and clean and lube it, just wanted a newer one to replace it, hopefully its not the shell stop
  3. Hi, does anybody know where i could get a Remington 1100 12 gauge recoil spring ( spring in the butt of the gun) from, preferably in the UK? likewise if somebody has a spare to sell me please pm and i would be happy to purchase
  4. ive got a Beretta AL390 and will cycle 21 gram eley first all day long, to test i deleibratley tried to jam this gun with light 65mm loads, just to see what it would go down to, im still waiting to find out as its never jammed the whole time i've had it, and i usually shoot Eley Firsts
  5. Hi underdog, many thanks for your help, i will strip the gun down tomorrow and inspect, ive asked the same question on an American forum and the same has been mentioned, as well as the bolt return spring, hopefully all will be good
  6. i thought this myself and have ordered some viton o rings, have spoken to a freind of mine about the gun and his old one would refuse to cycle eleys, it would only cycle gamebore clear pigeons. I think i must be grateful for the fact my Beretta cycles literally anything i put through it
  7. Hi underdog, the first shot the empty shell flew out but did not feed the next shell, it sort of got caught halfway between the mag tube and the receiver. The same happened on the fourth shot. The gun then cycled two shells without issue, then when i reloaded and shot again the empty hull did not leave the chamber, it sat in the the receiver. I manaully extracted the shell and pushed the bolt forward, this chambered a fesh shell, when i fired again the empty hull flew out. Unfortunatley on the next two shots the gun jammed again and i swapped to my dads o/u becuase i was holding everybody up . Afterwards i tried my 32 gram homelads and they did the same, ejected the spent hull but would not load another shell, at this point in the wind and rain id had enough and called it a day
  8. hi there, its a sporter model with a 2/34 chamber, im not sure if the previous owner has tinkered with it at all, my plan is to strip the gun and inspect myself. The Americans tell me to lubicate everything which i have done but maybe not enough
  9. Hello all, i shot skeet today with my newly bough Remmy 1100 12 gauge and unfortunatley it was not a pleasant experience Initially i shot with Eley olympics 28 grams shells, first shot cycled fine and then would not feed the second shell, not an issue i thought, hasnt been shot for a bit so needs running in. Second shot bang, third shot jam, fourth shot bang, fith shot jam and so it continued, unbelivably frustrating and left me with no choice but to borrow my fathers skeet o/u to finish my stands. Afterwards i tried some of my homeload 32 gram shells, which have flown through any auto ive ever owned, not the Remmy, again i was plagued with jams . I was told to run the gun with the mag tube wet, i gave it a liberal soaking of Legia spray before shooting commenced, the gas ports seemed to be clear and the rubber O ring has no snaps or breaks missing, so im confused as to why this gun doesnt want to cycle at all. I beleive it hasnt been fired for a while before i owned it and im aware this may be the cause, the Remmys have been known to be called jam-0-matics but i was sure theyd cycle modern ammo succesfully. Please could some one tell me how to get it cycling proplerly, i like the gun and shot well with it in the short period that it worked, but if i cant it will have to go than ks in advance
  10. Heavy shot use should be used in the same lines as steel, nothing greater than 1/2 choke in a gun proofed for high performance steel, its harder than steel apparantly. Thought i'd share this as i made the mistake of putting it through my dads 3/4 choke Baikal, didnt do any damage but could have done.
  11. As strange as it sounds i have no intention of using it,got my new MEC 600 for that, will just admire this kit
  12. Been after one of these for years, found one the other week on Gunstar for £30, never seen another in GB.....
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