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  1. And proper targets... from Auntie.
  2. Smaller conkers were always the best, soaked in vinegar and then polished with Dubbin. Unbeatable... from Auntie.
  3. Goodness me, I thought this was a shooting forum not mumsnet. For the record nothing beats a whiff of Castrol R.... from Auntie.🏍️
  4. I know. still glad i'm out of it though....
  5. Yes he does, I had a lot of very loyal clients and the company is still turning over a million pounds a year. Secret is to keep away from the bucket and spade stuff.. There used to be a similar shop to mine up in your neck of the woods..... Hank Sharpe Travel, I believe his 2 sons still do OK out of the company. It was the only travel agent that never had any brochures on display but the lads and staff were well travelled and really knew their stuff..... from Auntie.
  6. Over 40 years ago, i was very proud to open my brand new travel agency ,at that time Thos Cook was the role model to aim for about 20 years ago the same Thos Cook started down the slippery road to ruin and joined the other high street holiday shops using cheap untravelled staff with very little expertise. Stack um high, sell um cheap...... Most of the clients who booked through the travel agent will be Ok as they will be covered by ABTA or one of the other bonded companies around, but may have to wait many months to get refunded. I only used to use ABTA companies and if one of them failed , I immediatly re booked my clients out of my own pocket and waited the normal 4 months for ABTA to refund me. One particular booking for a wealthy lady cost me £28,000 untill i was repaid but that is what ethical companies would do. Fat chance of that happening today.The Chief executive of Thos Cook is on £6.8 million a year, man at the top £8.4 million and all the many non executive on £4 million each.....Thank God I sold my business before the loons took over........ from Auntie.
  7. Good to know it's busy, its a cracking ground and always superb targets. from Auntie.
  8. Is the correct answer. from Auntie.
  9. Unfortunatley we are already being told what to eat. Please check that the meat you are eating is NON Halal . from Auntie.
  10. Living in the Yorkshire Dales, I marvel at all the idiots in shorts on a early Easter weekend, just because they are on holiday and its almost freezing......Brain dead. from Auntie. 😓
  11. I read recently that scores of catholic churches have been destroyed and vandalised over the past 4 years , but Mr Macron would never admit to anything like that.
  12. Can't you buy spray to puff around the bitches rear end ? from Auntie.
  13. I have done several in various countries , including Rhine/ Mosel, ships are almost all converted coal barges food nothing special, the rivers are filthy and black, and the vistas are better on the Manchester ship canal. The famous Laurali rock is tiny and the castles on the Rhine are only atop some very small hillocks at the riverside,. The Nile is a thousand times more interesting, and not that much dearer. You will not come back without dozens of wonderful memories, food wise just watch what you eat and try to eat very well cooked stuff.. No ice in drinks and check your water bottles are sealed and you open them your self. If you can afford a bit more your take a trip up the Norwegian Ffyords on the Hurtigruton a real travel experience.If you really want to push the boat out and well worth saving up for, atrip on The Delta Queen, up the Tennesy, Cumberland , Mississippi river. This has the best food in the world and is the only overnight authentic paddleboat steamer with a steam organ pumping out coloured bubbles from the steam pipes in the evening. A truely classic trip. from Auntie.
  14. I was advised that the amount of height from pillows is irrelavant and that it was more important to raise the actual bed head by 6 inches. Your need is to keep your stomach lower than your neck., but it is very important to not eat after 6 in the evening... Gaviscon may help and you can take both, this will help to put a lining on your throat which will save the acid burning your throat. .from Auntie.
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