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    Apart from shooting and reloading, I play guitar (badly)! Plus I make regular trips to the States...

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  1. pinfireman


    Rap and gang culture are glorified by the electronic media.......blame our media moguls, not the USA !
  2. pinfireman


    Take violent crime, and gang culture....the Yanks did not export it.....our government ALLOWED it! Our laws are made in Parliament, not in Washington, and it,s the failure of our lawmakers to crack down on violent crime! Typical rubbish......"criminals have Human Rights, too".....NO, they do not! Me too! Anything to get away from what is happening to this country, particularly the imposition of "Diversity!" It,s a resort......the Last!
  3. pinfireman


    Correct! 6 long visits over there in the last 10 years. 14 different states, mostly in the West and South West. Helpful, friendly, polite people. Going to Florida is like going to a giant Disney World!. As for our decline, try loooking across the English Channel.... Spot on comment! Good comment!
  4. pinfireman

    Corbyn, the Clown that keeps on giving

    Nice one! and 389 is not 90%, (unless you did the same maths course as Diane Abbott!)
  5. pinfireman


    Absolutely spot on!
  6. pinfireman


    Yes, it would!
  7. pinfireman

    Corbyn, the Clown that keeps on giving

    A dangerous clown! So should Corbyn, along with other traitors to this country! At least the other 90% did not take a couple of IRA supporters around the House of Commons, just months before the Brighton bombings! If it had been wartime, he would have been hung!
  8. pinfireman

    Corbyn, the Clown that keeps on giving

    Because he has spent the last 3 years stuffing the followers of his garbage into positions of power in the Labour Party, and the rest of the Party do not have the guts to stand up to him, or to leave and form a proper Centre-Left Party! Excellent post! The expenses scandal was about money! He condones, befriends and admires terrorists and mass murderers! And it,s not imaginary, it,s ALL proveable. He has NEVER attended a funeral service for British servicemen, or civilians killed by his "friends"! But he,s a regular at IRA memrial services!
  9. pinfireman

    London Terror incident

    A Ford Fiesta? Bit small for an Uber cab?
  10. pinfireman

    Red squirrels Scotland

    I remember we used to get 50p a tail for Greys....the fly fishermen loved them. Make it a £1 a tail, and watch the nembers drop.....
  11. pinfireman

    Importing from usa...

    Yes, but VAT is already built into the price. In Italy, 22%
  12. pinfireman

    Andy Burnham

    Usually when he,s trying to look normal? Look up the Mid Staffs episode....and you will see why he,s trying to get back into peoples good books. Sorry, it was Mid Staffs, not South Staffs!
  13. pinfireman

    Importing from usa...

    You pay VAT for European goods....we all do!
  14. pinfireman

    28 gauge reloading

    Yes, it would.
  15. pinfireman

    Andy Burnham

    Nice to see you have overlooked the NHS disaster at South Staffs, when he was a Health Minister in charge! How many died there? South Staffs Health Trust springs to mind...................he was a disaster!