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  1. fern01


    I am cheesed off about this, pedestrians have already have lost the footpaths to the selfish 30 somethings on uninsured and unidentified mountain bikes and now we have added electric powered scooters which despite the legal requirement restricting them to 15mph are easily altered to do 30. I view adults riding on the footpath as cowards that can't handle riding on the road My mates mother in law had her pelvis smashed by a cyclist on a footpath, he counter claimed for a set of forks and a front wheel
  2. She will be back, I remember one of the top Union guys used to call her 'our little Becky'. He who pays the piper...
  3. Not a terrorist act? At a hotel housing asylum seekers All the usual bull, and standard statements Shocked and saddened politicians Lessons will be learnt Our thoughts with injured Thanks to our brave emergency services Flowers will be laid Candles will be lit And we will do nothing to send these people home as they have crossed many safe countries to get here
  4. fern01

    Police injured!!

    We are not heading there, we are already there in parts of some Northern cities
  5. Should Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UK CANZUK form a Union for trade after Brexit? We share the same language and cultures and consider ourselves to be our best friends in the world This has widespread support in all four countries including the French speaking parts of Canada
  6. It sounds like it needs to be up on a ramp to do it properly
  7. PPP, you Rashford and Scully are obviously kind and caring people who hate the idea of children suffering It is a condemnation of our current society that the Government is expected to take over a priority parental responsibility
  8. Its a pretty poor parent that would allow their child to go hungry or expect the Government to feed them
  9. Having been brought up by a single parent in the fifties when there was a lot less State aid than there is now I can understand where he is coming from.
  10. Maybe I am old fashioned but feeding your children is a parents first responsibility
  11. I find this strange from a multi-millionaire footballer Are the parents not covered by the statuary benefits system or unable to pay for them ? Do the parents of these children not have mobile phones, Sky subscriptions, smoke, drink etc and don't prioritise their spending Perhaps someone can explain if I am missing the point here
  12. fern01


    I am building this for my Grandchildren I haven't seen for what seems like a long time
  13. Harlesden is an up-and-coming residential area known for its multicultural vibe, with a buzzing dining scene encompassing Caribbean, Brazilian, and Lebanese cuisines. Its busy High Street offers take-out restaurants and international grocery stores, plus the cast-iron Jubilee Clock, a late-19th-century landmark. Colourful flower gardens, an aviary, and a wildlife area can be found at peaceful Roundwood Park. When I Googled and read some of the news reports I fear the official description above might be slightly optimistic
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