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  1. Hi could anybody give me to a link for an excel spreadsheet to record shooting game etc i did have one on my old laptop but it has died on me. I have had a look on the net but it's not coming back with anything. Thanks
  2. Is anyone selling the Ultimate deer data training dvd. Thanks
  3. When on the lead just keep on and on and on the stop whistle. Sit him down walk away 10-20 yards recall him blow the stop whistle at the same time take a step forward with your hand in the air to stop him. You bet me labstaff.
  4. That was very quick what questions did he/she ask you? I have just sent mine off a week ago.
  5. blacky


    I would give the farmer a phone mate and let him know.
  6. Hi there, Am after a set of electronic hearing defenders please PM Thanks
  7. Did not think there was that many stalls. :unsure:
  8. Yes Tam i have some in Freezer
  9. Tam think i may have some in my freezer
  10. Thanks Paul got them this morning
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