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  1. markyboy

    22/250 set up

    Looking for a 22/250 set up to RFD thanks
  2. markyboy

    22/250 set up

    Anyone got a 22/250 set up for sale and willing to RFD. Get back to me thanks.
  3. Anyone any information on a savage arms axis 22/250. And how they find it? I’m looking at getting one.
  4. Hey guys anyone came across these by express 29 gram no 6 How do they rate ? My friend was thinking of buying 500 and I told him I was never really keen on express shells in the years gone by ? What do u guys think or has this topic been discussed if so point me in the direction to it 👍
  5. There was somebody on here a few months back selling led scope lamps can anyone remember who it was they were around 40 quid if I mind
  6. I will take them Cancel that i take my offer back
  7. What range will these spot a fox at
  8. Is this a tool that can be used for lamping foxes ? What range does it have
  9. I would be keen on the wooly bully but I think 30 is a bit steep there going for 30 dollars
  10. I can't understand why they have them when you have removed your guns from personal possession My guess is you will wait another 2-3 months before the police arrive at your door to take your tickets off you
  11. Not financial, just support drafted me letters to write to the chief. I took what happened on the chin. I got dealt a serious bad blow by others and wound up in a nightmare situation
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