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  1. Ricko

    1/4 unc bolts

    It started off with an explanation of Acme and trapezoidal threads in a machine vice, then spread to UNC being used on wheel nuts. I think we even mentioned Cycle thread. Joseph Whitworth is very underrated as a British engineer!
  2. Ricko

    1/4 unc bolts

    Quite an obscure thread UNC, I was trying to teach my son about threads earlier in lockdown: Metric, BSW, BSF, BA etc
  3. Ricko

    Out Of Town!!

    I think JH also presented a programme called Old Country too.
  4. I remember my grandfather indicating felled Elms in the 70s when I was a kid. Not seen one in years.
  5. Jeez, that's another project that I need to address at some point!! (Bent crank i suspect) I'll have a read up about this. It's not 'named' genny but it started easy enough after 5 years in the shed so it needs saving.
  6. Yeah, thanks, I did that. I can imagine what it can be like 'on site'!!
  7. Is this where you plug in a drill and twist it manually? I've just had a go at that using a corded drill, it causes the voltmeter needle to flick up when I twist it but doesn't seem to have cured it. Do I have to do it for a long time?
  8. Hi everybody, I hope that you are all well. Today's project was an old generator that has been tucked away in a shed, ig looks quite useful as it has 110/240V ac and 12V dc outputs. I've got the engine running but there is no output from the generator. Any advice/thoughts, as ever, are welcome.
  9. Ricko

    Premium bonds.

    Ive got 2 premium bonds which my grandmother bought me in 1971, updated my details with National Savings a few years ago, I've won nothing in nearly 50 years!!
  10. Ricko

    Canadian canoe?

    Just happened to glance on FB Marketplace and saw a decent looking Coleman RamX-17 for £250, seemed a decent price and local too, so I snapped it up. Many thanks for all your offers/advice/inspiration etc.
  11. Approx 2ft x 3ft, but as you can see it's a bit ragged! The whole question of what's on the flag is curious, bearing in mind the Eighth army also pushed up through Italy after the N.Africa campaign.
  12. I'd never really thought of the Egypt connection with the flag, it's certainly an interesting thought.
  13. I've never noticed that. A bit like the Egyptian cat god Bastet. My grandfather's brother was an interesting bloke, he enlisted just before war broke out, went off as a young man and came back as an old man, saw the great desert battles and the push up through Italy; Monte Cassino etc, never married spent a lot of time alone. As well as the flag, there was a Beretta 6.35mm under the bed (it got handed on in '83 when he died)!
  14. In the absence of any Union Jack's in the house, I dug out this old flag to show my son. I found it in my grandfather's, brothers possessions. He served with the Royal Artillery in the Eighth Army; North Africa, Italy etc. Any ideas of what unit/division it may belong to, or even who's side it came from! Any pointers/information gratefully recieved. Stay safe
  15. Real shame. Only realised she was married to Alfred Molina last year.
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