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    Pigeon Shooting, also Clay Pigeon Shooting at grounds all over the UK and abroad, a bit of golf when I get the time..!!

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  1. Catamong

    Turtle Doves

    Yes, they were a common sight around here back in the 70's, but have gone into decline since. I was heartened by the large numbers of birds in the Hawthorn scrub at a big Clay shoot I attended in Northern France back in July 2010, but when I went back to the same ground last year in July, there was hardly a bird to be seen, very sad. Is this a natural decline in species, or is it the effect of them being shot in big numbers over North Africa or the Pyrenees as they migrate Northwards? On the other hand, I was amazed to see about a dozen White Storks sat in a stubble field just off the motorway between Boulogne and Calais last August, an incredible sight, I never realised they came so far North? Cat😎
  2. I'm now lost on this one I'm afraid, anyway, I'm off out to shoot some Munty's with Steel balls from a catapult, do I need to "put the shot upfront"..? Cat.😎
  3. Yes, **** law says that the birds are normally feeding on bare patches that are at the farthest point away from your motor, it pays to travel light, static decoys are just extra deadweight to carry. Cat.😎
  4. I've found that, generally speaking, the further North you go to shoot Clays, the cheaper it becomes, but the quality of the targets suffers. Northerners tend to focus too much on the cost of each clay, not the quality of the layout and the skill of the target setter. I haven't shot Grimsthorpe for probably 15 years, but it used to be a superb ground, and I do believe it's improved somewhat over the years. I would rate it in the top 5 grounds in England for Sporting. If you're a discerning Southern Sporting shooter, you won't be disappointed. Cat.😎
  5. As always, the subject soon goes "off topic", please enlighten me, what has shooting Duck & Geese with 32g 4's got to do with shooting pigeons over decoys with steel..? Cat😎
  6. I can well understand the comments that PPP has made, as his findings using Steel are pretty similar to mine. When I switched from Lead to Steel a few years back I was given a slab of "big bomber" 36g 4's on the cheap to try, but I was very disappointed with the results, even close birds were not being killed cleanly, and those that were killed were literally dripping with blood when I picked them up, I concluded that the pellets were, in many cases, going straight through the birds. I well remember dropping a young bird about 20 yards out, it came down apparently stone dead with wings folded like a brick, I went out to pick it up and it jumped up and flew away, this happened on more than one occasion that day. This would have been a very rare occurence using a comparable lead load, (I used to shoot Winchester Western's a good few years back, I think they were 34g 5's, a cracking if somewhat expensive shell, but it would poleaxe long birds with very few runners). I then switched to 32g 5's and 6's with pretty similar results, and mentioned to a clay shooting friend of mine, (Oliver Wilde, he now coaches at High Lodge, but was then full time keepering), he suggested I go down to a 28g 7.5 trap load. I was sceptical at first, but my ratio of clean kills improved significantly, and they are now my "go to" load for all shooting over decoys. Of course sometimes I will miss birds, (as Motty has witnessed..😧), but I do have quite a bit of experience using Steel for both Pigeons and Clays and I would recommend anybody looking to switch to Steel for use over decoys to give smaller shot a try. The photo was taken exactly a year ago at the "Classic Steel Challenge" in Holland, I won second in my class and picked up 750 Euros, a great weekend..! Cat.😎
  7. Westley, Some good advice given above, I would recommend a magnet from Shootwarehouse, with a 17ah battery. Don't bother with a 3 arm version, as the extra weight of a 3rd bird on the arms will dramatically reduce the battery life in the field. Batteries and chargers tend to be cheaper when bought from Battery Specialists online via Google, so purchase them separately. Make sure you get the correct charger to suit the battery, otherwise you'll cook it.! A hide seat is a must, I use the Bergara seat as sold via Teal on the forum, (with added padding as recommended by everybody that's bought one), don't go for a small fishing stool or something similar, they are too low to shoot from, you need