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  1. Hello, The syndicate i shoot on has got a couple of places for the coming season walk one stand one full gun 12 days shooting £810 also 3/4,2/3 and half guns avalible if you would like any more info please pm me thanks
  2. Went out for a little bit of traning and a pigeon flew near by so i dropped it and the little super star brought it back
  3. Thoughts are with you pal I could see in your eyes how much the dog ment to you rip jett😞 Lee you only sold the shoot as it was sold to you the keeper didn't have the hart to even say sorry for the very disorganised day chin up pal hope to see you again some time Shaun.......
  4. Deposit in post lee see you next week if you could pm the details that would be great thanks
  5. Book me in for 2 places lee awaiting your pm re deposit
  6. Miroku 12g o/u shot gun 7000 sport grade 1.... 6 chokes 30" right handed i am posting this for a friend pm with a contact number i will forward it to him and i will answer what i can as i have used this gunsold usual sgc required face to face only
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