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  1. Hi, Have a look on `Gunstar` there`s a guy sell ing .22 Hornet gear. Cheers
  2. Afternoon sco_tish, Sorry about the delay in replying, but away on a job. Can you PM me and let me know how you wnat paying: Paypal or cheque. I`ll be back in office around mid afternoon and will square things up then. Best Regards Michael
  3. Location & any idea of carraige costs to Northumberland, England? Cheers
  4. What`s the mileage, or have I missed it? Cheers
  5. What make is the 30.06 brass, and do you accept PayPal? Cheers
  6. Itoo beleive it`s over the top, but if you really want something, you`ll have to pay for it, or do without?
  7. Thanks castletyne, Good to do business with you. Many thanks, marlinmagic.
  8. Morning castletyne, I`ll have the .223 Remington Cartridges.. Please PM with your address and best time to collect? .I live in Ashington. Best Regards marlinmagic
  9. forgotten Password

  10. If Pigeonbasher doe`nt take Pecar 4x10x45 scope, I`ll have it? Please let me know, how you want paid? Cheers Marlinmagic
  11. Afternoon Archie1234, Should not get your stock sold (I`m sure you will) I`ll give you £60 for it. Im looking to have a detachable mag fitted, so just trying to keep the conversion price down. Good Luck and Best Regards marlinmagic.
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