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  1. fern01


    I would rather watch an ear wax removal video on U tube than watch Strictly.
  2. Dianne Abbott of course, with her flair for number crunching, her integrity and honesty, she would be a natural.
  3. fern01

    Heart Bypass ???.

    I had all four done eighteen years ago and the I am sure the improvement to your quality of life will be well worth it. Pm me if you want a chat
  4. fern01

    Is it just me?

    Adverts for funeral plans - I don't need reminding I am old, I have knees to do that all the time.
  5. fern01

    Modern life.

    People who ignore texts or answer phone messages
  6. fern01

    Labour's new policy

    If I owned a company I would make sure it either did not exceed 250 employees or move the registration abroad.
  7. fern01

    TV License

    And Lineker They check up on small garages to see if the mechanics have a radio playing too.
  8. fern01

    Rehoming a working English Springer Spaniel

    PM sent
  9. fern01


    The way to police them is to check all their vehicles for tax, insurance, VIN engine number and type of diesel in the tank. Tow any suspect trailer and vehicles away Arrest and DNA test and record them all until checks for previous have been carried out . They would soon learn to keep their heads down. Sometimes I wish I lived in a country where the existing laws were applied. If the Police are too scared of them use the Army.
  10. fern01

    Ex miners or interested in mining.

    A great day out , have taken my children and my grandchildren and the café is good too.
  11. fern01

    opt out organ donation

    It sounds great in theory but would a doctor let a young RTC victim die when, although in a really bad way, could possibly be saved but allowed to die just because there is a nice crop of young organs be harvested
  12. fern01

    Slow gun sales

    I was going to sell a shotgun recently but the gun shops seemed keen to sell on commission, a sign that gun sales have been slow recently I think.
  13. fern01

    Bathroom COMPLETE Fitters

    If you can clear site of all old tiles, sanitary ware etc your self, why pay craftsmens rates for the unskilled part of the work. The only problem is if the fitter fails to turn up as planned.
  14. fern01

    Hedge Trimmers

    I have a Dewalt 18v cordless and I think it is a great piece of kit. Not to expensive if you already have the batteries and charger. Does the job in half the time with no cables to get out and put away. Safer than 240v too