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  1. UGM there is a Cens guy just outside Dromore -- a friend of mine got his made up with him .
  2. I have a new Briley Spectrum extended 1/4 choke I will sell for £35 inc. P&P if it's any use to you, it cost me £60 .
  3. if guinea fowl are as it states below Poultry and in the same class as ducks & pigeons surly there is no reason why they can't be shot for sport or crop protection ? Naturenet: Wild Birds and the Law Poultry are domestic fowl, geese, ducks, guinea fowl, pigeons, quail and turkey. Shooting seasons Pages marked with this symbol are exclusively written for ... www.naturenet.net/law/birds.html
  4. P~MX

    Winchester Chokes

    yes Ian that's the one, your 28" in barrel is 100% for game and clay shootin, it will handle slightly faster than 30"/32" which would be more suitable for game shootin and skeet and sporting clays,
  5. I'd love to see a few pics of your dog if possible ?
  6. P~MX

    Winchester Chokes

    Ian look at Nigel Teague's web site for cokes, he will supply you with anythin you need, as for a shooter barrel I think you'll find it tough get gettin one for your gun and even if you did it would need to be fitted by a gunsmith but I doubt you'll get one, 28" barrels should be fine for an all round gun, what are you intendin to use it for ?
  7. there's a pheasant shoot about 20 miles from me who have a facebook page advertising their shoot and they'd pictures of guinea fowl hangin up in their game rack durin the days shoot, they also recorded them as birds shot, I've never seen them fly so I can't say if they'd make a good sportin shot or not .
  8. Mullers are too tight for me but atb sellin them
  9. Fabarm are a very good quality gun, very reliable and give literately no problems - they are in partnership with Ceasar Guerini now.
  10. hi Bunny, what constriction are the Muller chokes - I don't know about their markings ?
  11. get some Kingspan insulation for it that'll keep it warm and it's easily worked
  12. would you be interested in a swap for a (brand new at Christmas) Browning Citori 30" multi choke O/U 20 bore ?
  13. saw one on ebay the other day
  14. my dad always gave our dogs a tin of sardines between them in their food every night which seemed to help his old springer who had bad front legs from an early age, he got the cheap ones from Lidli they were good for the dogs coat too and gave it a nice shine.
  15. I use an empty cartridge shell -- gauge depends on the thickness of the stick, they never come off either .
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