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  1. 100milesaway

    Clay club yearly membership charges,

    Marne Barracks shooting ground is £20 membership per year and £10 for 60 birds.It has to be one of the cheapest grounds around but more relevant to the members is the quality of the targets, if you can shoot well here you would shoot well at any registered ground. The ground pays out prize money as well on the Sunday shoots. from Auntie.
  2. 100milesaway

    Bad handling of guns on television

    One of the worse gaffs i ever saw in a film was in the Eiger Sanction, showing Clint Eastwood solo climbing up a rock face in a blizzard except he was top roped. from Auntie. Also the little red sports car on the hilltop in Ben Hurs chariot race,
  3. 100milesaway

    Christmas Greed

    Heard a very wealthy lady complain to our local green grocer because she had to pay for the cherry stalks and could he remove them before they were weighed. The very same lady refused to buy travel insurance on her cheap holiday until I advised here that I didn't fly bodies home. from Auntie.
  4. 100milesaway

    Does no one want a garden anymore?

    Kitchens will be the next to go. from Auntie.🙄
  5. 100milesaway

    My home town

    One of my fav records by the boss. from Auntie.
  6. 100milesaway

    Weather in Catterick

    Full sun Thursday, part sun Fri, but chilly. Marne barracks shoot on on Sunday if you are still around. from Auntie.
  7. 100milesaway

    Mrs. webber R I P

    So sorry to hear of your loss John.😢 from Auntie.
  8. 100milesaway

    Police chief. ?

    How about Mr White feather handing over his unearned pension to the dead officers wife and family...... That should even things up a bit.. There was nothing to stop him ordering his driver to run the terrorist over he didn't need to leave his nice warm car.. There is not one beat bobby that could look up to this cowardly person..He should be publically be stripped of all his accolades and his pension. from Auntie.
  9. 100milesaway

    Police chief. ?

  10. 100milesaway

    English Sporting

    Yes Kevins elastic band was legendary. I shot with him once at Catton Hall, on the right hand side of the woods was a slow incomer, he took aim, left it to the very last second and an identical bit of clay hit my hand four times on the trot. That my friends is precision shooting. A very talented lad. from Auntie.🙂
  11. 100milesaway

    Ross Kemp with armed police

    These bobbies havn't any incentive to catch criminals anymore, as the courts just slap wrist.,you need to be a non criminal or similar to get locked up today.. from Auntie..
  12. 100milesaway

    Stopping drinking

    I started smoking when i was about 15 years old, which became a serious fag addiction of 60 per day. I stopped on April !st 1980 because I wanted to and I have never had one since. Observations which i later realised, I had lots more money. I could walk much quicker up hills. Other people that smoked smell horrible, most folks who give up smoking realise that they pong but don't really understand that the smell you give off from your clothes and hair is just of smoke but the smell from your breath is like **** or worse. I started drinking when I was 15 and stopped when I was 18 , after a very nasty overindulgence and made myself extreemly sick. Observations which I later realised, I had lots more money. I became very popular as i drove drunks home. I didn't even like the taste of any kind of booze. Just spend a night outside the pubs and clubs or A &E and that is enough to keep you away from it forever. There is a real stigma attached to folk that don't sup on an occasion, god knows why. give me a glass of Tizer anyday of the week... Cheers from Auntie.
  13. 100milesaway

    Boris and Burkas ????

    Anyone patronising their shops are part of the problem.
  14. 100milesaway

    Fjords Cruise - Recommendations

    Try to find yourself a real independent travel agent, if you go into one of the multiple shops they will only offer you the mass market "cruise"like Butlins floating hotels. from Auntie.