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    Apart from shooting and reloading, I play guitar (badly)! Plus I make regular trips to the States...

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  1. H4350 rocking horse poop

    Some for sale now on here, but up in North of Scotland!
  2. Commissar Corbyn

    Well said! When Hitler and his pals invaded other countries, they did 3 things.....They took over the Press, they confiscated all radio transmitters in private hands, ....and they confiscated ALL guns. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and others of this ilk imitated this successfully!
  3. BBC cost saving - who would you sack

    3 ? Why not ALL of them! Stop paying the licence fee....
  4. Commissar Corbyn

    Absolutely correct!
  5. Commissar Corbyn

    The Warsaw Pact countries were a "hostile bloc" that we believed we might have to fight one day. The EU, bunch of bleep bleeps that they are, are not in the same league! You cannot defend the indefensible! Well said! They haven,t been impartial for over 35 years! Maggie upset them when she told them that the yearly rise in the licence fee would no longer be automatic!
  6. Reload

    They should do....What are you shooting, competitive clays, or pigeons? You rarely hear a pigeon complain about a ugly crimp...... :-)
  7. MEC Steelmaster

    I hope I,m in the right thread....here goes. A friend of mine in the States has several Steelmasters that he wants to part with...12g, 20, 28g, and 410. I am currently talking to my freight people about getting a good deal on shipping....I believe I can get them here, and let you have them at around £250 each if anyones interested. I am having some pics sent, I know 2 of them are like new.... I rarely load steel, so they are not of interest to me.... Let me know....
  8. Reload

    I also have european powders, and data for the same for compression (and compression type) cases. I load 10% less euro powders in these cases, than I would in Cheddite, and have submitted them to proof house in the past. All within safe pressures, and a velocity that I,m happy with. They cycle OK through the semi-auto, and have no hard recoil in my o/u,s. Currently reloading 12g at around £145 per 1,000 (less when I use the powders I bought years ago), and .410 (3") for around £125 per 1,000. I rarely load steel. None of my lead is reclaimed clay ground stuff. I found that the way to keep costs down was to buy in bulk, whenever possible, and share the cost with a couple of friends (both sadly passed away now).
  9. Reload

    Hi Cookoff, I have several thousand American wads, and will be bringing another 5000 back with me in May.......powder is no problem, I acquired quite a few tubs of Red Dot, Blue Dot, 2400 etc, when a local gunshop closed. I have approx 1500 Remington RXP cases, 1000 Blue Magic cases and about 2000 Winchester AA cases. I,ve been reloading since 1976. My machines are set up for compression cases, and I get several loads out of each case........Most Cheddite cases are rubbish. The cases I would like to bring in, in quantity, would be an assortment of gauges, particularly 20, 28 and 410.
  10. Reload

    I,m thinking of buying a pallet of once fired 20g from Ballistic Products USA....good cases, Winchester, Remington and Federal, If I can get some others interested, it could be viable?
  11. Colvini reloading

    A pal has one, he tells me that it,s good with new cases, not so good with once-fired...So as I am not going to buy new cases (and increase the cost of reloading) I think I,ll stay with my Ponsness Warrens!
  12. CLEAR OUT!

    South Yorkshire. Hi Steve, I,m in South Yorkshire. I have had 4 responses so far, 1 has gone. I have to take them as they came back to me, but if the other 2 pass on these, you are next in line Dave
  13. CLEAR OUT!

    I am having a clear out of some of the reloading stuff accumulated over the last 45 years! 3 X LYMAN EAZY 12g single stage presses, complete (but will need setting up). Ideal for someone starting out in reloading. They are built like brick toilets! £25 each, or the lot, plus a box of spare parts for £65. (If sold separately, box of parts go to first buyer!) For more details, and pictures, PM me.
  14. reloading supplies

    "Just like that!"
  15. Winchester

    Winchester cartridges available in Europe are made in Italy. That started in the mid 80,s.... Today, there are NO compression cases, either here, or in the USA. As the dies used in making them came to the end of their useful lives, the USA manufacturers all went on to Reifenhauser tube cases. The base wad may mimic the base of a compression case, but that is all it does..... I still have 1500 Win AA Trap 7,s from the mid 70,s plus a few Remington RXP,s (and no, they are NOT for sale!)