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  1. Mate of mine snapped the forks on his Raleigh Bomber going down a kerb, broken nose and two front teeth lost, nasty business. Get another frame and rebuild would be my advice.
  2. Ricko

    Royal garden party

    A bit of welding on the van then maybe a bit of playing with an outboard or two.
  3. Ricko

    Yanny or laurel?

    Does it matter??
  4. Ricko

    Help with Petrol Strimmers/Brush cutters decision

    I bought a cheap Kiam one for occasional use, it's been ok, as ever I run it on Aspen. I've got a big old commercial Husqvarna one which I've not used in ages, very torquey and powerful but quite heavy and tiring for long periods.
  5. Ricko

    What would you do?

    Buy 82000000000 penny chews.
  6. Ricko


    It's hard work, well messy work. Every time I remove a different door panel on the van I give it P for plenty with the Waxoyl down into the door seams etc.
  7. Ricko


    Ive used Waxoyl for about 25 years off and on. I saturated a Ford Orion in it in the early 90s to give it a fighting chance! ive used black waxoyl on the inner wheel arches on my Frontera, after the mot this summer I intend to give the chassis etc a dose. Ideally you could do with access to a four post ramp. I use a rinsed out Schutz container and a Schutz gun with an extension pipe on it.
  8. Ricko

    .410 help please

    Has somebody possibly replaced the claw extractor at some point?
  9. Ricko

    free web page software

    I used Weebly for creating a simple front end for my hammer collection.
  10. Ricko

    Shadow Voter engagement minister and voter ID

    Thoreau springs to mind, " the government that governs best governs least " A case for national ID cards ?
  11. Ricko

    Premium Bonds

    My grandmother bought me £2 worth in 1971 when I was born. I've never won a thing in 47 years! Might sell them!!
  12. Ricko

    The one and only Single Shot Club

    I reckon prices are down across the board, like you said better to hang on to it. I gave away a W&S .410 on here about 6 years ago when I gave up shooting briefly for a bit. I eventually replaced it with a Norica 3-shot b/a .410 which I quite like, proper 'Mannlicher Carcano' moments getting three shots off. I've also got a CBC .410 which I probably don't use enough. The small bore b/a Webleys (9mm and .22) don't get used enough either, but are good fun when I do have cause for having a pop with them. Love a single barrel!!
  13. Ricko

    Outboard engine forum??

    thepasty, I might try the forum on marineengine.com, although it's a USA based forum it seems to focus solely on outboards
  14. Ricko

    Outboard engine forum??

    Cheers, I'll give them a go perhaps. Although a lot of my questions are quite basic ones though!
  15. Ricko

    Outboard engine forum??

    Hi, can anyone recommend a UK based outboard engine discussion forum? Cheers Ricko