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    Apart from shooting and reloading, I play guitar (badly)! Plus I make regular trips to the States...

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  1. pinfireman

    Hodgdon powders

    Buy up all you can afford before the ban comes in...............
  2. pinfireman


    and that,s still twice as much as you!
  3. pinfireman

    Neil Kinnock

    The Kinnock family have trousered over £13 Million pounds from the EU, and still counting!
  4. pinfireman


    The Gazans might not have many guns, but apparently they have plenty of rockets, which they fire into Israeli civilian settlements on a regular basis......and which those of an anti-Israeli inclination fail to mention............. "weaponised"..................? Straight out of Lagy Nugees hanbook........
  5. pinfireman


    Perhaps the Israelis are getting fed up with Hamas rockets being fired into their civilian settlements? 2 sides to every story! Exactly! And Hamas were orchestrating the "peaceful" demo! And we all know what they are about! And there,s me thinking it,s Corbyn, Livingstone and Chakrabbati doing the inciting! As usual, no proof to these allegations!
  6. pinfireman

    Red Ken and anti Semite comments

    Correct! Well said!
  7. pinfireman

    Doncaster/Goole area

    White water at Blyth forced to close by a bunch of bigots!
  8. pinfireman

    pigs in the trough

    In their case, it,s get the best food in, and garbage comes out! You are in a tiny minority! Consultants at our NHS hospital have their own canteen! Along with the upper management! And it,s not the rubbish served to the workers!
  9. pinfireman

    pigs in the trough

    Yeah, right! and also have 4 months holidays a year! And many only turn up for the odd debate, or PMQ,s....overpaid, and underworked! and 4 months holidays a year! And massive expenses...subsidised travel, jollies abroad..... my heart bleeds for them! and it,s that easy to get their job? Be real!
  10. pinfireman

    pigs in the trough

    Have you eaten school, hospital meals lately! They earn enough to pay for their food in full! Correct!
  11. pinfireman

    The illuminati

    Eloquently put! I blame it on Care in the Community.......most of these idiots should be in Mental Hospitals !
  12. pinfireman

    Reloading data

    I think I have some data, will take a look later.............
  13. pinfireman

    Getting rather serious this Syria thing.

    and you missed the best bit...where is the questioner? Nor do I..........I mean, some of them even say Corbyn isn,t a traitor! But in the definition in the Oxford Dictionary, he is!
  14. pinfireman

    Getting rather serious this Syria thing.

    MR PUTIN TAKES A QUESTION Vladimir Putin, wanting to get on the good side of voters, goes to visit a university in Moscow to have a chat with the students. He talks to them about how powerful a nation Russia is and how he wants the best for all the people. At the end of the talk there is a section for questions. Sasha puts her hand up and says: "I have two questions. Why did the Russians take Crimea ? and why are we sending troops to the Ukraine ?” Putin says: "Good question". But just as he is about to answer, the bell goes, and the students go to lunch. When they come back, they sit back down and there is room for some more questions, another girl, Misha, puts her hand up and says: "I have four questions” "My Questions are – Why did the Russians invade Crimea ? Why are we sending troops to the Ukraine ? Why did the lunch bell go 20 minutes early? And where is Sasha?".