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  1. I have (nearly) a slab of 20 bore cartridges going spare as I never got round to buying the gun to put them in. There are: 175x William Evans (Hull Cartridge) fibre wad, 28g, 5, 70mm. 50x Eley, plastic wad (I think), 23g, 7, 67.5mm. 17x odds and **** - Rottweil and Martignoni. £50 for the lot? Collection only from Richmond (North Yorkshire) though I may be able to drop off if nearby and I am out and about in that direction.
  2. Cheers everyone! Sounds like HW may be the way to go. Just goes to show how long it is since I've used it - you can't even buy them online anymore!! When did THAT happen? Tsk...
  3. I have been asked to clear some rabbits out of a small piece of land. Safety isn't an issue but it's in a sensitive location and I need to be fairly discrete. I could do with being as quiet as possible. I haven't picked up my air rifle for a few years though and have absolutely no idea what's on the market now. My Webley Raider has a 4" BBMF silencer on it, but I imagine there are more effective available now. Any recommendations? Cheers!
  4. Marne is open afternoons on Wednesdays, not mornings. Give tony a call for precise times.
  5. It's all just common sense. Just pay attention on the day. If you don't know how to operate a trap then that's probably the only think you should acquaint yourself with first.
  6. I've a Fender Tele and Strat, plus an Epiphone Les Paul, which I love. Got a tanglewood acoustic as well but I don't play that very often.
  7. Here he is playing in my local pub, of all places...
  8. Don't dwell on it too much Kirk. There's not a lot of difference between any shells!
  9. Jeff Beck, Slash, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Elliot Randall...
  10. A little more flexible with no-birds too. No having to finish a round early because they only give you exactly 25 birds!
  11. 92 is VERY respectable for a first attempt. Well shot.
  12. Try moving your hold point a little further out.
  13. Is it fibre only? (Sorry if it states it somewhere -on my phone and can't see anything!)
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