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  1. Fresh from sensationally revealing that Conservative Party adverts “were highly partisan”, Sky News Technology Correspondent Rowland Manthorpe has compiled a report on young people and political adverts. Strangely the only two people interviewed in Manthorpe’s ‘focus group’ are political activists for the Second Referendum campaign… Matilda Allan (titled by Sky as “Teenager”) set up an organisation called “New Generation for a People’s Vote”. Athian Akec (titled by Sky as “Student”) is an anti-Brexit ‘Our Future Our Choice’ activist and (naturally) a Member of the Youth Parliament. The other two members of Sky’s ‘focus group’ were cut out of the report. Presumably what they had to say didn’t fit the narrative… UPDATE: Guido has seen Whatsapp messages from Our Future Our Choice coordinating their spokespeople for the so-called ‘focus group’.
  2. As Greta Thunberg continues to poo in a bucket across the Atlantic, it has emerged her trip is not nearly as environmental as she first made out. Nobody could have seen this coming… The €4 million yacht she’s sailing on is made of carbon fibre – a material with a carbon footprint 14 times higher than that of steel, and that “spews out a significant amount of greenhouse gases” during its manufacturing. It’s always worth reminding Greta that flying only accounts for between 2 and 5% of the world’s carbon emissions… GQ’s ‘game changer of the year’ clearly putting carbon fibre over moral fibre… UPDATE: It transpires that the five people bringing the boat back from NYC will first fly over to the States, meaning in total Greta’s PR trip will end up creating six timesthe emissions it would have done if she’d just flown over to begin with
  3. Didn,t the Guardian and Independent morph from the Dandy & Beano? Boris has directed Stephen Barclay to sign the official order to end EU law’s supremacy in Britain, a move that Steve Baker described to The Times as “absolutely totemic”, proving Boris is “willing to leave on a fixed date with no question of extension. It’s the do-or-die pledge in black and white”. Just one of the many jobs May never got round to doing… Whilst MPs voted for the EU Withdrawal Act in 2018, which repealed the original legislation making us members of the EEC, it required a “commencement order” to come into force, which Barclay is expected to sign imminently. Not only does the Government’s move show Boris is totally serious in his Brexit pledge, since it does not involve MPs – by which Guido means Remainers – Parliament cannot interfere with the process. Surprise surprise, Dominic Grieve is not happy. The Tories’ wannabe Remoaner in Chief begrudgingly admitted that he can’t stop the order being signed. He’s reduced to admitting he will have to try to reverse it retrospectively… Source: Guido Fawkes.....again! What,s the betting this NOT reported on the Biased Broadcasting Corporation news? Or Sky? Channel 4?
  4. The EU’s trade relations with South-East Asian powerhouse Indonesia have come under renewed strain with Indonesia preparing to slap a 20-25% tariff on dairy products from the EU in response to the EU whacking 8-18% tariffs on Indonesian biodiesel. How dair-EU! Indonesia’s population of 260 million is over half the size of the entire EU, it’s currently the 16th largest economy in the world and growing at a pacey 5% a year. Indonesia’s trade minister is so cheesed off he’s ordered dairy importers to find new suppliers outside the EU. Indonesia is the fifth largest non-EU importer of dairy products in the world so this is no trifling matter. After Liz Truss’s big cheese push at DEFRA, it just so happens that the UK will in a matter of weeks be the third largest non-EU exporter of dairy products in the world, and is about to regain control of its own tariff schedules, putting it in pole position to cream off the the EU’s market share. Brits get cheap biodiesel and textiles, while Indonesians will get top-quality Cheddar, Stilton, Yarg, Brie, Wensleydale and clotted cream. Perfect! While Civil Servants have been dragging their feet when it comes to Brexit, the Foreign Office has notoriously been the worst when it comes to accepting the result of the referendum. However, it appears that with Boris Johnson now in Downing Street and Dominic Raab in charge the penny has finally dropped at the FCO that Britain is leaving the EU on October 31. The foreign office’s mandarins realise that after 46 years they will once again be able to unilaterally decide Britain’s trade policy. In preparation the department is now procuring £500,000 of training in ‘Advanced Trade Policy’. Better late than never… The winner of the contract will need to “Design and deliver a bespoke, class-room based, Advanced Trade Policy (ATP) training programme” in order to “to ensure civil servants improve their trade policy expertise” and will endure for two years following its award. Unsurprisingly, the FCO has confirmed the contract is not being financed by EU funds… There is no such thing as "EU Funds"................it,s OUR MONEY! Source: Guido Fawkes
  5. It,s because she personally hates Trump! Nothing to do with the backstop, or Brexit, just personal hatred of Trump! She,s a Clinton pal.....says it all, doesn,t it? Correct!
