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  1. Sorry Vulpicide but beaters and pickers up are legally employees of the shoot even if no payment exchanges hands. That is why so many commercial shoots have Certificates of Employers Liability Cover - usually the NFU Mutual- posted in beaters sheds or trailers. I think that the NFU underwrite the SACS cover as well, but even when I wrote to the NFU Head Office asking for details of the cover they did not even have the courtesy to reply so I decided not to take cover out. As David said, do not rely on assurances from any organisation regarding cover, obtain a copy of the Policy limitations and cover and exclusions, and read the small print to ascertain if you are covered or not, sad that there isnt apparently a legal requirement for these to be issued automatically. Many do cover Third Party Liability, some also Personal Accident but many do not, so if you injure a third party you are covered, if you break a leg etc you may not be covered under your policy. Insurance Companies are not charities, they are commercial organisations trying to make a profit and ***** the risk involved before offering cover at a suitable premium to achieve that. They will also examine every claim to ensure that the policy covers the incident claimed for, too late to find you arent covered when you claim!
  2. persistence is the answer, try all of the forums mentioned. I got placed on www.pubs.myfunforum.org in no time and now several shoots locally are aware that I can do days when they are short, so offers come in- especially as vacancies will arise as the season progresses for a variety of reasons. As for keepers and shoot captains not using the forums due to time constrictions, many do advertise on the forums, or perhaps encourage their wives to on their behalf, you just need to read the posts. I was at a new shoot recently, chatting over a coke at the pub afterwards and one picker up said he found the shoot via PuBS, but wondered how effective it was generally, the other beater and I there both said thats how we found the shoot!
  3. there is some doubt that NOBS/SACS insurance covers beaters and pickers up as they are employees of shoots in law, and the guy who set up the deal has stated they are not covered as the cover is recreational use only. The shoot should have employers liability cover covering them in any case. Professional insurance is necessary as stated already, but will not be cheap, depending on the company and its assessment of risk of claims, an insurance company is there to make profits not be a c harity
  4. www.nobs.org.uk £5 members £10 shoots mixed responses www.pubs.myfunforum.org all free
  5. FRAMPTON COUNTRY FAIR SEPT 11th 2011 Its an age issue!!
  6. PuBS ( www.pubs.myfunforum) were granted free stand area and I attended this superb one day show and we all had a fantastic time, meeting many old friends, making many new ones and also putting faces to names from this and other forums. PuBS were next to the NOBS stand, nice to see Stuart Goodwin again, and meet his family, also Martyn Pitt RO for wales, for the first time. Good luck to young Mr.Goodwin with the lab at the Midland, Sorry that Stuart crashed his motorcycle some years ago and was still awaiting more surgery- good luck my friend. If you ever get the chance make this show a must,its in a fantastic setting in Parkland next to Frampton Court, supremely well organised and there were masses of people on a blustery, showery day, imagine the entrance if it had been better weather! Trade stands for everyone and a great illustration of traditional crafts and breeds and ring displays unsurpassed at many other, larger shows i have attended. http://www.framptoncountryfair.co.uk/
  7. shootpics have a forum for beaters etc, as does www.pubs.myfunforum.org - all free
  8. darren many keepers are busy with birds now so least likely to respond. keep posting though you never know, many shoots sre limiting the beaters a keeper can use as the total pay is limited on some of the shoots i attend. As the season nears and starts then more beaters will be needed to fill vacancies just try and be patient
  9. I believe the BASC send out details of their cover, I dont know about the other organisations offering insurance, perhaps NOBS, SACS, NGO, CPSA etc members can comment, I believe there may well be a legal responsibility on the organistion to advise you, in writing not electronically, of cover and exclusions.
  10. Actually al4x you most probably are insured whilst walking the dog etc., check the cover of your household policy - maybe not yourself but I am pretty confident there will a public liability cover in place. How many people really check the cover they are given - read even the tiniest print - thats where the exclusions are hidden!!
  11. bear in mind thatb you should be covered by the shoot insurance - in the event of an incident only ONE payment will be made by any insurer - ie if shoot cover pays up then yours wont!
  12. see my previous post I believe that the cover is for "recreational" use only so a beater is not covered as an employee not for recreation!
  13. I know that the person who set up the SACS Insurance Package, which is also sold by NOBS, has categorically stated that it does not cover employees and remember that payment in kind as well as money may be deemed to make a beater an employee. I believe that the package is underwritten by the NFU and I did write to their Head Office for clarification before stumping up my money - never did get an answer!! Always insist on details of the cover provided and any get out clauses, sometimes even your household policy may cover you as well, check with yout insurers.
  14. I beat and pick up at three shoots regularly each week and some more when I am available, some pay some dont,on one i am not paid and cook the beaters main course for lunch too, another guy does the puds and we are falling over beaters! I used to shoot a lot but now have 2 labs, 3 spaniels all working and agree that the pleasure of working the dogs is more enjoyable than the shooting. can recommend the PuBS site too got some beating there www.pubs.myfunforum.org
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