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  1. Budice

    Beretta S56E

    Got one of these as well, mine's a double trigger one though
  2. Budice

    Side by Side Club

    Thank you, a qiock google and it does indeed look like my old blunderbuss could have been made by them
  3. Budice

    Side by Side Club

    OK thanks for info. I'll dig it out over the weekend and post some pics, see if anyone knows who would have made it.
  4. Budice

    Side by Side Club

    Has anyone come across a Harrier SbS double trigger before? Only asking as i have one and would like to know more about it TIA
  5. You could always do your own FOIA request, its not unreasonable and they should have no grounds to refuse you
  6. Budice

    Friends show car

    Looks squished up. Have you got links to the original pics somewhere?
  7. Budice

    It`s getting used

    How will the recent legislation about posting knives affect you Ditchman?
  8. Budice

    Beware cheap parts

    Most major aftermarket parts manufacturers supply to the OEM, just buy a known recognised brand. Ferodo brakes, Wix, Mahle or Fram for filters, Valeo, Sachs and LUK for cluthc kits, Gates or INA for timing belt kits. Us your local motor factor as well or Ebay if they have a prescence there
  9. Budice

    Kindle books

    With the 99p Kindle ooks, the author gets nothing from that and generally ends up having to pay Amazon about 35p per book sold 😦
  10. Budice


    Great, thanks for the replies guys. My Mrs is Tiny though, 5ft and about 50Kg and petite build
  11. Budice


    Thanks for the replies guys i'll look out some Kofs and Yildiz then. How about a 20bore?
  12. Budice

    What I learnt today!

    Did you try again without the bead? How did you get on?
  13. Budice

    Clay club yearly membership charges,

    My local club is 35p per clay on meter non members and 30p per clay for members. Membership is £75
  14. Budice


    Evening Pigeonwatch massive. I'm looking for a 28G youths size gun for my Mrs. She's 5ft and weighs about 52Kg, hence the youths size, anything in the up to £500 top end price please? Can travel within 60 mles of Bath, Somerset. Pm or reply here with appropiate items Many thanks Budice
  15. Budice

    Yildiz Sp2- M 28 gauge

    Hey Plank06, I am thinking of getting one of these for my Mrs. Any reason in prticular you're selling? PM me if you'd rather not reply on here