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  1. All the very best Mike, you could do with some luck.Are you still able to get out shooting.?
  2. All greedy when their bellys are full.
  3. I think I can speak for the whole of the Marne Team, we are all gutted, Tony was simply the best, he will be greatly missed by us all. from Auntie.
  4. Yes and very nice to see you too, the shoot was excellent with lots of variety, but I shot very badly. Old age......from Auntie.
  5. 😀You would be amazed at the number of drivers who stare at the bonnet of their car when driving.from Auntie.🤤
  6. From a house sale point of view,lots of the cheaper companies dont provide the FENSA guarantees, i am not sure if that encompasses fitting your own. Most mortgages demand these guarantees so buyer beware.from Auntie.
  7. Your assumptions are correct. I am ashamed to be female.
  8. Catton is a decent ground and as Yellow Bear advises you could have a good smattering of clays well below your feet..Best approach is to lean well forward and make sure the clay is above your line of vision untill you are ready to pull the trigger. From Auntie.
  9. It is vital that we start using water cannons, due to the numbers involved and make sure there is some strong dye in the mix that wont wash out in a week.That way we could easily identify whose precious little princess are really involved in this disgraceful behavior. Mummy and Daddy might curb their allowances then. Water cannon use does work and most of them look like they could use a good scub down with the rough end of a kerb edge. From Auntie.
  10. Yes I have shot there on a number of occasions and the targets were good apart from a couple of stands in the sun.. I think they will use different land to avoid problems. Using 2 good experienced course setters so should be OK. from Auntie,.
  11. Good luck and hope the treatment helps you. From your Auntie.
  12. Probably should read shoot for his country. Sorry.....
  13. Interesting about Jackie Stewart, Someone once asked him if after all his accolades in the racing fields, did he have any regrets, I understand his reply was that he didn't get to shoot for England.. from Auntie.
  14. Hi Chris, A word of advice when visiting your optician,they will set your specks to see across a small room or a number plate at so many feet. Ask to go outside and look up at the farthest rooftop, or top of a tree in a local park. That way you will get real distance into the equation, you will also get some odd looks from passers by when you are stood outside the shop with those metallic sliders in situ.If we shoot we need real depth of field not accross a small room.....from Auntie.
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