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  1. In my final couple of years at work we had a male temp that came to work dressed as a pretty unconvincing woman. The women in the office hated him and because he used their toilets so they would insist that they were accompanied by another female member of staff. if they had to visit Not good for productivity and caused a lot of ill feeling and resentment
  2. Well I for one will definitely read their book, I will buy next year for 20p at a car boot sale
  3. Its not the number of votes that count, its who counts them. The French Establishment will not allow Le Penn to win
  4. The poor guy in the next door semi must have had a pretty rough time when they demolished the adjoining house
  5. fern01

    IKEA are pants

    Good plan, wait as long as you can before you complete it
  6. fern01

    IKEA are pants

    forskracklig is a pretty good translation, not sure where the small book unit comes from Oh and while you wait ages for the phone to be answered you have to listen to none original badly sung ABBA songs
  7. Well I have made my first, and last purchases ever from Ikea I accept I am old school and times have changed but they seem to want you to jump through hoops to make three simple purchases from the same department I was up against the 'Computer says No' syndrome Paid for delivery and only two out of three items showed up I hate having to walk past everything they sell before you can get out of the place too Their customer Service is abysmal
  8. Here is a question that comes to mind What if you take one or two Ukrainians into your home then discover you can't get along with them or find them to be a bad lot how do you go about getting them removed? I don't think the local Authorities, Police or anyone else will want to help you
  9. I know these are pretty nasty things to have and have been offered a jab by my GP Has anyone on here had this and if so were there any side effects?
  10. 20 Bore Cartridges 159 x Eley VIP Game 30gm 5 shot Felt Wads 48 RC Sipe 28gm 6 shot Felt wads 20 Kent Impact Tungsten Matrix 30gm 6 Shot Non Toxic 16 Hull Pro 20 24gm 7 1/2 shot Plastic wads Total 243 Collect ONLY North Yorkshire £40
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