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  1. Man who had leg amputated after being shot by dog reveals how he nearly died https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jul/19/us-man-mississippi-shot-dog-leg-amputation?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard (Mods, please feel free to move if it's in the wrong section)
  2. In one of Plummer's books he mentions a character with a catapult called 'Walter Clat', he muses that 'clat' must be a corruption of catapult. Anyone heard this word used for a 'catty'.
  3. So I lent it to the young couple next door, he's landscaping the driveway etc. He's had three weeks use out of it and then the gearbox went. The firm where he works have a big contract with a huge hire firm, they rebuilt the gearbox for free!
  4. Thanks for the responses, I'm going to open her up at the weekend, just to see if she cant be saved somehow. I reckon I'll go for a Makita if there's no saving her.
  5. I came to it the other day and its certainly not spinning at the correct speed, I suspect that the armature is on the way out. I've rebuilt it twice with new bearings. Its handy as it can be operated with one hand (it doesn't have the facility for a side handle). My 4.5" grinder is a new green Bosch and was meant to be the back up one. My 9" grinder is a blue Bosch Industrial that I found on a scrap pile in 1991 and rebuilt. I had no idea that 100mm was becoming obsolete. I might go for a Makita as the gearbox looks to be fairly robust. Although I will check out Meterk out of curiosity.
  6. My 29 year old 4inch/100mm angle grinder is nearing the end of its journey. 'Free' from Machine Mart when I bought 50 grinding discs. (Actually made by Stayer) What should i replace it with? Bosch? Makita? Blue Bosch Industrial? Your thoughts are, as ever, very welcome...
  7. I read that Heyerdahl smashed his on a rock when he spent a year living wild on Fatu Hiva, I intend doing the same thing on my first day of retirement.
  8. I saw a humane killer many years ago, it had been used for dispatching coursing greyhounds. It was a .22lr and you had to press the barrel against the forehead to release the safety mechanism.
  9. I've not shot mine with three carts for a while, I think I put two in the 'mag' onevat a time, slip one in the chamber and carefully slide the bolt shut over the two in the 'mag'. Good fun to use on squirrels or the rolling rabbit at the clay ground.
  10. BBC News - Stanley Metcalf death: Jail for great-grandfather over airgun killing https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-48839849
  11. My house was like that when I bought it, it must be an old person thing!
  12. Ricko

    Fruit tree ID

    I once made 5 gal of Damson wine, probably about 30 years ago. 4lb damsons, 2.2lb sugar, yeast, pectic enzyme, make up to 1 gal with water. Makes 1 gal. I fermented it to dryness and produced a palatable table wine. I'm teetotal these days so will occasionally only make some damson jam.
  13. Ricko

    Fruit tree ID

    Looking at the density of the fruit distribution, I'd say Damson.
  14. Ricko

    What ye up to

    Stripped down an old Stuart Turner seacock and am now rewiring a Makita angle grinder. Jeez, my Friday nights are just non-stop excitement!
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