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  1. yeah i know, after the jill jab failed i decided to try bringing her out of season with a vasectomised hob but have later found out he's fertile again (apparently quite common) so i'll have to wait and see what happens cheers for the advice joe
  2. Hi guys I suspect my Jill is pregnant, (long story)my question is at what point should she be seperated from my hob to protect any kits she has and shall I leave with the other Jill I have or seperate her completely..... Any advice would be appreciated.. Ta Joe
  3. hi guys Need some help as one of my gills is still in season after having the jab approx 4 weeks ago, went back to the vets for another jab to be told the price has gone up to 86 quid, (thieves the lot of them) my question is does anyone have a vasectomised hob in the Liverpool area I can borrow, rent, use to bring her out ,as I don't want her getting poorly Would appreciate any help offered
  4. my jill has been doing the same to her sister, both had the jab about 5 weeks ago but tilly never came out of season, took her back to the vets this afternoon who announced it would cost me £66 plus the cost of an injection approx £86 all in, after lots of swearing i walked out disgusted (robbing ********)so im ******** as he was the only vets that i could find who carried the hormone in my area, so im going to leave her abit and see if she will come out on her own(fingers crossed)
  5. used to use cat litter to soak up the pee but the conventional stuff needs replacing constantly so ive switched to the wood pellet type cat litter and it works much better, also use wood shavings and straw for there bedding i use alpha ferret food in the summer 10kg £20 ebay and less fly problems, and switch to fresh rabbit or chicken in the winter
  6. fatjoe


    get them while there young and get them handled and used to you as early as possible, my two came too me at 6 months old and had never been handled so they are real biters but im not going to hold that against them as its not there fault but the previous owners.
  7. fatjoe

    Jill jabs

    had my 2 jills jabbed this morning, when i phoned up for a quote was told £22.80 per jill(which is really steep but no other vets in the area do the jab) but once in the vets paid £32.00 for the pair.still steep but what can i do.....
  8. hilux is my choice as they dont go wrong, had mine 6 yrs and no problems just regular servicing
  9. 2 weimaraners louie 5yr old male and cassie 2yr old bitch
  10. what my feo questioned me about when i went for my sgc, was how healthy was my marriage, whether we were having any issues etc and how my wife felt about having a gun in the house, he also quizzed my wife about where the safe keys were kept and did she have access to them, she replied she had no issues with a gun in the house and she didn't have the foggiest idea where the safe was kept, never mind the keys for it i think all there interested in is who has access, and are you of good character, and the reasons for owning a shotgun, so no sawn off jokes or comments like " cant wait to blast th
  11. so far its watchable but as said its no band of brothers
  12. in my motor there's a first aid kit, ratchet straps, tow rope, mobile phone charger(multi fit ends in case i change my phone) fire extinguisher and an RAC membership card, :o :o
  13. nissan quashai should be available for the £8k mark if you look about, good ground clearance, 2wd and a reliable run around, returning approx 40mpg joe
  14. agreed all items that can be classed as a weapon should not be in easy reach of the occupant of the vehicle keeping a knife/machete in the passenger compartment is just asking for trouble ..........my advise keep it all in the boot and there shouldn't be a problem
  15. coooooooooooool me wanna see
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