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  1. I suppose the other thing is that you can be tracked by your mobile 'phone signal, that's been used to support convictions. Also ANPR can be used to 'place' you in a certain location. That's the 21st century for you...
  2. We're inching closer and closer to a national identity card scheme, and if it prevents terrorism or solves crimes then it's ok by me. Let's face it the government has several versions of my mugshot from driving licence, passport, SGC, etc.
  3. Hmmm, have taken the satnav for a ride in the car, still no joy. I think it must be FUBAR.
  4. Tried leaving it outside for a bit last night. Tried again after this post. Still showing the message: Waiting for valid a GPS signal.
  5. I've brought a tomtom sat navy home from work to try and get it working. It keeps coming up with a message: Waiting for a valid Gps signal. I've charged it fully and done a system reset and it still shows this message. Anybody experienced similar and solved it??? Cheers
  6. Auchentoshan, a triple distilled Scottish whisky.
  7. m is the input, so the first operation is x2, so m x 2 is written as 2m using the rules of algebra, the next operation is +4, so the final output is 2m + 4
  8. The black box that my daughter had was linked to an app. Not only did if give you a warning but it congratulated you if you drove well during the week. Fair play, I've been out with my son and he adheres strictly to the limits. He explained that if you're caught speeding in the first 2 years then your licence is revoked.
  9. Thanks for the replies, I got it for 160 per month, after a 350 deposit. Black box, 5000 miles, me on the insurance. Not bad for passing his test on the same day.
  10. Hi, has anybody got a recommendation for young driver car insurance? My son has just passed his test and I want to resurrect his sisters old Micra.
  11. My second toe, next to the big toe, is quite long. I often think it could be a replacement finger if I lost one. Maybe toes are spare fingers??
  12. If you buy new and are an occasional user then run it on Aspen. No need to drain the fuel and run it dry over the winter. No damage to rubber seals, diaphragms etc due to supermarket fuel. Easy starting.
  13. Ricko

    Veg patch ?

    Gave up the allotment so just a small growing space at home, started chitting the cupboard spuds, looking for a bumper crop of 'Charlotte'.
  14. If it's only DIY and not pro use then I can recommend a Bosch Li-ion cordless drill/driver.
  15. How is the disc fixed on, are they self adhesive??
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