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    Ebay - changes

    I had a good system: Sell junk, money goes in to PayPal account. Buy more junk using money from PayPal account It all looks a bit more complicated now.
  2. Ricko


    Used to always use Coleman when I ran standing camps years ago.
  3. Ricko


    I believe that we are heading for a one party state, sadly other the parties, Liberal, Labour et al. have imploded. I've always liked the European model where a country has a lot of smaller parties and coalition governments are the norm.
  4. Ricko

    Ebay - changes

    So I cant use PayPal with ebay anymore?
  5. Ricko

    Ebay - changes

    Hi, I've noticed that I'm getting messages about changes to the way that I'm getting paid on Ebay, these changes are due to happen at the end of the month. Can anyone explain to me what's going on in simple terms? Cheers (I doubt it's a scam as the messages are via my Ebay message account from ebay themselves)
  6. Don't get married again
  7. Shooting Wood Pigeon - A.E.B. Johnson?
  8. Ricko


    In terms of 'when will I ever use this', I tend to explain that learning Mathematics helps develops different aspects of the brain: reasoning, logic, problem solving, acceptance of new ideas etc. The maths subject content has hardly changed in the almost thirty years I've been teaching it. I always tell pupils that they'll get a genuine 20th century education from me at no extra cost!
  9. Ricko


    n is the position in the sequence So for the 10th item, n = 10 (7 x 10) + 2 =72
  10. I was thinking that it might be a **** and Whitney possibly.
  11. Here are some photos of another couple of engines. Both are twin radial.
  12. Hi, an odd request perhaps, but does anyone know of an aero engine discussion forum? I need assistance identifying a couple of engines. Cheers
  13. With regard to the awful tragedy in the Lake District regarding the member of the mountain rescue team, one of the people was from Liverpool, the other was from Leicester. Disrespect of the countryside can be found everywhere. I stopped on a layby along Loch Lomond the other year, the rubbish tipped over the stone wall included builders waste and a full size cooker. Hardly the stuff that you pack for a week of camping in The Trossachs!
  14. From memory... Under the two nuts holding the air filter cover on, they may be wingnuts or might be 10mm M6 nuts. Remove the filter housing, should be two 10mm M6 nuts. Remove the handle using a TX27 torx bit, the throttle control rod and choke control should lift out with the handle. Carefully slide the carb off the studs.
  15. Funnily enough I've not paid my mortgage off yet but I've got all the deeds/documents etc. Lovely old document from the 1880s signed by local minor aristocrats/landowners.
  16. Hydrogen fuel cells have been mooted for a long time. From what I remember about hydrogen is that its pretty explosive, just look at the Hindenburg footage! "Oh the humanity!"
  17. I use Adrian Flux, a broker, for a couple of additional vehicles.
  18. His was a brave attempt to break the deadlock of two party politics in this country.
  19. Always remember seeing him in a war film in his life before 'The Street' RIP
  20. My thoughts are with you at this sad time.
  21. Panther Hydraulic Power Pack Spares/Repairs Honda G400 engine with electric start Suspected broken con-rod as engine turns over but piston doesn't move, head currently off. More photos available via PM £100 Located near Ormskirk, SW Lancashire
  22. I worked part time for a fella that replaced his LR SIII Safari 6cyl with a RR that had a Perkins 4.203 engine in it. I remember driving that round thinking it was great at the time. Hr replaced it with a RR that had a Nissan diesel in it.
  23. I'll probably get another LR as a project at some point.
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