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  1. Where you located please
  2. Thank you will take a look
  3. Hello anybody got any recommendations for handheld thermal spotter please mainly for foxes. Budget about £1,500 thanks
  4. There's usually a few on the bay
  5. Right up for sale some lamping equipment not sure what it all is. My friends misses is selling off all his stuff she has found in garages and sheds. There are 2 lamps a lamp bar that connects to your vehicle roof with suction cups and a handle for lamp. There's a couple of fag lighter connectors and clamps. Also 22ah tracer battery with connection for 12v and also a USB insert charger and bag. Collection only Lincolnshire not sure what it's worth but I know the battery was expensive. So looking for £150 for the lot
  6. What about that then put connectors on the ends for magnet to connect to?
  7. No it's got one that looks like that but it's usb connection in the end unless that comes out?
  8. Iv only got mains charging cable and a usb cable
  9. Could i chop off the cigarette lighter part and put crocodile clips on the ends?
  10. Iv only got a USB cable from the battery?
  11. Hello has anybody useing a tracer 22ah 12v battery to run there magnets. If so what cable do you use to connect to the magnet please
  12. Try mandel chokes think they stock them
  13. blade

    Volvo xc90

    For sale my volvo xc90 2007 xe d5 AWD. Full service history 9 months mot 119.000 no advisories. Silver detachable tow bar £4500 email pics on request
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