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  1. Multimeter

    I got a UNI-T UT30B off eBay a few months ago as I wanted a meter for using in my outside (dirty/oily) workshop, although not auto-ranging as mentioned in my previous comment, it came with a slightly rugged outer shell that could store the leads. It was about £12
  2. Leeds Clay grounds??

    Thanks for these, can't beat local, 'on the ground' knowledge. Cheers
  3. Hi, are there any clay grounds close to Leeds?? Cheers
  4. Multimeter

    An auto-ranging one is quite handy as you don't need to move the selector switch for different voltages etc.
  5. Aldi

    Regularly use my Aldi tap and die set to repair damaged threads or make new ones, keep a nice little Aldi combi screwdriver bit set in the van for running repairs, and my fold out Aldi Torx drivers are very handy. I will not buy their chainsaws though, I much prefer sticking with my Stihl/Husky/Jonsered etc.
  6. France to bring back 'National Service'.

    When I was at uni years ago, four French lads turned up on the last year of the course, they eventually admitted to me that they were there to defer their call up!
  7. Auto electrical advice - flat battery

    I can do that but I reckon the alternator is charging it ok, she can drive round at night with lights on etc and it'll start the next day. Good call, I could do with ruling that one out
  8. Hi, I bought my daughter a cheap little Micra as a run around for her first car. It's done really well so far except that it drains the battery over a few days if stationary. I fitted a new battery a month ago to rule that out, she uses it every day so it keeps the charge. Came to it today after it had been idle for a few days and click! How easy is it to isolate the fault? Where do I start? As ever all advice/help gratefully received Cheers
  9. Gun Related Number Plates

    I've seen a few near me and thought about the fact they're advertising themselves as a SGC holder. Interestingly in my local dealer there was a notice about putting pics on social media posing with a weapon, "Look at me bagging a few woodies", "Oooh look I'm on holiday in Fuengirola and the house is empty" In all honesty I've seen 12g slabs on the back seat of an empty car in the supermarket car park. Going back to the original point, I've also seen a pub car park full of Range Rovers etc, disgorging men in tweeds after a day's shooting. It screamed out to me that there were weapons in the boot.
  10. Felt like I'd been robbed.

    Paris 1995 2 litres of lager and a large white wine £26
  11. Fine gentleman club advert

    It was for Guiness and the men in the advert were 'sapeurs' from the Congo. Couldn't tell you if it's was the DRC or RoC though.
  12. Car battery completely drained

    Batt light on dash usually shows when alternator has gone.
  13. Big cat sighting

    I'm sure that I read about a big cat incident years ago, maybe in the 50s/60s where local shotgun owners were asked join the search.
  14. Capital Punishment

    He had to campaign for a rise as he was still being paid on his father/uncles rate for years. Syd Dernley's biog is interesting too. Best jobs that AP did were all the WWII criminals at Hameln
  15. Lanber 12 gauge

    Take a look at the proof marks on the barrel, they are sometimes stamped with *'s to indicate the different choke.