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  1. The overall length is 45 1/4 inches, but it could be lengthened by about 1 1/2 inches by punching another hole in the strap, so fit depends on your stock length and action. It would definitely not take 30 inch barrels on an auto or pump. I am using an identical one for a 28 incn barrel fabarm o/u boxlock, which fits comfortably


    1. Keythorpe game might take them
    2. Only commented because its surprising how many people don't know the law. Thought this site was here to help and educate people won't bother next time
    3. Sorry thought a crow call was to attract crows maybe its for luring in great white sharks my mistake 😁
    4. That's ok then would hate to see someone loose there license
    5. Cant be used to shoot crows though
    6. Don't overlook the supersport great guns
    7. Last inch of wood there's a line and different grain
    8. Got a grade one want a grade 5 for bestest 😀
    9. I use a carp quiver carries my hide poles umbrella rotary and other bits
    10. we've always had a shoot boxing day on our syndicate.But shoot captain got married earlier this year and low and behold no shoot this year on boxing day pub it is then 😀
    11. blade


      Anybody got one there breaking after a sump for a 2003 model 2.2 please
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