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  1. Packing in the Fags.

    I stopped smoking when I was 23, just after I got married. Its a good job I did as I know for certain I would be dead now and would have never seen my children grow up and have children of their own.
  2. Another Comedian on the Labour Party NEC

    You don't have to worry about Izzard, he will have the full backing of Labours Muslim voters and will root out anti-Semitism and they have a safe pair of hands with Dianne to look after everything else.
  3. Why....and what do we do about it?

    I am amazed how many times the rubbish is neatly tied up in a plastic bag, then hurled out of the window. Some of the slip roads off the A1 are now covered by CCTV it is so bad. Perhaps instilling children with the right attitude by both the parents and schools from an early age might help. I am always pleased at country shows how good people are at using the bins. A bit of a contrast to the rock concerts and music festivals.
  4. Jobsworths

    The PO counter staff always ask me what the parcels contain, they always get the same reply toys, then a pause then children's toys. Do they really think security is enhanced by this annoying question and someone sending something not permitted would tell the truth?

    If the ambulance crews weren't considered free taxis for drunks and druggies and having to deal with people with minor problems they could spend more time on the serious cases.
  6. BBC cost saving - who would you sack

    Everyone on regional news. Mainly left wing propaganda and subtle advertising
  7. Chris Packham (again)

    Why not send him a message by email, Twitter or whatever and ask him about his views on halal?
  8. Chris Packham (again)

    Perhaps Mr Packham might like to do a piece on Halal slaughter.
  9. Auschwitz

    I think the way what happened there is being spun to imply it was done by 'Nazis' rather than saying Germans doesn't help
  10. Smart motorways

    Is it legal for lorries to use three lanes on these roads to do their +1mph for several miles overtaking manoeuvres? I see this quite a bit and it really cancels out the extra lane
  11. Brilliant / Dodgy gifts?

    I normally like chocolate but I dare not open it as to even think of eating just some of it fills me with a kind of dread.
  12. Brilliant / Dodgy gifts?

    A giant 4.5 kg (about 10 lbs) Toblerone I swear I will never open it.
  13. Dogs Grrrr.

    We had a black and white springer that learnt how to open the fridge door by scrabbling at the edge with its paws. One large leg of lamb later we fitted a childproof catch on the side. The same dog, on her first proper day in the field retrieved the first bird of her career, a long partridge runner. She ate it in the back of the car on the way to the pub, when I opened the back door to change into my shoes the partridges feet were sticking out of the corner of her mouth.
  14. wanted lanber & beretta mobil extended chokes

    Hi I have 2 x Beretta Victory skeet extended mobile chokes which are about half way between cylinder and quarter. I don't want a lot for them, please PM if interested
  15. Favourite Country Songs

    Well its certainly better than listening to rap which is dumbed down spheres for those of little talent