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  1. Having had more than most, I can honestly say it never gets easier.....and it should not. They give us so many good days through their lives and one really bad one at the end. Welsh1 so glad you chose to support him on his final journey I am sure it meant everything to him. ..... and yes I cry everytime I have to say Good Bye. Keep his memories close, they will bring a smile to you at the most unexpected times. NTTF
  2. By the time you pay ebay, import duties and exchange they would be very expensive decoys.
  3. Flat black it will be then. Thanks all.
  4. Still looking for a couple of used spinning wing decoys as I can not get them over here. Thanks, NTTF
  5. I have to repaint my crow decoys. Wondering what everyone is using, flat black, semi gloss? Thanks, NTTF
  6. Been a while since I have had one. My sister is putting off getting another for a year so I need pictures to entice her with. Home and working pictures appreciated. Thanks, NTTF
  7. One of these times I am going to time it right and get to go to one of these.
  8. They give us so many Brilliant Days in their lives, and one very hard one. Lovely Old Boy and Apprentice. NTTF
  9. I know there is not a lot of love out there for these. I have a small project that I would like to try a couple of these out on. Wondering if anyone has a couple that they would be willing to part with ...... I hear a lot of them end up in the bin....... Not looking to use them on wood pigeons but feral barn pigeons. Thanks, NTTF
  10. Lloyd, I am interested in knowing about some solid working lines and would like to talk to said breeders.
  11. Wondering if anyone is working Clumbers in the field?
  12. Love Wirehairs! Looks like it will be another good size litter. NTTF
  13. Beautiful! If we ever get to travel again I want to come and spend a how to week !
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