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  1. Isn't the 747 coming to the end of production or did i imagine that?
  2. Stihl Kombi for me, works perfectly but with so much flexibility in the tool system.
  3. Really? so that makes it ok to be attacked by a hammer?
  4. keg

    EBay scammer

    When i bought a RIB, various websites were full of ads like this.
  5. Was walking near there on Otley Chevin yesterday and saw a few soaring.
  6. keg

    Tommy Robinson

    I don't disagree with his actions. This needs maximum publicity but the reason he went straight to prison is because he had already been warned that his actions previously had nearly lost a case and could have allowed quite a few of a grooming gang go free, so whilst his ideal is to be admired in outing these gangs, he lack of knowledge can have the opposite effect.
  7. This thread has had me in creases ans it all sounds so familiar
  8. That woman ( Lady Nugee?) gold old champagne socialist that she is, is as bad as Ms Abbott.
  9. Have to agree. And anytime! The salad on them could be part of our 5 a day.
  10. keg

    Bathroom/toilet fans

    Sorted and fitted, no condensation issues as it's only a bog. Unless you drop a big steamer! Thanks to all for advice etc. As usual, the PW Massive come up trumps!
  11. i was when i left school but now a sales rep so a pro B***sh****r
  12. Welder? Still a skilled and hard job in all seriousness. I'm a Focused Taurus Excretus expert.
  13. keg

    Bathroom/toilet fans

    I could build a wee shrine? Pun intended When did i tell you that? truth is out now. Thanks for your advice everyone, LG good advice. The old unit looks like a ceiling but will double check.
  14. M1 was down to 60 some weeks ago when practically empty. When i enquired as to why, I was told it triggers automatically when the pollution hits a certain level. Even when working at its maximum, it only improves air quality by 4%! The system for speed is also automated i'm told. I was flashed just after Meadowhall heading north. Limit on the gantries was 50. It flashed me at 62 so it does work. Some are also set to trigger when there is no speed limit on the gantry, just set to national speed limit. .
  15. I've been away 1-3 nights a week since 1990! Recce some good walks if possible the a local payg Gymn
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