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  1. Lloyd, I am interested in knowing about some solid working lines and would like to talk to said breeders.
  2. Wondering if anyone is working Clumbers in the field?
  3. Love Wirehairs! Looks like it will be another good size litter. NTTF
  4. Beautiful! If we ever get to travel again I want to come and spend a how to week !
  5. Thanks all. I have sent Boo a message. NTTF
  6. Love it! Hoping to start a couple of white oak handles this week. NTTF
  7. Wondering if anyone is making or has family or friends making horn handles. I am looking for a couple and have one that I would like to commission. Cheers, NTTF
  8. Just wondering if these have shown up yet Andy? Dan
  9. If I remember rightly it is ALL country lanes by you. Dan
  10. Andy drop me an address and I will mail you some as long as you share with all of the me too's. Dan
  11. Upland chest protectors work well for barbwire and puncturing sticks........I had two dogs impale themselves on sharp sticks hunting pheasants.......they are designed to cover the chest and under side of the ribs, well keeping the dogs cool. look here http://www.flushandpoint.com/products.asp?id=16
  12. I dont trap otters but I have seen a really neat submerged bucket set. will see if I can find the fur management issue it is in if you are interested. NTTF
  13. You could get the dog a bramble vest. I use to use them on my pointers. NTTF
  14. I think I may still have a couple of old McCullock saws under the bench in the garage at the farm. I will have a look tommorrow and see. NTTF
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