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  1. Ricko

    Bluebird on the loch

    Are they still testing up in Scotland?? Wow, you were there in Coniston when it happened!!
  2. Ricko

    Laptop question

    Unfortunately I've not got the disc. I started it with F8 pressed and self red Repair your computer It then asked me to 1. put the DVD in the machine, 2. choose my language, 3. Click repair your computer So no joy unfortunately.
  3. Ricko

    Laptop question

    Hi I've got my mum's old laptop and want to 'reset it. I may pit some more memory on it and use it for simple word processing stuff (ie not games playing or watching videos etc). Can someone give me a pointer what I need to do, it runs Vista. Cheers
  4. Ricko

    Shotgun certificate almost full

    The same thing happened to me. Just send it back with a covering letter and they'll send you a replacement. Perhaps it's wise to retain a photocopy, although a copy has no legal status it will have all your details on of you need them.
  5. Ricko

    Heads up gun auction

    I wish there were more auctions in the NW. I miss going to Byrne's in Chester.
  6. Ricko

    I’m going nuts

    You'll regret it if you don't rest. Tight fitting underwear and no lifting. The bruising is quite spectacular though! If you do get an infection, they'll end up the size of grapefruit!
  7. Ricko

    Ex miners or interested in mining.

    Used to travel past Gresford with my Dad in the early 70s going to the swimming baths in Wrexham. The pit head gear was still standing. Terrible disaster at that pit. I saw some photos/video of some enthusiasts in Standish digging out a coal tub with wheels from an abandoned pit/drift. The ultimate garden ornament!
  8. Ricko

    Old (non high vis) blank pistols

    The Olympic .22 is quite poor in build quality to the old Olympic .380 made by Bruni, I wish I hadn't had to surrender them.
  9. Ricko

    Ex miners or interested in mining.

    There are some documentaries on YouTube about the last independent drift mines in Lancs from a few years ago, real one man band type stuff!
  10. Ricko

    Old (non high vis) blank pistols

    It was the Olympic .380 that was banned, I handed in two of them. They were deemed to be too easy to convert. I replaced them with a legal, orange, Olympic. 22
  11. Looking to swap for .410, pref b/a
  12. Ricko

    Country pub/ Resturant

    The Bower House Inn in Eskdale always used to be good.
  13. I suppose they would be equivalent to 00 buck, LG or similar. The brass wire would help keep the pattern together for greater impact. You'd want a clean kill with something like a wild boar. Strange set up.
  14. Ricko

    Registration plates?

    You can check a Reg number via dvla car check, this will show make and model