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  1. His profits are down because of property write downs, labour costs, interest payments, utility bill increases, repairs etc. NOTHING to do with Brexit. Do you also dislike Lord Bamford, head of JCB, James Dyson, and Jim Ratcliffe? Because they too are Brexiteers. Correct.
  2. As usual! As for a JC government, let,s face it, Corbyn could not run a bath, let alone a country! He means a large "financial vested interest"!
  3. It,s Irish beef that would suffer! And foreign investment IS flowing in! Try taking the Financial Times, not The Guardian. The eu is FAILING! Stop turning a blind eye to the state of the economies of the 3 leading players, Germany, France and Italy.
  4. Both major parties INCLUDED Brexit in their 2017 manifestos! Did you not read them? And whilst the ERG are a minority in the House, they are a growing minority. Moggs view of Brexit is also the view of 95% of the posters on here. Are you accusing all of us of being extreme? He hasn,t had his cocoa yet.... Integration? With who? and the British economy is doing far better than the EU!
  5. It was NOT advisory, that,s a line trumpeted by Remoaners, in the hope it will be accepted as fact! It is not!
  6. So the 1975 one was not legally binding? Therefore. all EU laws and treaties entered into after that date are null and void? So we ca just ignore the EU, and walk away. How can it have been close if Labour abstained! That,s rubbish! The Labour Front Bench, without Abbott! I guess you will be leading the choir?
  7. No one had an idea of what that scenario would be, except George Osborne and Remain. It,s called Project Fear, and it turned out to be total garbage! Excellent summing up!
  8. The pound climbed 3 days ago.... A lot of truth in that! Hard to put a price on Freedom.
  9. At least Trump kick-started the US economy, which is more than Obama did! As for food standards, it,s hogwash! Scare tactics! Correct! lobbvists TRY to influence policy, they do not MAKE IT! So you are tied to the EU, and that makes you want to tie us to it? Go out and find new customers, it,s a big wide world out there!
  10. and others will quickly follow!
  11. You are merely going down the same road that Osborne & Co took in the lead up to the Referendum......Project Fear! It proved to be absolute rubbish!
  12. and you are standing to the Far Left? or changed their minds about how they voted? I doubt any of them have..............
  13. They could not find light at the end of the tunnel......they haven,t found the tunnel yet! Progressive? You mean shackled to the EU ! In oowees mind.....
  14. Far right? What rubbish, you really are losing it........... Far right is the EDL, or BNP. Grieve has a very large majority, sadly. I,ll bet any money that Mogg gets a very good majority at the next GE.
  15. Again, my experience in the Western states is the opposite. The roads are in good repair, and quickly repaired, And the weather conditions their roads suffer make our climate seem almost tropical. Putin is already making it, he supplies most of Europe with gas! I know what she is..........................
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