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  1. Yes I’ve used the plastic beads in a .410 tss load . I used a Lee dipper and it worked fine , they weren’t bbs but were very cheap plastic filler beads of flea bay
  2. Hi mate that would be ideal it’s briley I normally use 👍 thanks Allan
  3. Beretta Mobil choke wanted prefer an extended with at least 1/2 but prefer tighter
  4. 😳😳 , il guarantee you that 42/42 in a 12 bore is waaay over pressure and you’ve not even stated what wad to use ? There is a world of difference in pressures between a sam1 and a TPS wad in the same loads ,with sam 1 creating less pressure than any other steel wad
  5. John Forsey ,gamebore rhino are good
  6. What about a 5 door Toyota rav 4 ? I’m in the same boat and not sure what to get
  7. Almost centre of picture to right of second forked tree 🌲
  8. I’ve used steel only for all my shooting for years , wildfowling ,inland goose and ducks ,game ,crows ,pigeons etc etc and gamebore super steel ,Rc steel ,fiocchi , lyalvale all do the job . I was on a 100 bird driven pheasant day last year and used gamebore super steel 32 g 3s and 4s . for average range pheasants the 4s were perfect for higher stuff the 3s did the job more convincingly , they were shot through a Winchester 101 waterfowl with full chokes
  9. Zeiss hd5 5-25-50 z plex 20 ret , 1/4moa target turrets 25mm tube in very very good condition With box , covers etc £475
  10. Sorry mate I just saw this , mine patterns best with t shot (believe it or not ) I also use 4mm if there’s a chance of a duck or 2 , the pattern is t @ 50 yards 0
  11. Yeah I’ve still got 1 and use it fairly regular , the 32” full choke barrel shoots steel lovely 👍
  12. If you have an old used and abused gun slip just use that 👍
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