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    Pigeon Shooting, also Clay Pigeon Shooting at grounds all over the UK and abroad, a bit of golf when I get the time..!!

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  1. Try Trevor Stanton at Country Pursuits in Rickmansworth, Herts. He may be able to help you. Cat.😎
  2. I also replaced the tyres on my VW Tiguan with Michelin Cross Climate 2's, I had CC's on my last Tiguan and they were very good. It's worth checking prices on these, Black Circles are normally pretty expensive, the best price I got was on the Asda tyres website. Cat.😎
  3. On our 300 odd acre shoot we rely pretty heavily on wild birds, I kept the feeders going up until June as there were quite a few birds around, but I reckon it was a poor year for breeding, and that combined with bad luck in the form of heavy rain on every one of our shoot dates thus far has made it a pretty poor season all round. We hammered the magpies via Larsen traps from May to July, and I thought we were really getting on top of them, but there are still vast numbers around. I also concur with the points made by Old Farrier, all of these factors have made things difficult. Cat 😎
  4. My totals for 2021 are, 12 in Fenn traps, plus 61 to either shotgun or air rifle. Hell will freeze over before we see a Red in my part of the World, but the Greys nick so much wheat from my pheasant feeders and do a lot of damage bark stripping, so I'll keep at it. Total 3809 Cat😎
  5. I hope to be able to add a few for 2021 on New Years Eve☺️ Cat😎
  6. Thanks, have started putting a bait point down, and it's being used, just need to get a trailcam set up. Cat.
  7. Let's hope you're never allowed to handle a shotgun or firearm then.? Cat.
  8. I've found that air temperature makes little difference at this time of year, they're either feeding on the rape, or they're not, it's that simple. There are no Acorns around these parts this Winter, as a consequence the birds have hit the rape early, you will only notice a difference in their feeding habits if we get prolonged snow cover, when they get very hungry and no amount of gas guns or shooting will get them to shift off the rape, they'll simply lift up and flop down at the other end of the field. Cat.😎
  9. Guys, As a matter of interest, now that we have around 16 hours of darkness, roughly what time do you Guys reckon on seeing the most foxes? I have about 600 acres of virtually 100% arable farmland to shoot over, but have seen very few foxes between 7.30 and 10.00pm, even using an Icotec caller. It's Badger city out there most nights with 3 or 4 in virtually every field, plus plenty of Roe deer in little groups of 4 or 5, but very few foxes.? Should I be going out earlier or later.? Cat.😎
  10. OK thanks for the info and keep on posting the videos.! My mate is looking to get into foxing, but doesn't yet have a FAC, we've both been doing a bit of research into which calibre is best and .223 seems to be favoured by most. I'll probably stick with a shotgun and heavy BB loads, but the obvious downside is that you need to bring them in pretty damn close to ensure a kill. I've bought an Icotec fox caller which is great, but a good number of foxes simply simply sit out in the field at 100 yard range and won't come any closer, despite all manner of squeaking.!! Cat.😎
  11. Great video, as a matter of interest, what's the going rate for shop bought .223 ammo, (asking for a friend!). Cat.😎
  12. Hi Agriv, Obviously things have changed since Brexit, and not for the better, as there are now limits upon what you can bring back to the UK from the EU, you also now may have to pay import duty if the value of goods is above a certain level, but I can't find clear guidance on that one? Take a look at the Terres et Eaux website, this is a chain of stores in France with a good range of shooting and fishing equipment, the Gamebore Evo's are listed here: https://www.terreseteaux.fr/cartouches-evo-12-70-28g-n7-5-x25.htm - The rate per slab = 10 x 5.19 Euros, which works out at Β£45.13 at current rates. Pre-Brexit all you needed to do was to show your European Firearms Pass, (issued by you local Firearms Licencing unit), but as from Jan '21 these passes are no longer valid, and may not be accepted in France, I've not been over since late 2019, so I don't know how it will work.? I presume they will now accept a UK SGC.? If you travel by P&O ferry from Dover, they require you to fill in a form prior to your journey, and you are limited to bringing back 1000 shells, with Eurotunnel there are no rules except that they say that ammunition carried should be "kept to a minimum", whatever that means.? As a general rule, I've found that Cartridge prices in France have tended to be very similar to those in the UK, but that has changed recently, and there are no some bargains to be had. Another big French Sports goods store that does good special offers on shells is Decathalon, it's worth a look at their website too. I also buy my wine at Pidou, they do a very drinkable Chilean Merlot called "El Campo" at about Β£2 a bottle, and I also believe that you can reclaim the VAT at 15%, details on their website. My taste in wine has moved a bit more upmarket recently, I do like the Barefoot Malbec, Pidou sell that, but there are also some great deals to be had from time to time in both Tesco and Asda, with 25% off six bottles, which can bring the price down to very close to Pidou prices. Cheers.!! Cat
  13. Getting back on topic, as some of the Old'uns on this forum will be aware, up until recently I've bought most of my cartridges in France. That's now stopped thanks to Covid, but it's interesting to see how prices now compare in France against those we are currently paying in the UK..? For instance Gamebore 28g Plaswad 7.5's are retailing currently here for £235 to £245 per thou, but they are on sale today in the Terre & Eaux superstore in Calais for £180.52 per thou, (based on 1.15 Euros to the pound). How can Gamebore manufacture and ship to the EU, then sell to French retailers who can make a profit at that price.? Are UK shooters being ripped off by the big Cartridge manufacturers? Cat😎
  14. Pigeons generally don't go for recently drilled Rape, and how soon they start feeding on it will depend largely on what other food is available, as it's not their food of choice, they eat it during Winter time because they have to. I have had good days as early as late October, when there is not much Beech Mast or Acorns around, but some years it's well into February before they will look at it in any numbers. Keep an eye on the field, if you see birds on it, then shoot it, if not, don't bother. Cat.😎
  15. I will also be there on Wednesday, starting around 9.00. I think the entry fee is £80 or £85, (John Dyson did say it was cash only, but in the past I have paid by card at the Essex Gun stand?). I'm also told that they've done a lot of work to the ground since the last event, lots of earth bunds created, presumably to minimise noise issues, and a new lake has been put in. Good luck to all PW Members shooting, hope to see a few of you there. Cat.😎
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