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  1. No need to remove the engine to change the ring gear, gearbox off and remove clutch and flywheel or torque convertor on and auto, very few cars need to have the engine removed to do that sort of thing
  2. It probably it little longer than a nano second lol, but the engine has to restart within 120 degrees of rotation
  3. Its not so much the fuel saving as the reuction in emissions
  4. Budice

    New gun

    I have just bought a Kofs 20Ga for the Mrs. Before we use it is there anything to do to it? Had a look over it and everything seems to be in order. I did think about putting some gunstock wax on the woodwork before we take it out, just to protect it TIA
  5. No need to remove any chips at all, they can be read in situ.
  6. Make sure when you let go of the trigger that the pump turns off as well
  7. I kno one as well, but it does compromise the security a tad lol
  8. Any automotive locksmith should be able to clone your existing key
  9. Is anyone going to this in the not too distant future? https://www.westofenglandgamefair.co.uk/ Or anyone trading there?
  10. Peaky Blinders, Black Sails (if it's on there) and the same for Midnight Texas
  11. Sounds like Limpley Stoke then on the A36
  12. Which hill was that mate? Not from of the ones down from Lansdown was it? Bet that gave you a fright
  13. Got one of these as well, mine's a double trigger one though
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