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  1. Ricko

    Had much snow

    West Lancs- nothing
  2. If you are an 'occasional' chainsaw user then consider using Aspen. It is designed not to 'break down' over time, safe to leave in the tank.
  3. Saw an obvious fake Husqvarna chainsaw on there, no serial number plate.
  4. Sour cream and chive pretzel snacks have been my downfall over the festive period. The diet started today...
  5. I thought Mosul was extremely good.
  6. I'll need to check my Natwest account, I think that offers European Travel Insurance, although I'm not sure what level of cover is offered. Probably worth getting an annual policy, it's rare I travel outside of Europe these days.
  7. Forgive my ignorance but I believed that most popular European destinations were rabies free?
  8. Right, so perhaps arranging some fairly decent travel insurance would be a wise move!
  9. I've always relied upon the E1.11/EHIC card will this still be honoured?
  10. Hi, I've only half heartedly followed recent Brexit developments, could somebody provide a brief explanation of how it will affect travel once this 'other' situation is over. I rather enjoy jumping on a cheap flight to a European destination and sometimes use it as a hopping off point for travelling overland to other places.
  11. Mine has been in the slow cooker since 8am, slow cooked in ginger beer, followed by a full day of basting with honey and mustard before being roasted on the 26th.
  12. A dangerous job at the best of times. Hope they're all ok.
  13. Vauxhall Agila Expression Twinport 2005 model 1.0 Ecotec engine, manual gearbox 12 months MOT; expiry 20/12/21 62680 miles CD player, towbar, electric mirrors, 5 seats, 2 keys, some history Everything works fine, I've driven it to N.Wales and back twice prior to current lockdown, only issue changing down 4th to 3rd synchromesh has gone. Cheap car, cheap insurance, cheap tax etc. Currently SORN £350 Any questions just message me Located in SW Lancashire
  14. Ricko


    Dont be sorry. Years ago on here I offered to help a fella fit a radiator on Xmas day. My lad and I are having Chinese on the 25th because we like it. I picked up some Manchego and some strong Gorgonzola tonight. I seem to have avoided my evening meal bu nibbling at the Manchego!!
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