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  1. Just searched and I don't have his details anymore. Try riflecraft, I bought two stocks off them, and they had a few beech stocks for the 452 in when I asked a few months ago. Be careful not to get a stock for the 455 (look at the underside), as they need work to make them fit a 452.
  2. I got a CZ original for my 452 from a guy in Scotland on guntrader, it was £50 delivered, and he emailed me that he had a few of them. Might be worth a try
  3. Hopefully this is of use to someone. I have had this folding dog crate in the back of the 4x4 for years and only used it once, when the dog (a border terrier) was really caked in mud. There is a split (hole) in the plastic tray, but I always kept a small bathroom rug in there so never noticed it. The dimensions in cm are 450 w x 600 l x 550 h. It is a double door crate, and I think it came from Argos originally. Ideally it is collection only, as it weighs about 6kg so postage would be around £10 where a new one only costs £25. PM me if it's any use to you and you can collect it from North of Luton.
  4. Clearing the garage and found these hides poles and some old tank netting which are just taking up space. The four off poles are light weight, adjustable, in a bag, and I think they came from pigeon shooter many years ago. They work as they should but are not the best quality. The netting is probably five metres long and drops to about 1.5 metres high. These are free for collection only from the North end of Luton. Post on the thread and PM me if these are something you can use.
  5. You can use n133 but the performance will not be very good, ime it is far to slow for the 17 hornet. N120 is far better and I also use it for 50grn bullets in the .223.
  6. cooter

    Roe sack

    I have one that has been used only once (when I was completing my DSC2). I bought it off a lady on the SD that made them to order. It isn't the pretiest thing but it does the job. I have carried two Roe in it (combined weight of 35kg), it has a removable waterproof liner, sits completely flat when not in use so it can be worn under your jacket, and ties up at the top. PM me if your interested.
  7. For annealing i use the blow torch/soap method as advised on many other sites. Look on the tube for more details. It works the same for the different case thickness and can be done with the light on.
  8. I tried N135 with 168 AMax and it was a bit harsh. N140 worked superbly. I never tried CFE so can't comment on it. N550 is double based, which is good for target work but hard on the barrel.
  9. There was a 22lr accuracy test run on UKV to see how close the 'bug hole' really was. Some very expensive rifles and also a lot of standard gear was used. It makes good reading. https://ukvarminting.com/topic/35243-22lr-accuracy-expectation-challenge-3-consecutive-5-shot-groups-post-photos/
  10. I used to work in Teddington and there were flocks with hundreds of them that used to be in and around the trees in Bushy park. They were great to see, but the racket was loud and constant, and all the other birds vanished. Even watched them harrying crows, which was impressive as they just mobbed them.
  11. ANT supplies do one, which I have been using for many years, which will more than do the job. Even better if you have a picatinny rail, or mount cap, so that you can use the removable one. https://www.ant-supplies.uk/scope-sight-optic-accessories/laser-torch-illuminator-mounts.html
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