to be reasonably upright to be able to take shots at incoming birds, not slumped down on a lounger.! I would also purchase a Clicker, (counter), as you need to keep a tally of birds downed, also a dozen or so spikes for dead birds are a must, all obtainable online. Flappers are also useful, my favourite is the FF5, (which I believe has now been replaced by the FF6?), together with a smaller 7ah battery and random timer, (don't get a push button remote as you'll be forever fiddling with it as birds are coming in..!) As for decoys, I don't bother with Crow or Magpie decoys, I use mainly very old HH or Flexicoy decoys, but if I am shooting over Winter Rape, I generally don't bother, as I find a magnet will draw the birds in well, and every bird that's shot is added to the pattern, either on a spike or a floater, (which is also worth investing in). Now that the drilling has finished, the only crop to shoot over currently will be peas, (in my part of Herts), they will be on the peas generally up until late June when they will switch to Barley that has begun to ripen and get laid, the problem with shooting over laid barley is that you will lose so many birds in the standing crop, which is never a good thing. As ever, doing a good recce the day before is vital, you need to find out exactly where the birds are feeding on the field, and if possible work out where to locate your hide, having regard to the wind direction on the day, position of footpaths, boundaries, adjoining horse paddocks etc, it ain't easy but it will come with experience. All the best. Cat.
  8. If shooting over decoys, 32g 4's are overkill, the shot will frequently pass right through the bird and you will tend to get more runners and pricked birds that will often fly a long way before dropping dead. My preference is to use a 28g 7.5 Gamebore Supersteel, or equivalent, through no more than half choke. Cat.
  9. Yes, a sad loss to the Shooting community, sincere condolences to family and friends. Cat.
  10. Thanks to all fellow PW members for your kind words and support, I hope to be able to come back to you all at the end of June and confirm that the treatment has been successful. All the best, Cat.😎
  11. Well, I've had to pull out via a text message I sent to John Dyson today. My 35 year old Son was recently diagnosed with cancer and has started a course of intensive Chemotherapy which will last for 16 weeks. The Chemo treatment will reduce his immune system considerably, so we are avoiding all contact with other people wherever possible, as far as I'm concerned all clay shooting is on hold. This could not have come at a worse time for us.! Good luck to all who are shooting. Cat.😎
  12. Am doing it on Wednesday, 9am start on the Red, hope to see you Guys there.? I would imagine it must be pretty soggy underfoot there at the moment, but, hopefully things will change and the ground will stiffen up a bit..? Cat.😎
  13. Having endured some serious damage to both our Maize cover crop and our Pheasant feeders from the Grey hordes, I've been keeping a record of how many tree rats I've disposed of since 22 September this year, my totals so far are 15 in Fenn traps, and 15 using my trusty 12g Benelli Supersport Semi. The very few ones that remain on our small shoot are now extremely wary, and trap shy, but I will continue to keep at them. I've also taken out 9 in my back garden using a peanut feeder and my BSA Ultra .22 PCP, absolutely lethal at around 12 yards..! I reckon I've now cleaned out the local population, as I haven't seen one for nearly a month, but I've kept the peanut feeder going, and I never realised just how much Woodies like peanuts, I've got a regular family of 6 birds emptying the feeder on a daily basis..! Plus a few Jays and the odd Woodpecker..! TOTAL NOW 2014 Glad to have helped contribute to taking the total above 2000, happy hunting to all in 2020..! Cat😎
  14. Yes, Mustard, but it will probably be ploughed in by Christmas as it's a break crop, the farmers in my area normally drill peas on these fields in late March, so worth keeping an eye on..? Cat.
  15. I don't think that video had anything to do with the NSCA revising and re-issuing the results of the shoot, in fact I don't believe it wasn't even taken at that particular shoot where the infringement took place, which was near Chicago..? As ever, there's two sides to every story, it will be interesting to see the result of any appeal by the shooter concerned, only then can we all pass judgement..? Cat.
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