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  1. I read in the Sun today that Gove has lifted the ban on shooting pest species, and new licences are being issued, but only up to Feb 2020? Is that right? Among the species listed are parakeets and Sacred Ibis!!! Where are they doing damage? We never see them here in Yorkshire!
  2. pinfireman

    Jo Brand

    I didn,t think they were as funny as that! Can anyone remember the last time the BBC had a Right of Centre comedian on their channels? or a Right wing comedy show? The BBC are NOT impartial, and they know exactly what they are doing!
  3. Rewulf, the Manufacturers Mercedes, BMW and Audi have decided, to maintain profitability, they are going to have to remove something from their models that gets rarely used....it,s a stalk on the left hand side of the steering column, it was put their so there customers could indicate which way they were going to turn. However, surveys show that most of their drivers do not use this, either from sheer arrogance, or complete lack of knowledge!
  4. Has it really reduced their life expectancy? I doubt it.......might have threatened their gold-plated pensions, tho....... Three smug eurocrats have been gloating about Brexit and the Tory leadership race in a Sky News segment which Sky have inexplicably been playing on repeat all day. Not exactly news. They won’t be as smug when they see the latest Eurozone industrial figures. Industrial production fell 0.5% in April on top of a 0.4% drop in March. Dragging every other country down was Germany which saw its industrial production plummet by 2.3% – almost five times faster than the Eurozone as a whole. Brussels’ Brexit bluster is going to start looking pretty hollow if the Eurozone’s economic woes keep getting worse like this… Source: GUIDO FAWKES (You,ve just got to like Guido!) :-)
  5. As do I............. Has it really reduced their life expectancy? I doubt it.......might have threatened their gold-plated pensions, tho.......
  6. Boris is way behind Corbyn in the hypocrisy stakes!
  7. The early models were Semi-progressive, ie you rotated the turntable by hand, the later ones were fully progressive. You can update the older ones, if Hornady still have the parts. It should be adjustable from 2.75" to 3"
  8. Is that straight out of Momentums daily diatribe? Guido readers will be aware that Justice Secretary David Gauke is facing a Special General Meeting of his local association at the end of the month to hear a motion of no confidence in him as an MP. This morning he has written to local members urging them to support him, despite going against his manifesto commitment that no deal is better than a bad deal. Despite pushing for the softest Brexit possible, and helping to block the UK’s exit on 29th March – voting against exiting on WTO terms, Gauke claims he has not obstructed Brexit. He also hits out at the person who started the petition, alleging entryism. It’s going to be a messy fight… Source: Guido Fawkes And another Remoaner domino topples!
  9. 6.2 immigrants might just have turned out to be a very conservative estimate ! Remember Tony Blair when explaining why he had not put a moratorium on free movement of peoples from Romania etc? He claimed that only approx 10,000 would turn up here............there are that many in Sheffield alone! Since 2007, according to The Guardian (stats they obtained from the ONS) 411,000 had arrived here by August 2018. Mohammed Choudhary, Tariq Mahmood, and Maqboor Hussain have all been previously convicted and served sentences for defrauding postal votes. Tariq Mahmood has seemingly been allowed to canvas for votes in the June 2019 Peterborough By Election and has been pictured when results came through. Given past offences and a significant increase in postal votes giving labour the seat I demand that all postal votes are investigated fully.
  10. The EU have been doing their bit to try to influence the Tory leadership race, insisting that they will not be changing any of the terms of the Brexit deal for any new Prime Minister who comes in. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why the EU would rather have a new Prime Minister who comes in and accepts everything they say rather than demanding changes… Behind closed doors it’s a different story, The Sun revealed this morning that the EU is fact working on no deal contingency plans to use IT solutions to help goods cross the Irish border after Brexit. That wasn’t so hard after all, was it? EU officials are still insisting that IT solutions won’t be enough to manage all the border issues. This is missing the point, of course no deal is not the optimum scenario if the EU won’t compromise on a deal then they will be the ones facing the choice of whether to respond to no deal in a pragmatic way, or a disruptive way. Taking no deal off the table is ultimately what destroyed Theresa May’s negotiation attempts and killed her premiership, if her successor does the same they will suffer the same fate… UPDATE: It’s also good news for Sajid Javid who pledged to pay the EU “hundreds of millions” to help them develop tech solutions. He won’t need to bill the British taxpayer now the ever-generous EU are doing it for him… Source: Guido Fawkes AND REMOANERS & THE EU SAID IT COULD NOT BE DONE! I NEVER mentioned Turkey, or the EURO ! Well, it,s not the German, French or Italian economies that are accelerating......................de - celerating would be more accurate!
  11. Naturally, any reforms will be in Germany,s favour?
  12. So we want change, but the Franco-German lapdog states do not, so we do not get change? No thank you! and you ignore the furore over postal voting? I never said American involvement in the NHS would be a bad thing. merely pointed out that whenever American involvement in anything here is mentioned, the Left wet their pants at the thought of it! It,s just being used as a scare tactic, an extension of Project Fear!
  13. Yes, it should, but take a look at the political make-up of the Electoral Commission! Well, take it then! No one stopping you! What about the others mentioned? and the Electoral Commission have done...................NOTHING! Try complaining to the Electoral Commission! See what answer you get..............
  14. Why is it likely to "evaporate" and in what way? It,s highly unlikely, as any political party in this country that openly allowed that, would be signing its own death warrant! As for the EU reforming, I,m looking out of my window to see if Hell is freezing over! A party 8 weeks old, against a party with an 90 year old establishment in Peterborough, with all the relevant data etc? A very near miss, and as some suspect, may have been even nearer if we did not have postal voting! and a failing economy in Germany, France and Italy?
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