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  1. I've got an Aarrow that I got secondhand off a mate,I fitted it 15 years ago. Lasting well. I've got an Aga Wenlock stove as a spare that I think looks robust. I'd look for a good spares back up. These things dont last forever without maintaining them. Door ropes need replacing every few years, fire bricks dont last forever. Consider your fuel source, I'm fortunate that I can always lay my hands on fallen trees/branches, will you be buying wood or sourcing your own?
  2. Ricko

    410/20g wanted

    Gunmark Harrier Deluxe 20g sxs, average condition £150 SW Lancashire
  3. Several years in the scouts, a bit of boating, climbing etc Reef, Clove hitch, Bowline, Fig 8 rewoven, Round turn and two half hitches, Sheepshank, Sheet bend, Alpine butterfly, Monkeys fist, Thompson knot, Fisherman's, Highwaymans hitch, Still like to practice them
  4. Still too soon for this subject matter.
  5. I bought a 2006 Honda CRV Mk2 diesel to replace my old Frontera, very pleased with it.
  6. Ricko

    20g side x side

    Harrier deluxe 20g SxS Average condition £150 SW Lancashire, probably too far for you
  7. Ricko

    Dogfest Utoxeter

    Please PM their phone number
  8. Have a look on the circuit control board for any broken tracks, dry solder joints, etc. The wire in the handle will control the motor feed for the wire and in most cases switches on the welding voltage. Some older MIGs had live torches, that is to say that the wire was live even without the trigger being pulled.
  9. Dolphin Inn near Longton, Sun am and Wed pm There's also clubs at Bretherton somewhere and one near Hesketh Bank I think
  10. I think that some friends use Tile Farm near Chester, not sure of the rules regarding engine size etc.
  11. Meeting Diana, Princess of Wales 9/11 Death of a much beloved ex-gf
  12. Ricko

    sean lock

    RIP Very witty, one of the new breed of comics, shame.
  13. Yes, my mate who has a garage mentioned the labour rates. He explained to them that any garage charging £47 per hour won't be that good.
  14. Hadn't thought of that, thank you
  15. Good point, I checked and it's got 8 months left, so it must be 2yr 4m old
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