  6. Turned out to be the small spring that pushes the firing pin, broken, now replaced. However, got another problem, previous owner tried to remove cartridhe follower, and slightly damaged it! Without removing mag. crimp, it,s impossible to remove! Am going to try to get a replacement one (Titanium, or stainless) from my USA contacts.
  7. Former Chancellor and perennial Brexit Eeyore Philip Hammond has taken to the airwaves today to warn of the supposedly dire consequences of a clean break from the EU. This is despite him being elected on a manifesto that promised the UK would leave with No Deal if the only alternative was a bad deal. Which, currently, it is. On Today this morning, Hammond bizarrely doubled down on the notion that he had spent time and money preparing for No Deal, despite the reason for his interview being a big intervention saying such preparation would be damaging and undemocratic. It’s okay when he does it but when it’s Michael Gove and Boris Johnson that’s beyond the pale… So why does he have a problem with this Government doing the same thing he supposedly did..? Guido suspects that the reason for the disparity is that Hammond’s ‘preparation’ was purely cosmetic. Last week it was reported that a No Deal planning committee member had revealed that previously “the Treasury was blocking everything … whereas things are serious now and ten to 15 actions are agreed every day.” Hammond is only upset that now people are actually undertaking the work that he bragged about doing while actually undermining it… Downing Street sources have hit back hard saying the likes of the former Chancellor “never accepted the referendum result and they fought to overturn it.” Number 10 sources tells the FT that “Hammond and Clarke sabotaged the UK’s preparations to leave. Every day, officials tell us about decisions they took to stop us actually leaving” and The Times that “Everyone knows the ex-chancellor’s real objective was to cancel the referendum result.” Hammond himself is doing nothing to dampen that analysis, talking up a second referendum again this morning.0 “If we can’t resolve this issue in Parliament it will have to be resolved by either a General Election or a second referendum.” If anyone believes he actually respects the referendum result, Guido has a bridge to sell you… UPDATE: Guido asked team Hammond if there was any truth to the widely circulating story that the then Chancellor told the Irish that the British Government would never support No Deal during the negotiations that followed the defeat of the first meaningful vote last year. They refused to comment on it… True!
  8. Just to put the record straight on who said what about what would happen if we voted Leave............. The latest mendacious line to come from the hard Remain camp is that “nobody was told that voting Leave could lead to no deal”, with Philip Hammond going into overdrive this morning and claiming it is a “total travesty of the truth”. The problem is, as usual, it’s the Remainer line that is a “total travesty of the truth”. Change Britain have looked at what Remainer politicians actually said and, surprise surprise, everyone from David Cameron and George Osborne to Dominic Grieve and Hilary Benn repeatedly warned voters that voting Leave would lead to Britain leaving the EU after two years, deal or no deal. Along with a certain Rt Hon. Philip Hammond M.P. at the Despatch Box in the House of Commons… Source: Guido Fawkes
  9. Philip Hammond’s failing attempts to rewrite history have run up against the inconvenient fact that there is a wealth of video evidence out there disproving his central claim that voters weren’t told before the referendum that voting to Leave could mean leaving without a deal. In fact they got stark warnings from a wide range of the most senior Remain politicians including himself. This latest clip, at Chatham House in March 2016, is the icing on the cake: What was that Hammond was saying about a “travesty of the truth”…? Source: Guido Fawkes It,s come back to bite Phil on the posterior!
  10. A majority (54%) of the public agree that Boris Johnson needs to deliver Brexit by any means, even if that meant suspending Parliament, according to the latest ComRes poll for The Telegraph. Including ‘don’t knows’ there is still a clear 44% in favour to 37% against, this is backed up by another question that finds 40% of people who think Boris is more in tune with the public than Parliament. Only 25% agree that Parliament is more in tune with the public than Boris… Naturally Remoaners are hitting the roof over the fact ‘don’t knows’ have been excluded from the headline, and that the poll used the word “Boris”. Funnily enough Guido can’t remember them making such a fuss at the endless series of highly loaded “Final Say” polling questions pumped out by the People’s Vote campaign… Source: Guido Fawkes 😅 This morning saw the publication of dire statistics for the German economy, which contracted this quarter with many voices now predicting that the struggling country is likely on course for recession. Now it’s not just the German Chancellor that’s looking shaky… Unlike the UK’s contraction this quarter, the German one is based on much less sound fundamentals. Overall year on year, the German economy’s growth rate is just 0.4% compared to the UK’s 1.2%. The Chief Business Editor of respected German broadsheet Welt has said that Germany has become “the sick man of Europe”. GDP has now fallen in two of the last four quarters in both Germany and Italy. The last thing European countries want right now is a disorderly No Deal exit for Britain from the EU… Source: Guido Fawkes.😅 Naturally, this will upset two or three posters on here, who believe all is well in the Fatherland.
