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  1. Its funny how things go, where I live, chimney sweeps are starting up, stove sellers and installers are doing good business, logs are flying into peoples sheds, and any wood left laying about soon disappears, it could be the year 1913 all over again. At least you can get some sort of alternative if you try.
  2. how can you accept energy is running out, when oil is being discovered more and more, 300 years worth of coal under the ground and gas reserves at bursting point (fracking). We should be burning coal until we have enough nuclear power stations.
  3. And a lot of the people that have signed up, are supposedly successfull savvy types with a few quid, seems that some people are easy to seduce. You are right about nuclear, we need it, trouble is, it should have been sorted 10 years ago, as they take donkeys years to build.
  4. you see what a grand job the propaganda has done, you mentioned at the end of your post GW, like its a given thing. There are thousands of opposing scientists who have had their views stifled at best and silenced in the majority of cases, who say there is no such thing.
  5. Its becoming more than alarming for many people now. I also don't believe the companies are doing it for some greedy spiteful reason. To me its simple, coal fired gas stations closing, no nuclear replacement, ludicrous windmills, 'green initiatives' pumping up everybodys bill, is it any wonder? Can you imagine that there are people who have plotted this outcome in the name of propaganda? Great Britain cant even heat itself wihout worry, and yet we can save the world! We need to start worrying about the old lady down the road this winter. All this happens when you let the weirdy beards have their twisted way.
  6. I have no time for the failed continent of Africa, no amount of propping it up ever helps. We send billions, we import millions of them, and create industries to excuse, protect and promote them. I have yet to hear a word of thanks or gratitiude.
  7. we are a ####### #### nation, run by complete ####### #####, I am so embaressed by the ##### that have sold out this once great country. #### the stupid white liberal #####.I ####### hate every one of them. goodnight. una.
  8. 'small enough to care, big enough to cope'
  9. but surely during the process of title change, the money needs to be in a regulated, bonded account, so no one can end up without their money and without a house. I think you pay for that peace of mind.
  10. sometimes its useless buyers and sellers, being unable to do simple tasks like post back forms and information requests. There are always third parties putting in time delays, like surveys, estate agents etc.
  11. I reckon £65. Go on tell us, no one knows each other.
  12. calm down, its over now. you worked it out then
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