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  1. Hi, I've always kept a 4x4 as a 2nd vehicle; crossing fields, towing a small boat, logging etc. I got rid of my old LWB Frontera diesel as it needed too much welding for its next MOT. Any suggestions for its replacement, I was looking at double cabs but cant justify one really. Was thinking of a Freelander 1?
  2. Ricko

    MS Word?

    Hi, I was using MS Word on my computer up until recently and it now seems that I have to pay for it. I don't need the full suite of programs just Word and possibly Excel. What are my options? Cheers
  3. 'Kurtail' weedkiller or Keep digging it out Horrible stuff, hate it with a passion
  4. Ricko

    RIP Ned Beatty

    Missed this the other day on the news, Ned Beatty passed away aged 83yrs old. Deliverance has to be one of my favourite films.
  5. I have a vague recollection of something, but the only bit I remember is that they built a cement mixer out of a beer barrel and also used it as a washing machine. Is that the one...?
  6. Grew them once from a kit,...I got 3 altogether. The bottom picture looks like 'Earth Balls', inedible. I used to pick Birch Boletus from under the trees near me, fry them up with garlic and butter! I was reading a book the other day that said you should shake the mushroom over the ground after picking it to spread the spores, dont know how true that is.
  7. Hi, has anybody got any recent experience of getting a shotgun correctly deactivated, price etc. Cheers
  8. Sikkens? or something similar
  9. Thanks for all these replies, I'll invest in a C type fast charger and make sure I've got a decent connection in the cig lighter.
  10. Hi, I have a cig lighter adapter to charge my Samsung mobile in my car. Whilst on a road trip it seemed to take forever to charge it up. Is there a faster alternative? Thanks
  11. If they are Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries then just send them for recycling, this type of battery has been superseded by Li-ion batteries. I've spent years taking battery packs apart and replacing duff Ni-Cd/Ni-MH cells, it just isnt worth it.
  12. Ricko

    Ebay - changes

    I had a good system: Sell junk, money goes in to PayPal account. Buy more junk using money from PayPal account It all looks a bit more complicated now.
  13. Ricko


    Used to always use Coleman when I ran standing camps years ago.
  14. Ricko


    I believe that we are heading for a one party state, sadly other the parties, Liberal, Labour et al. have imploded. I've always liked the European model where a country has a lot of smaller parties and coalition governments are the norm.
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