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  1. Ricko

    Everyone done it?

    Ha, I've been meaning to do that walk for years!!
  2. Not raining in West Lancs, took the opportunity to service my son's car.
  3. Ricko


    Henry all the way for me
  4. Thanks for all the replies. Cheers
  5. Hi, a quick question on behalf of my lady friend. She's just been up into her attic to retrieve her Xmas decorations and has told me that there seems to be a lot of moisture up there. The roof is tiled and in good order. I explained that it's most likely condensation due to the cold weather outside and the heating being on inside the house. What's the answer to prevent it? Roof vents? Thanks in anticipation.
  6. The pattern of Triangle Numbers: 1 1+2 1+2+3 1+2+3+4 1+2+3+4+5 Etc. Yellow Bear explained the algebra beautifully!
  7. It's an old one, the sequence follows the Triangle numbers; 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28... If n is the number of people, then the number of handshakes is given by: (n(n-1))/2
  8. Generally I parade in my village. Always a good turn out including vintage military vehicles. My daughter used to come with me, wearing her great grandmother's Red Cross medal. Usually see a few neighbours. Stand there in the cool Autumn air remembering those who gave their lives.
  9. Ricko


    I can still recall most of the ones I was taught in scouts: Reef, Granny, Overhand, Double overhand, Figure of eight, Figure of eight rewoven, Clove hitch, Bowline, Sheet bend, Highwayman's hitch, Monkey's fist, Round turn and two half hitches, Prussik hitch, Sheep shank Relay races down the length of a draughty church hall to maintain the honour of your patrol!
  10. Ricko

    Help To Buy ISA

    My children (20 & 17) each have about £5,000 saved up. One is at university, the other will be in 12 months time. How does a Help To Buy ISA work and would it be suitable for them as a form of saving? Your answers are appreciated.
  11. Ricko

    any welsh speakers

    Which reminds me of a pub in Blaenau Ffestiniog years ago. I asked the landlord the directions to the "ty bach", he pointed towards the back and mentioned there was no light in there. When I got back to the bar I asked the landlord why there was a car in the toilet. "You , you in the garage"
  12. Ricko

    any welsh speakers

    Swits Golau (The ch in Welsh is a hard sound as in loch)
  13. Ricko

    any welsh speakers

    'Golladau' springs to mind, a relic of my upbringing and schooling in North Wales. I'll have to check. 'Golau' I stand corrected.
  14. Record No.52 Woodworking vice New, old stock. £30 collected Located in West Lancs
  15. I think Bala used to have a petrol station on the high street, pumps on the pavement. If you stick to the A-roads, is there one at Corwen? There used to be a car dealership, petrol station and cafe as you head towards the A5 from Bala.
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