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  1. If you have an old used and abused gun slip just use that 👍
  2. Il probably end up doing much the same but it’s my old mans gun and he wants an original pad 🙄
  3. wanted Butt pad to fit browning gold 10 gauge synthetic stock is the old model if there’s any difference would consider a complete stock
  4. Il take these please pm sent 👍
  5. I always use 10 bore brushes for my 12 bores , give a tighter better fit
  6. allanm

    Sam 1 10 gauge

    Thanks lads ? I dried shotgun reloading mate but he doesn’t have any at the moment ?
  7. allanm

    Sam 1 10 gauge

    Wanted Sam 1 10 gauge wads
  8. Thanks for that , certainly sounds a bargain ?
  9. Nice one , how do you find the vulpine night vision they look very good ?
  10. Il take the Handel's b81 Pm sent
  11. Trim the tps down to the correct length for a good crimp (there soft and cut easily with Sharp scissors) ,you can afford to have a row of pellets above the wad as they will be inside the wad when fired (set back) . But likes been said save yourself the extra cost and use b&p s35 or LBC ?
  12. #b shot is one of favourite sizes ,I use a 34g 3" load with #b which is 100 pellets and with a I/m briley shoots 78/100 at 50 yrds
  13. Still wanted ,smilers choke is also one I've already got
  14. Yeah they have both the .720 and .705 but like you say with shipping etc they certainly won't be cheap
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