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  1. fern01

    Boundary issue

    Just be careful you don't end up paying a large sum in legal fees much more than that little strip of land is worth. It is easy to become obsessed with 'winning' at any cost
  2. Greta Day - 1st April We all fill a tyre with diesel and set fire to it as a homage to little Greta to show our support for her unswerving dedication helping constipated bulls.
  3. "An indoctrinated child being exploited by powerful people in the shadows" was a quote I think sums it up.
  4. I have just read that Sir david Clement head of the BBC has stated; And ‘sitting behind a pay wall’ where it would not be available to everyone means the BBC would no longer be ‘the place that brings the country together’ for iconic live events such as royal weddings, shows such as Strictly Come Dancing or Olympic successes. That alone would be worth getting rid of the licence fee!
  5. I read with horror that the BBC are proposing to make a TV series about Climate Change featuring Greta Thunberg. I hope they decriminalise not having a TV licence soon as I deeply resent paying for this load of propaganda
  6. fern01


    When we tried to use it we found it to be very fine and just turned to liquid mud when it got wet
  7. They own big lumps of our infrastructure too - Northern Gas Networks is owned by CKI a Chinese investment company
  8. fern01

    BBC News

    Their outside reporters always seem to wear a coat with a prominent makers logo too
  9. fern01

    BBC News

    I have just been reading an article about the BBC news service Apparently it employs nearly 6,000 people Is this true and if so how can they possibly need so many staff?
  10. fern01

    Yo Admin!

    Can we have a separate joke section which all replies must include instructions to get your coat or state the age of the joke
  11. My favourites are the 50's, sixties when there was lots of authentic kit still available to use in the films Sea of Sand, the original Dunkirk and A Hill in Korea for example
  12. If you like War Films I have about 250 on DVD which I need to dispose of.
  13. Ooops I missed that, what's the title or reference?
  14. Just been reading Dianne Abbott's son has been accused of assault on a Police Officer outside the Foreign Office a short time after the London Bridge murder stabbings. Guess who has tried to hush it up?
  15. fern01

    London bridge

    The attacker in Holland escaped and is still at large according to the news report I saw at 10.30pm
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