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    Pigeon Shooting, also Clay Pigeon Shooting at grounds all over the UK and abroad, a bit of golf when I get the time..!!

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  1. Essex masters

    No such luck, Bryan Summerhayes shot the 178. https://www.cpsa.co.uk/scores/member/bryan-summerhayes/34476 Cat.
  2. Essex masters

    Thanks matey, I've shot better, but, in fairness I've not done that much over the Winter as I've been chasing the (very elusive) pigeons, it's not been a good season on them this Winter..! All the best, Cat.
  3. Essex masters

    Having shot it today in pretty good weather, all things considered, probably a slightly "softer" layout than previous years, but still plenty of tricky targets to catch people out. Some very unusual targets, including 2 skimmed across the surface of the lake on the final stand of the Red layout, never seen that done before..??..(I did hit both of them..!) Well shot to fellow PW member derek720, who was going seriously well and finished on a very respectable 179.. I struggled a bit over both layouts and missed some very simple targets, mostly in front, with an 88 on both Red & Black, to finish on a 176.. Still, it was nice to meet up with other fellow shooters that I hadn't seen for some time, there is a massive entry this year, around 2,500 shooters, good luck to those who are still to shoot, the only advice I can give is to take nothing for granted, and, for Gods sake, bring your wellies, 'cos it's seriously wet underfoot..! Cat.
  4. Moto G5 mobile phone

    These phones have a very small memory capacity, you can increase the memory significantly by getting a 32g SanDisk micro memory card, will cost you about a tenner, but most of your apps will still run off the base memory within the phone. It's worked OK for me, but it depends what you want to run on it..? Cat.
  5. Yes, this was evident to me when I shot the very first Beretta World Sporting shoot in San Antonio, Texas, in 1992, I was so impressed by the way all of the Yanks handled semi autos on Sporting clays, it made me give one a serious go when I got back here in the UK. But, they do handle so differently from an O/U, I now only use one on pigeons, (a Benelli Black Action Supersport, arguably the ultimate pigeon gun..?). What is also interesting is those Yanks who were shooting Semis so well at Sporting back in the 90's have now almost all switched over to O/U's, and in my opinion those few top Sporting shots here in the UK who use semis have generally made the move as a result of recoil issues that have impaired their performance with an O/U..? I can't speak for the Skeet or Tarp brigade, as I shoot neither seriously. Cat.
  6. First CPSA Competition

    That may be the case, but, as others have pointed out, it shouldn't happen at Registered shoots, but which ground owner is going to turn away a shooter offering to pay for a card, which the ground owner can easily treat as a "ghost entry", i.e. no record of it being passed on to the CPSA, or indeed the Taxman..?? More cash in the back pocket, nobody's any the wiser...Kerching..!! Cat.
  7. Show Them What They Want to See

    Great result PC, (as ever)..! Am out tomorrow on some rape, will see how things go..? Cat.
  8. Shooting Between the Showers

    Yes motty, I believe you're dead right, but we get a lot of pigeon shooting experts on here who reckon that they're likely to get bigger bags in sub zero conditions,....."all we need is a cold snap"..?? Well, dream on guys, that's not how I see it, most of my 100 plus days on Winter Rape have been on overcast days with a moderate prevailing South Westerly wind, with temperatures in the range 8 to 12 degrees. Cat.
  9. Shooting Between the Showers

    Well done PC, looks pretty clear of the white stuff where you are, we're having a blizzard here right now..! Cat.
  10. Miroku Shooting Cap wanted

    I have a friend in France who is after a Miroku shooting cap as a birthday present for a loved one. If you have one in good condition and are willing to sell it on, please let me know..? Cat.
  11. H & h decoys

    You've struck lucky, they're arguably the best pigeon decoy ever made, I'm sure a lot of "old timers" on this forum will agree..? They are a very lifelike decoy, I've recently re-painted mine as they've suffered a lot of abuse over time, I actually filled them with bubble wrap, others on this forum have used expanding foam instead of the original balloon idea..? Having said that, I don't think you'll be able to retire on the proceeds if you sell them, you may get about a tenner each..? If you are still into pigeon shooting, I would keep 'em and use 'em..! Cat.
  12. A Friendly Warning.

    Interesting to note that A1 Decoy no longer advertise Pigeon days on their website..? Plenty of Wild Boar shooting, but no Pigeon shooting, perhaps you're not the first shooter that's been shafted..? Anyway, if you've been shooting as long as you say you have, then you'll be sensible enough to take your own gear and wait for a few minutes before setting up to see if there are indeed birds flighting into the field..? "Once bitten" comes to mind..? Cat.
  13. TOYs R US and Maplins on the ropes.

    Yes, the biggest surprise is how they've managed to continue in business for so long, as their prices were pretty extortionate generally. Cat.
  14. Confused from Birmingham

    Zut alors...! The Hunting & Fishing Hypermarket chain in France, (Terre et Eaux), are currently selling a very nice 28g steel load in No 7 shot for 184.40 Euros per 1000, (about £167.00 Sterling). These are an excellent load for pigeons over decoys at sensible ranges, but obviously not long range wildfowl. I will be buying a few when I'm next over there in a couple of weeks. I've tried heavier steel loads in bigger shot sizes for pigeons, but they don't kill birds over decoys as well as the smaller sized pellets. Cat.
  15. hard slog

    I remember one Guy posting on here that he used to carry 100 birds in a black plastic bin bag..!!. I must admit I'm amazed at PC's talent when it comes to pigeon shooting, if I'd had a 200 bird day I couldn't be bothered to set them all out for a photo session with an arctic gale blowing and the light fading, my primary concern would be getting back to the motor..! There are a fair number of birds in my area, (South Herts), but it simply would not be possible at this time of year to set up at 11.30 and finish up with over 200 birds, even if you were double gunned, there must be phenomenal numbers of birds on PC's patch..? Cat.