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  1. Last inch of wood there's a line and different grain
  2. Has it had a bit added to the stock ?
  3. blade

    what gun would you buy

    Got a grade one want a grade 5 for bestest 😀
  4. blade

    what gun would you buy

    Miroku mk38 grade 5 😀
  5. blade

    Storage box for rotary.

    I use a carp quiver carries my hide poles umbrella rotary and other bits
  6. blade

    Boxing day shoot

    we've always had a shoot boxing day on our syndicate.But shoot captain got married earlier this year and low and behold no shoot this year on boxing day pub it is then 😀
  7. blade


    Anybody got one there breaking after a sump for a 2003 model 2.2 please
  8. blade

    Swivel seat needed urgently for pigeon shooting

    checkout the bergara used to sell them on this site not sure if they still do
  9. blade

    Ditchman manual flapper

    think you will find the ff6 is battery operated
  10. Lincolnshire police won't grant you a sgc without a letter from doctor.They brought this in this year im in the middle of renewing now.Doctor charges £48 for letter at my surgery
  11. blade

    30mm scope mount

    has anybody got one kicking about only need one for nv project 11mm dovetail please
  12. blade

    Browning or Beretta

    put the miroku mk38 in the mix if you can try one
  13. blade

    I phone 6s rose 32gb

    is it unlocked ?
  14. blade

    Baikal O/U stock wanted.

    plenty on that auction site
  15. blade

    Benneli m2 cartridge follower

    try brownells they usually stock spares for benelli guns