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  1. fern01

    Hedge Trimmers

    I have a Dewalt 18v cordless and I think it is a great piece of kit. Not to expensive if you already have the batteries and charger. Does the job in half the time with no cables to get out and put away. Safer than 240v too
  2. fern01

    Free stuff and some advice please.

    If you speak to the solicitor that handled the purchase you could be legally entitled to have them removed by the seller
  3. fern01

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Its a pity the whole bunch of lying, cheating politicians don't represent the views of the 17.5m people that pay their wages and fat pensions.
  4. fern01

    Most bizzare job you've had

    Scalextric car mechanic (still am part time if you have any for sale)
  5. fern01

    Most bizzare job you've had

    Road sweeper in Venice
  6. fern01

    Ms Abbott in the news again

    It also shows that he isn't daunted when he has a mountain to climb.
  7. fern01

    Ms Abbott in the news again

    She is so stupid that she doesn't know she is stupid.
  8. Hi, is this a Citori and if so where was it made?
  9. fern01

    Pointless Kitchen Knives...

    How can someone attain such high office when they are so stupid they don't even know they are stupid?
  10. fern01

    Photo ID Rant

    The Co-op bank does
  11. fern01

    Photo ID Rant

    That is why I took it as my passport has expired and I have no intention of renewing it. My driving license is one of the old paper ones with no photo and they accepted that. During this time my Debit card was verified in their card reading machine. I just feel it was a PC anti shooting move by Nat West.
  12. fern01

    Photo ID Rant

    I went into Nat West today to deposit a largish cheque and withdraw some cash. All went well until when asked for further ID I presented my SGC This was refused as it was "not on their list" despite being signed and approved by the Chief Constable
  13. fern01

    Cordless Strimmer

    I use a Dewalt cordless strimmer as I all ready have the batteries. Brilliant bit of kit and saves all the hassle with cables.
  14. fern01

    Minimum Price Per Unit Introduced In Scotland

    I do not understand why we are allowed to be constantly bombarded with gambling adverts with free incentives to get people hooked. Gambling destroys lives and families just the same as other addictions, perhaps without the associated medical problems.
  15. fern01

    pretentious made up names

    Urban Pharmaceutical Distribution Engineer