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  1. Quite so - I have a Wigan address
  2. Caribbean holidays are well within the reach of a successful pharmaceutical distributer
  3. fern01

    A new low

    A few years ago all the paving slabs around the memorial / info board for the battle of Marston Moor were taken
  4. I agree As I said in my earlier post the mostly female primary teachers are pushing this vegan propaganda all the time
  5. Most of the questions on sex, gender, race etc are optional The temptation to claim I am a black one legged lesbian with two newborn babies who lives in a shoe box under the stairs was overwhelming
  6. Usual publicity seeking, virtue signalling twaddle by a bunch of overpaid idiots and their masters
  7. I don't understand why they don't want to eat meat but want to eat things that look like meat The teachers in Primary schools have been pushing the vegetarian propaganda for at least thirty years to my knowledge
  8. fern01


    You can't feed an old bird chaff
  9. A young lady in the USA ran out of hairspray and decided to use Gorilla spray glue instead. She is now proposing to sue the company for damages Only in America would someone be so foolish and then expect compensation
  10. How would you propose to 'control' dog ownership?
  11. On the subject of unhealthy laybys, the hedges and ditches adjacent are also the most rat infested places I know. This is made worse if there is a food van on site
  12. My 11 year old grandson is the same, but he plays football at every opportunity and just doesn't seem to feel the cold
  13. You could check the serial numbers on the caravans and the vehicles for red diesel for a start
  14. Would the guy who asked the length of pull contact me again, thanks
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