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  1. If you buy new and are an occasional user then run it on Aspen. No need to drain the fuel and run it dry over the winter. No damage to rubber seals, diaphragms etc due to supermarket fuel. Easy starting.
  2. Ricko

    Veg patch ?

    Gave up the allotment so just a small growing space at home, started chitting the cupboard spuds, looking for a bumper crop of 'Charlotte'.
  3. If it's only DIY and not pro use then I can recommend a Bosch Li-ion cordless drill/driver.
  4. How is the disc fixed on, are they self adhesive??
  5. Hmmm, not sure, just general all-purpose use, 120 grit???
  6. Hi, I've been given a small bench mounted belt & disc sander. What grade belt/disc should I fit? 80 grit??
  7. Hi, do any metal recyclers offer free skip hire if you're filling it with scrap metal?? Cheers
  8. Hi, I noticed on the Euro Car Parts website that vehicle fault code readers have come down a lot in price. Is there anything I should look for when buying one? It's for home use, I've got a few older vehicles but have the reader socket on them. Cheers
  9. Ricko

    White Stuff!!

    Drove over J27 at 7am, southbound was at a standstill. Used low ratio box through the back roads from there onwards...
  10. Thanks for that. I find it a pain to have to get my online bills up and all they want to know is how much you pay now and not how many units of electricity that you use. Plus I never seem to have the time to sit down and do it!!
  11. I find the whole gas and electricity thing baffling. Can anyone recommend a simple comparison site?
  12. I always remember Henry Monks in Chester had a similar display in the window, a sxs with a split barrel.
  13. Take the plug out. Squirt some fuel down the hole. Screw the plug in. Pull it over. Does it fire and run after that? If not there's a chance that the diaphragm in the carb need replacing. Over time the diaphragms stretch and weaken due to petrol.
  14. As several people have already said, get a splitting maul rather than a felling axe if you are splitting logs. The 'make' isn't important if you're not using it constantly, just look for good build quality. I think mine came from Homebase.
  15. Ricko

    sad news

    Lovely lady, very sad.
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