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  1. Thanks Steve, I wondered if asking the GP might not go down too well, professional pride and all that.
  2. How do you find a consultant who works in the field of medicine you need?
  3. No need - they are already here
  4. An older Static caravan that has to be moved off its site due to site owners rules on age etc can be bought reasonably cheaply
  5. Winning the World Cup 1966 Aberfan disaster 1966, this moved me more than I cared to admit at the time Breaking my achilles tendon running across the beach in the South of France doing a Reggie Perrin
  6. fern01


    That's another 5-10,000 houses less for low income UK Nationals then. Not to worry though we have plenty of green fields left so we can soon build some more
  7. The paramedics have to spend half their time dealing with drunks, drugies and people with mental health issues. Also they often have to wait outside A & E until their patient can be seen. Add to that all the people who should really be going to see their GP with non urgent problems but can't get an appointment for days
  8. Excellent video, very enjoyable. I hate shooting under the wires and you seem to be surrounded by them
  9. fern01

    Wanted HW100

    PM sent, not far away
  10. We have very uneven floors, they will be great to level up the table legs
  11. I will just wait a couple of years until I can pick up all four volumes at a car boot sale at 10p each
  12. I spent three days trying to get an appointment with my GP. When I finally got through about 3.45pm on the Wednesday I was asked to ring back tomorrow! Most of the time the phone call did not go into the stacking system just came up as busy. Oh and the whole place shuts down at 10.30am for half an hour or more for a Coronavirus briefing
  13. How do I contact a moderator to find out why two of my recent posts have been removed
  14. Is it too late to store your guns with a RFD?
  15. Another similarity is that the EU / Spain pay Morocco handsomely to control their side of the border just as we do with the French. When it suits Morocco and France take the money then actively assist the migrants.
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