  11. Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton is over this side of the Atlantic to throw his support wholeheartedly behind the UK’s efforts to leave the EU, deal or no deal. Bolton says the UK will be “first in line” for a trade deal with the US and opened the door to both countries doing sector-by-sector mini-deals to accelerate the process. He makes clear the US would “enthusiastically” support the UK if it left with no deal: “If that is the decision of the British government, we will support it enthusiastically. That is the message I am bringing: we are with you. Britain’s success in successfully exiting the EU is a statement about democratic rule and constitutional government that is important for Britain but for the US too.” If this wasn’t enough to trigger Remainers already, Bolton then hit out at the EU for the way it treats its “peasants” when they vote the wrong way: “The fashion in the European Union when the people vote the wrong way from the way the elites want to go, is make the peasants vote again and again until they get it right.” Bolton, like many in the Trump administration, is an ideological supporter of Brexit as well as a pragmatic one. Remainers can complain all they like but it’s not a bad thing to have in your closest ally at this moment in time… Source: Guido Fawkes... A majority (54%) of the public agree that Boris Johnson needs to deliver Brexit by any means, even if that meant suspending Parliament, according to the latest ComRes poll for The Telegraph. Including ‘don’t knows’ there is still a clear 44% in favour to 37% against, this is backed up by another question that finds 40% of people who think Boris is more in tune with the public than Parliament. Only 25% agree that Parliament is more in tune with the public than Boris… Naturally Remoaners are hitting the roof over the fact ‘don’t knows’ have been excluded from the headline, and that the poll used the word “Boris”. Funnily enough Guido can’t remember them making such a fuss at the endless series of highly loaded “Final Say” polling questions pumped out by the People’s Vote campaign… Source: Guido Fawkes 😅
  12. Thanks for that info, but the gun is in immaculate clean condition. It failed after the first cartridge fired, and has not fired since......I,m almost certain it,s the firing pin. I don,t have the time to strip it myself (or, to be honest, the inclination!), so it,s off to the gunsmith tomorrow. True, I,ve checked most of them. The gun is relatively modern, all the innards look good. as far as I can see, and I keep it very clean, both externally, and internally.
  13. The UK can avoid severe disruption in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the boss of one of the country's leading retailers has told the BBC. Lord Wolfson, chief executive of clothing firm Next, said he still hoped a deal could be done before 31 October. But he said the government's increased focus on contingency planning meant the UK was close to being well prepared. Simplified customs and border procedures had made the chance of hold-ups of goods far less likely, he said. Lord Wolfson was a strong advocate of Brexit in the run-up to the referendum but has previously warned that a no-deal Brexit would bring about "chaos and disorder", while stopping short of a catastrophe. In an exclusive interview with the BBC Today programme, he said the last government had failed to adequately prepare - a situation that was now being addressed. "We are a long way from disorder and chaos, the fact that HMRC has introduced these transition methods will make an enormous difference. I think the encouraging thing is that we are rapidly moving from the disorder and chaos camp to the well-prepared camp. "I should stress that I would much prefer a deal to no deal, but I am much less frightened by no deal if the government is prepared, and there is every indication it's taking it more seriously." He said he was still hopeful a deal could be done before 31 October and that increased preparation for no deal would help secure one. "In the vast majority of deals I've done, if the deadline is midnight, the deal gets done at 11:55 but we need to have nerves of steel and prepare ourselves for either outcome, The Next chief also had sharp criticism for the last government's lack of preparation. "There was a wilful attempt to not prepare. They were so scared of no deal they couldn't allow anyone to admit it could happen. That's changing and I think that means in the worst case you get mild disruption - in the best case - you get a deal." Source (Would you believe it!!!!!!!!!!!) The BBC !
  14. "CALAIS BOSS...." PROJECT FEAR IS BOVINE SCATORUM" Senior French official Jean-Marc Puissesseau has dismissed fears of transport chaos around the Dover-Calais crossing as “C’est la bulls...”, saying: “Nothing is going to happen the day after Brexit… Britain will be a third country, that’s all, and there is no reason why this should lead to any problems. If both sides do their homework traffic will be completely fluid”. He should know, he’s only the head of the French channel ports… He adds that while no deal would have been a problem in March “because nobody believed it was going to happen and they were all dragging their feet”, now everyone has an extra seven months is actually getting ready. Including the UK Government, this time… Puissesseau accuses “certain individuals in the UK” of “whipping up this catastrophism for their own reasons”. Who could possibly want to do that… Source: Guido Fawkes
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