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  1. Yes, the above comment is spot on. I'm a great fan of aftermarket chokes, I've bought Rhino's, Mandel & Teague over the years, but I now use the standard extended Maxis chokes in my CG Invictus and I wouldn't contemplate a change, I'm convinced that they throw superb patterns. Cat.😎
  2. I bought a Duster 4WD in mid Feb, to use primarily as an off road shooting run around vehicle. I have kept my 19 plate VW Tiguan for most of my road use and longer journeys. I looked pretty hard into what was available, and ended up with an 18 plate 1.5 diesel Laureate with 35k on the clock. I believe they only do the 4WD version in a 1.5 diesel engine with a manual gearbox? I discovered that there were actually very few 4WD models on the market, I reckon that for every 25 Dusters that you see on Autotrader or other dealer websites, probably only one will be a 4WD version,
  3. Catamong

    gamba stock

    Trevor Stanton at Country Pursuits may be able to help. 01923 772916 Cat😎
  4. Yes, they're definitely on the increase in this area too, it's frustrating the way that these dumb little birds will generally come right into the decoy pattern, whilst the odd Woodie that may be in the group will invariably shy away. They used to be the "Johnny Come Lately" in the feeding cycle, usually arriving after the Woodies have cleared off most of the spilled drillings, but nowadays, as pigeon numbers decline, they're there from day one. Cat.😎
  5. Interesting points raised, but I'm not sure exactly what his message is? Is he arguing that there is a decline in Pigeon numbers due to the reduced acreage of Rape now being grown, and that a good few birds clear off to France for the Winter where Winter food is more plentiful? I believe there is no shortage of Winter food in most parts of the UK, but the birds are pre-occupied with foods such as Acorns, Beech Mast and Ivy berries, which they much prefer to Winter Rape. They will generally only start on the Rape when these other food sources have been exhausted, and as of today,
  6. In my area, (South Herts), the first Rape was grown in 1973, (I think?), the birds piled in on it during that Winter and the Farmer was kind enough to put out a couple of Bale hides, which was much appreciated. Of course, he dumped the bales in the wrong place, so we had to move them PDQ before they got too wet, and we had some fantastic sport with my old Remy 1100 five shot semi, Flexicoy deeks and a WAGBI Semark flapper.! The birds are still on the acorns and Ivy berries here at the moment, am hoping they'll move onto the Rape in numbers soon, there's the odd one or two already abo
  7. I am booked in to shoot it on 14th April, to be honest I doubt that restrictions will be sufficiently relaxed by then to enable it to go ahead. A good few people will have had the jab by then, but only the first dose, I would expect the advice at that time for all will be to continue to abide by all of the current guidance.? I hope I'm proved wrong. Cat. 😎
  8. Welcome back John, sorry to hear about your wife, not many of us Old'uns left on the forum. Cat.😎
  9. Yeah, battery life is an issue, I reckon to get about just under 4 hours from a fully charged battery, however I did buy a spare, which can simply be changed in the field. Cat😎
  10. My tally for the whole of 2020 has been 87. It's been a difficult year for all, with vast numbers of ramblers and loose dog walkers all over land that was very quiet up until lockdown. During January, I shot 8 with the Benelli 12g Semi, and trapped 16 in Fenn traps near the Pheasant feeders, with peanuts as an incentive to enter the tunnel. They just kept coming, I was amazed.! Between March and June I shot 14 over peanut feeders on another, (more private) farm that I have access to, using my BSA Ultra SE .22, a lovely bit of kit, I really enjoyed getting up early and watching a
  11. Following an exchange of messages with Sciurus some time back, I've recently invested in a Pulsar Axion XM30S, a very neat, pocket sized thermal, and it really is a game changer when hunting down squirrels. I got mine via Uttings, I paid the RRP for it but as far as I could see via online searching, nobody is discounting the prices of these units? I have mine running on a "White Heat" setting, squirrels stick out like a 500 watt bulb when conditions are right, and you can spot very small animals like mice with it as well. A couple of hours stroll around the hedgerows used to yie
  12. Catamong


