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  1. From what I have seen recently it wouldn't take long before they would be gone
  2. Here's a suggestion; Every time a boat load of illegal migrants land on our shores a French fishing licence is withdrawn until there is non left.
  3. Thanks for the replies, some good ideas there apart from the socks
  4. Thanks for your suggestion Steve, I have tried that without any success. I think it may be more of a sinus problem
  5. Can anyone out there suggest something which will relieve this miserable condition I have had for some time now Been to see the GP and the ENT guy at the Hospital and nothing works at all except steroids which you can only take for a short time
  6. I watched a guy who imports toys from the Far East It used to cost him 60p to transport a large toy truck to the UK The going rate now is over £7 Time for the likes of Hornby and all the others to start making their goods here again I think
  7. fern01


    I live next door to a Consultant surgeon who has spent most of the last year and a half at home. I think he is getting paid a lot of money for doing next to nothing. He is piling the timber on too
  8. From a safety and quality point of view anyone who sleeps on or under a blanket made in China could be making a big mistake given the quality issues
  9. Most garages monitor people filling containers with the cctv to make sure they are using an approved type and turn the pump off if not correct. Then have a word. Probably missed this because they are too busy raking in the money
  10. If we have removed up to a million from the labour force why is there a housing crisis? Also unemployment of the fit and healthy should be zero
  11. Just hope they don't win, the celebrations would be unbearable
  12. Thanks Steve, I wondered if asking the GP might not go down too well, professional pride and all that.
  13. How do you find a consultant who works in the field of medicine you need?
  14. No need - they are already here
  15. An older Static caravan that has to be moved off its site due to site owners rules on age etc can be bought reasonably cheaply
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