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  1. Ricko

    Chainsaw won't start

    Take the plug out. Squirt some fuel down the hole. Screw the plug in. Pull it over. Does it fire and run after that? If not there's a chance that the diaphragm in the carb need replacing. Over time the diaphragms stretch and weaken due to petrol.
  2. Ricko

    Splitting Axe

    As several people have already said, get a splitting maul rather than a felling axe if you are splitting logs. The 'make' isn't important if you're not using it constantly, just look for good build quality. I think mine came from Homebase.
  3. Ricko

    sad news

    Lovely lady, very sad.
  4. Ricko


    I think Malpas in Cheshire had a wart charmer a few years ago, can't remember the cost. I told a girl at work a few years ago about the bacon trick for a verucca, it worked!! She told everyone what I'd suggested.
  5. Ricko

    Raised Veg Beds

    Scaffolding boards rot over time. 6' x 1' concrete gravel boards, a bit ugly but will last.
  6. Ricko

    fine for too much ammo

    Was one of these dealers, that got closed down, in Formby perchance??
  7. It's a difficult one, my Norica has a tab that slides over as a safety, it's by the end of the bolt but awkward to use. My Webleys all have that arrangement at the end of the bolt where it can be twisted to lock it, again awkward to use. For me I ended up with an old Brazilian CBC, with a hammer action, I think that seems the safest method for me. Although I only ever really use the .410s etc on squirrels so it's usually in a gun raised position.
  8. Ricko

    Baikal IJ27E foresight

    I picked the glue out to reveal that it's NOT threaded. Bought a nice little brass one for £3 from McAvoys and glued it in with Loctite. I'd rather a better fit, i.e. screw fitting but it'll suffice.
  9. Ricko

    Scaffolding question

    That's the sort of thing, it'll allow me to work around the weather etc. It's an awkward job, the conservatory is in an L-shaped recess and has a gas pipe running on the wall above it!
  10. Ricko

    Scaffolding question

    Hi, I need to replace the fascia boards at the rear of my house, but the conservatory is in the way. I'm going to have to get scaffolding erected to allow access. Is there a time limit on the rental of the scaffolding? I want to take my time over a couple of weekends and of course there is the weather factor too. Cheers
  11. Ricko

    Christmas Greed

    Pathetic, just about sums up why I don't bother with it all.
  12. Ricko

    Fore-end for 20g Harriet Deluxe

    Hi Long shot I know but has anyone got a fore-end for a 20g Harrier Deluxe?? Cheers
  13. Ricko

    Baikal IJ27E foresight

    Hi The foresight is missing on my Baikal IJ27E. Do they just screw in? Where can I get one from? Is it just a case of using a bit of Loctite on the threads? Cheers
  14. Ricko

    Deliverance on in 20 minutes on TCM

    Good vehicle for Jon Voight. The book is a bit more 'graphic' in places, the author James Dickey appears at the end of the film as the police chief. Incidentally Charley Boorman appears as Jon Voight's kid at the end, his father directed the film!
  15. Ricko

    Rambo fbp1

    I bought an ex-rental copy in 1988, loved it. The motorbike chase is great. In fact I'm sure I've got the original book that the film was based on somewhere.