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  1. I read recently that scores of catholic churches have been destroyed and vandalised over the past 4 years , but Mr Macron would never admit to anything like that.
  2. Can't you buy spray to puff around the bitches rear end ? from Auntie.
  3. I have done several in various countries , including Rhine/ Mosel, ships are almost all converted coal barges food nothing special, the rivers are filthy and black, and the vistas are better on the Manchester ship canal. The famous Laurali rock is tiny and the castles on the Rhine are only atop some very small hillocks at the riverside,. The Nile is a thousand times more interesting, and not that much dearer. You will not come back without dozens of wonderful memories, food wise just watch what you eat and try to eat very well cooked stuff.. No ice in drinks and check your water bottles are sealed and you open them your self. If you can afford a bit more your take a trip up the Norwegian Ffyords on the Hurtigruton a real travel experience.If you really want to push the boat out and well worth saving up for, atrip on The Delta Queen, up the Tennesy, Cumberland , Mississippi river. This has the best food in the world and is the only overnight authentic paddleboat steamer with a steam organ pumping out coloured bubbles from the steam pipes in the evening. A truely classic trip. from Auntie.
  4. I was advised that the amount of height from pillows is irrelavant and that it was more important to raise the actual bed head by 6 inches. Your need is to keep your stomach lower than your neck., but it is very important to not eat after 6 in the evening... Gaviscon may help and you can take both, this will help to put a lining on your throat which will save the acid burning your throat. .from Auntie.
  5. Some good advise on here, . I have 2x6 inch blocks under the bed head, always sleep on my right side and don't ever eat anything after 6 o'clock in the evening. People who have acid reflux's needs are different from the hiatus hernia. I sometimes struggle just with fluids after 9 o'clock, i take just 1 lanprazole early evening for the H/H but have been advised not to take over the counter stuff like rennies as that can be counter productive. Its hard for folks to understand that" just taking a small drink to wash it back down", doesn't work 'cause that don't stay down either. Good luck from Auntie.
  6. Put your present home in your wife's name and buy the new house in your name, and then put your wife back onto the deeds when you move in. Everyone is allowed legally to own 1 house this works well if you live in a trusting relationship, but should be OK as both properties are worth the same,..... from Auntie.😉😉
  7. Marne Barracks shooting ground is £20 membership per year and £10 for 60 birds.It has to be one of the cheapest grounds around but more relevant to the members is the quality of the targets, if you can shoot well here you would shoot well at any registered ground. The ground pays out prize money as well on the Sunday shoots. from Auntie.
  8. One of the worse gaffs i ever saw in a film was in the Eiger Sanction, showing Clint Eastwood solo climbing up a rock face in a blizzard except he was top roped. from Auntie. Also the little red sports car on the hilltop in Ben Hurs chariot race,
  9. Heard a very wealthy lady complain to our local green grocer because she had to pay for the cherry stalks and could he remove them before they were weighed. The very same lady refused to buy travel insurance on her cheap holiday until I advised here that I didn't fly bodies home. from Auntie.
  10. Kitchens will be the next to go. from Auntie.🙄
  11. One of my fav records by the boss. from Auntie.
  12. Full sun Thursday, part sun Fri, but chilly. Marne barracks shoot on on Sunday if you are still around. from Auntie.
  13. So sorry to hear of your loss John.😢 from Auntie.
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