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  1. I was hoping to put in for coterminous certificate, if it means waiting until such time I have more experience I'm happy to wait
  2. I've found a stalking opportunity which will give me some experience. By the time my sec2 certificate is to be renewed I could have done a few days by then. Would this give me good grounds for a grant? Should I put in on this basis?
  3. I'm not a full member of a club, I assume being a provisional member would be not accepted grounds? I have some limited experience of .22rf & .17hmr only. I think West Yorkshire FAO have always taken that view about experience. If they are wrong I would challenge it, but I'd like to be 100% clear on why they are going against guidance
  4. just spoken to local FAO, I'd need to be a full member at a club before they'd consider an application. As for .240 & above calibre would need to show knowledge and experience before they'd consider. Dont think I'll be able to put in for my section 1 at the moment. All seems fair and reasonable. He did mention that if you can go out with anyone to gain experience would stand you in a better position
  5. didn't realise I had to be a full member first! That would be typically a few months Im guessing. If I booked a couple of stalking opps then that might constitute good reason?!
  6. when i spoke with the feo some time ago they mentioned experience, i have shot wih .22rf & .17hmr before but not recently and you can never get enough experience will be a local rifle club as currently dont have perm for vermin
  7. I'm right handed but left eye dominant so have to close left eye when I bring gun up
  8. I can understand, in the first instance perhaps I should put in for a RF for use at a club to gain experience and then maybe look at getting a variation once I have further experience
  9. You might have seen my post on FAC application, I was wondering if there was anyone local who might be able to offer me some rifle experience that might assist in my application. Thanks in advance Tom
  10. My thoughts were to join a club to get experience, exposure, of different calibres, practice zeroing etc. So I think the point about the club is an important one. Would I have to have some evidence to show stalking is booked or just making steps to book? Any help on the wording of the reasoning would be appreciated. I've got to get my application in this week
  11. My renewal is up in a few months, im in the process of doing the paperwork. In an ideal world Id like to apply for sec 1 at the same time as my Sec 2 renewal. Do you have any recommendations for booking stalking opps?
  12. i assume you had permissions on which to shoot that you included on your application. if i book a dsc that may constitute as good enough good reason?
  13. Thanks for the info, all really helpful! Seems to be quite a few criteria you need to satisfy these days. I've used .22 and .17 before but at the moment dont have any permission for vermin control hence why I thought going down club route would be a better option then get experience and look at getting variation for vermin as and when permission comes up. have you put in for yours yet have you got permissions on which to shoot?
  14. I've been a shot gun certificate holder for 10 years and I'd like to put in my sec 1 when my certificate is up for renewal this year. I know you need to show good reason to have one. If I join a local rifle club does that constitute good enough reason? I'd also like to get into stalking this year. any pointers appreciated
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