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  1. Ricko


    I can still recall most of the ones I was taught in scouts: Reef, Granny, Overhand, Double overhand, Figure of eight, Figure of eight rewoven, Clove hitch, Bowline, Sheet bend, Highwayman's hitch, Monkey's fist, Round turn and two half hitches, Prussik hitch, Sheep shank Relay races down the length of a draughty church hall to maintain the honour of your patrol!
  2. Ricko

    Help To Buy ISA

    My children (20 & 17) each have about £5,000 saved up. One is at university, the other will be in 12 months time. How does a Help To Buy ISA work and would it be suitable for them as a form of saving? Your answers are appreciated.
  3. Ricko

    any welsh speakers

    Which reminds me of a pub in Blaenau Ffestiniog years ago. I asked the landlord the directions to the "ty bach", he pointed towards the back and mentioned there was no light in there. When I got back to the bar I asked the landlord why there was a car in the toilet. "You , you in the garage"
  4. Ricko

    any welsh speakers

    Swits Golau (The ch in Welsh is a hard sound as in loch)
  5. Ricko

    any welsh speakers

    'Golladau' springs to mind, a relic of my upbringing and schooling in North Wales. I'll have to check. 'Golau' I stand corrected.
  6. Record No.52 Woodworking vice New, old stock. £30 collected Located in West Lancs
  7. I think Bala used to have a petrol station on the high street, pumps on the pavement. If you stick to the A-roads, is there one at Corwen? There used to be a car dealership, petrol station and cafe as you head towards the A5 from Bala.
  8. Put it in conduit from underneath??
  9. Very sad, sorry to hear about this.
  10. The only reason I knew was that my father was operating a fleet of lorries out of Trafford Park and he did a deal with the local Esso petrol station. At the end of the month he would settle his account by cheque in person and fill the back of the estate car with boxes and boxes of the damned things.
  11. Mid 80's, Esso promotion?? I seem to remember my parents having loads of these, all different types; tumblers, sherry glasses, wine glasses etc.
  12. Ricko

    Best vacuum

    Henry; simple and efficient. (Was always amazed at my local tip, the electrical skip was always full of Dyson's)
  13. Man who had leg amputated after being shot by dog reveals how he nearly died https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jul/19/us-man-mississippi-shot-dog-leg-amputation?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard (Mods, please feel free to move if it's in the wrong section)
  14. In one of Plummer's books he mentions a character with a catapult called 'Walter Clat', he muses that 'clat' must be a corruption of catapult. Anyone heard this word used for a 'catty'.
  15. So I lent it to the young couple next door, he's landscaping the driveway etc. He's had three weeks use out of it and then the gearbox went. The firm where he works have a big contract with a huge hire firm, they rebuilt the gearbox for free!
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