    Sad news, I was aware that Hamid was seriously ill, and I had given him my best wishes some time ago, but this is still a great shock. He was a very talented clay shooter, and both a prolific and entertaining contributor to Facebook and a number of Shooting Forums. He will be genuinely missed by many shooters in the South East and beyond. Sincere condolences to his family and friends. Cat.
  13. The Silvers were, (in my opinion), a poor follow up and a significantly more expensive shell than the truly superb Trap 100 / Trap 200 / Winner 8's, for some reason they never quite worked for me, so I think I switched to Fiocchi for a spell and then onto Hull Sovereigns. As for the Gamebore Patriot's, I can honestly say I've never shot a more annoying shell, in that when you were on target and pulled the trigger, the clay sailed on, unbroken..! I've no idea why that was, but I simply couldn't get on with them, and it came as little surprise to me when Gamebore quietly discontinued t
  14. I have had a couple of Turbo Flappers from A1 Decoy that have served me well over the last few years. I also bought a FF6 Flapper from Flightline Decoys in May 2019, my first impressions were that it was a decent, solid looking bit of kit, albeit that the ground spike could be easily lost as it simply slots into the Flapper unit, unlike the A1 Turbo Flapper, which comes as a single unit, so I wrapped some red tape around it, which makes it easier to spot when clearing up. The wingbeat on the FF6 is definitely more convincing than the Turbo Flapper, in that it's very fast, however I h
  15. Yes, it's a worrying trend, I remember some time ago when the price of Gamebore Black Gold 28g Steel loads went up from Β£180ish to over Β£200, I was told it was due to increases in the price of Lead, I couldn't get my head around that one..? Eley seem to be pushing the price upwards with their new "Eco Wad" loads, their 28g load is currently selling at Β£339 on the (admittedly expensive) Just Cartridges website, with the 32g load selling at Β£369. I presume they're hoping to capitalise on the forthcoming switch to 100% Steel loads, it's going to make Pigeon shooting a very expensive pas
  16. Yields are well down in these parts too, the Rape has been a complete disaster for the 2 Farmers in the area still growing it, one has decided to pack in growing Rape and is switching to Linseed instead, I have yet to speak to the other Farmer to see if he's giving up on Rape as well. The only Maize grown in these parts is in cover strips, ours went in so late, it'll only be waist high by October 1st..!😧 There is an upside to low yields that Farmers rarely mention, in that the price of what they do sell on is usually higher than in years with a bumper harvest. Cat.😎
  17. I am useless with a rifle and usually end up doing most of the driving around the stubble fields, leaving far more talented shots to keep the foxes in check on the flatbed pickup. I am lead to believe that thermal is the way that most serious shooters are now heading, although I will miss the excitement of seeing that pair of eyes in the lamp beam being squeeked in ever closer to the moment of reckoning with the 30.06..! Cat😎
  18. I can feel your pain PC, I reckon 55 birds is about the maximum for a comfortable "over the shoulder" carry. I remember a Guy on here a good few years back, he was adamant that he could carry 100 pigeons in a black bin liner..! Good luck to him..!! Cat.😎
  19. A lot depends on if you are towing, or driving a Motorhome. I think Switzerland require a "Vignette" pass for Motorhomes and possibly caravans, costs about 35 Euros..? As far as I know, there isn't a Europe wide toll system, each Country has its own setup, some in Italy are now like the Dartcharge, i.e. pay online within a set time period. Ignore them at your peril, as they will come after you when back in the UK. Use your credit card at the Toll booths, quicker and easier, you'll avoid the long queues on the French Autoroutes of Brits wanting to pay by cash. Cat.
  20. Plaswads used for Steel loads tend to be signficantly longer than those used for Lead loads, you're doing a good job by picking them up PC.! I shoot over arable land that is already heavily polluted with all sorts of plastic waste which is mixed up with the "manure" that Farmers spread on their fields after harvest, they must source it via Local Authority "Green Bin Waste", as it is literally full of all sorts of plastic waste, mainly bottle tops, disposable lighters, biro tubes, shredded plastic bags and all sorts of small plastic fragments that must slip through the screening process.
  21. Yes, as Motty says, these are not Vining Peas, but Marrowfat Peas which are grown specifically for canning, (so I believe?), there are no Vining Peas grown in our area. They are harvested in Mid August, and are bone dry by that time, (I think they are sprayed with a dessicant, as they do with the Rape?). Back in the 70's and 80's the birds would be on the peas from the day they were drilled until the stubble was ploughed back in, but nowadays, their feeding habits have changed over time, and they will move off them for a few weeks as soon as the Winter Barley starts to ripen, as is h
  22. Hi DP, Peas are a good draw for Pigeons, but in our area, (St Albans), the birds have just started to move off the peas and onto the Winter Barley, which is starting to ripen fast. They will come back onto the peas after the Barley is cut, normally late July / early August time. The peas have now reached their maximum growth height, and they will be cut around mid to late August time. Pea stubbles can be very attractive to the birds, so keep a good look out, as a lot seem to get spilled during the combining. Good luck, and keep some space reserved in your freezer.!
  23. I've always rated Wiltshire as the "Carlsberg" of pigeon shooting Counties.! Sadly, numbers continue to decline year on year in Herts, some say it's due to the vast increase in Red Kites, I'm not so sure, all I do know is that numbers are declining. Cat.😎
  24. Agreed that the decline in Turtle Doves coincided with a big increase in the Collared Dove population, but they too are now on the decline in these parts. Swallows appear to be arriving later each year, and numbers of Swifts appear well down year on year.? Cat.😎
  25. Yes, they were a common sight around here back in the 70's, but have gone into decline since. I was heartened by the large numbers of birds in the Hawthorn scrub at a big Clay shoot I attended in Northern France back in July 2010, but when I went back to the same ground last year in July, there was hardly a bird to be seen, very sad. Is this a natural decline in species, or is it the effect of them being shot in big numbers over North Africa or the Pyrenees as they migrate Northwards? On the other hand, I was amazed to see about a dozen White Storks sat in a stubble field just o
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