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  1. ...King ****, Britool, Elora, Gedore... Most tools will last if you don't abuse them.
  2. Loved Goodfellas. RIP
  3. Loved him in The Sweeney, Minder etc. RIP
  4. Boiling water from the kettle. Ant killer powder.
  5. Ricko


    One minute you're pricing up an exhaust manifold for a Grey Fergie, then whoops a daisy, mounds of naked, writhing flesh. Yeah, right. That was never gonna work.
  6. I've got quite a shelf of polar exploration; Herbert, Mawson, Fuchs etc. But I've always admired the story of Endurance, Shackleton and the crew. I've got a book of the expedition photographs, they're amazing.
  7. Happened to me a number of years ago, never really healed properly. This coupled with tendonitis and early onset arthritis all in my righ shoulder means that I don't shhot as much these days.
  8. Had a bamboo t-shirt once, a gift of a g/f. It disintegrated over time... ...so did the t-shirt.
  9. From looking at the maps it seems that you cross the LEZ to reach the ULEZ. I had no idea that you had to pay so many times.
  10. Trust me, I won't be rushing back there...
  11. Hi I've dropped my daughter off in London (Stoke Newington) today then cut across the city centre to get on the M40 I've just paid the ULEZ and the Congestion charges, do I have to pay the LEZ as well? I certainly dont want a fine. Thanks for any advice. (Apologies to the mods if this is in the wrong section)
  12. Have a read up about Tiger Seal, it's used a lot in the automotive trade.
  13. I found a few whilst tidying up. I taped them to a piece of card and posted them through the door of my bank with a paying in slip in an envelope. They were credited to my account with no problem.
  14. I think 2 5/8" is an obsolete calibre for 10g. You may have to reload your own?
  15. Ricko

    RIP Hardy Kruger

    'Mad Mike' Hoare was an advisor on the film, one of his soldiers in Africa was a colourful character called 'Congo' Müller, a German mercenary who wore his Iron Cross on parade!
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