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  1. I concede. You sir, are more untidy than me!
  2. Believe it or not but there's also a Boxford lathe buried in there too!
  3. Thanks, looks like that model.
  4. Hi, can somebody id this W&S model? Cheers
  5. I always remember my ex army series III Landrover: 2 tonnes unbraked, 4 tonnes braked !
  6. I use a mixture, depending on price and how quick I need it. Found a motor factors on Ebay up the road when I was rebuilding the brakes on my Frontera. They wouldn't serve me over the counter for the parts, so I went into the car park and bought them online adding a message that I would be collecting them in person. Back in to the trade counter, served by the same person and collected the parts! (Front/rear pads, rear handbrake shoes, front discs, rear disc/drum £120) I try and keep the little independent motor factor in the village going by doing my bit and generally buy my service parts from him. If I'm using my mate's workshop I generally use Europarts (do a card sale over the phone and get it put on his delivery) I think depending on the age and make of the car would depend on whether I'd use genuine parts. 10 yr old Mondeo; use a motor factors 1 yr old Porsche; genuine parts
  7. Ordered a pair off Openeo, I'm fitting a new gate at my mate's workshop in exchange for tracking, fitting, balancing etc. Fair exchange. Thanks for all the input. Cheers
  8. Hi, does anyone have experience of buying tyres online? I have a couple of advisories on my MOT relating to the tyres, a friend will fit, balance etc at his garage if I supply them.
  9. Hi, any Independent Financial Advisors on here? I have a quick question regarding FSAVCs and redress plans. Cheers
  10. Always admired him, didn't know he did his National Service with The Household Cavalry! RIP
  11. Ricko

    Raccoon Dog

    Just read a news report about a 'Raccoon Dog' loose in Wales, never heard of one before. Apparently there have been other sightings of them in the Peak District and some got loose in Nottinghamshire. Another non-native species with the potential to mess up the indigenous ecology? BBC News - Raccoon dog 'trapped and humanely destroyed' in Carmarthenshire https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-53356381
  12. Ricko

    Premium bonds.

    It makes me wonder how many bonds are lying dormant and unclaimed from deceased estates.
  13. Ricko


    Well done fella.
  14. Ricko


    Update: Blasted with medium abrasive and now soaking in penetrating fluid. There's some corrosion to the mouldings so I think it's going to be a 'wallhanger' of sorts!
  15. Ricko


    You can just about make out the name. It's a bit far gone, might look good in a display case with an old pellet tin.
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