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  1. Hi, Have a look on `Gunstar` there`s a guy sell ing .22 Hornet gear. Cheers
  2. Afternoon sco_tish, Sorry about the delay in replying, but away on a job. Can you PM me and let me know how you wnat paying: Paypal or cheque. I`ll be back in office around mid afternoon and will square things up then. Best Regards Michael
  3. Location & any idea of carraige costs to Northumberland, England? Cheers
  4. What`s the mileage, or have I missed it? Cheers
  5. What make is the 30.06 brass, and do you accept PayPal? Cheers
  6. Itoo beleive it`s over the top, but if you really want something, you`ll have to pay for it, or do without?
  7. Thanks castletyne, Good to do business with you. Many thanks, marlinmagic.
  8. Morning castletyne, I`ll have the .223 Remington Cartridges.. Please PM with your address and best time to collect? .I live in Ashington. Best Regards marlinmagic
  9. forgotten Password

    1. marlinmagic

      clear oot

      If Pigeonbasher doe`nt take Pecar 4x10x45 scope, I`ll have it? Please let me know, how you want paid? Cheers Marlinmagic
    2. Location: Please? Cheers Marlinmagic
    3. Afternoon Archie1234, Should not get your stock sold (I`m sure you will) I`ll give you £60 for it. Im looking to have a detachable mag fitted, so just trying to keep the conversion price down. Good Luck and Best Regards marlinmagic.
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