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  1. There isn't any cladding at all. It is due to knee jerk reaction legislation following the Glenfell disaster All the banks are quoting the same, and have a tie in with RICS What it means in practical terms is if you own a flat in a building over five floors high none can get a mortgage to buy it without the £25k survey unless they pay cash.
  2. I think its designed for developers who are buying or building a complete block. Then it would only be a £1000 or two per flat They are applying it to single flats which means unless you are a cash buyer it just won't happen Got to be a RICS surveyor appointed by the bank, Nat West
  3. Bank wants £25,000 for a cladding fire survey before granting a mortgage to buy a flat for £111,000! Has to be carried out by a RICS surveyor The front is glass and concrete and the rear is rendered brick Does anyone on PW know of a way to sort this out
  4. fern01

    high streets

    I agree the Internet is the main cause of the High Streets demise. The Councils which have deliberately reduced on street parking and in some places charge £7 - 8 a day to park have made a bad situation worse. Add the Parking wardens with quotas to fill it makes going to Town a pain.
  5. This demonstration is a damned disgrace! There is no one representing black or other ethnic minorities never mind the MGB GT lot
  6. One I can never forget "shush, there's a young man dying in there"
  7. When I was a child my heroes were Douglas Bader, Leonard Cheshire and Guy Gibson Where are the people of that calibre now?
  8. Young birds like this often hit overhead wires when chasing prey I took one like this to a Falconry Centre and the main flight feathers had been damaged this way. By the way they do a routine x-ray to check for broken bones and lead shot It took a full year before it fully recovered and was able to hunt
  9. That's why the Brexit negotiations are being made as difficult as possible as a Scarborough warning to the other nations who might try jump ship.
  10. A former Lord Mayor of York has apologised for 'highly insensitive' comments about the death of World Cup winning footballer Jack Charlton. Green Party councillor Dave Taylor sparked fury after he posted a comment on Facebook about the Leeds United and England star who died on Friday aged 85. In a reference to Charlton's enjoyment of shooting, Cllr Taylor wrote: "Jack 'Bloodsports' Charlton is dead. Good." When someone responded to his comment, suggesting they didn't like cruelty to animals or humans, Clr Taylor posted: "I didn't advocate being cruel to him, I just don
  11. fern01


    I am cheesed off about this, pedestrians have already have lost the footpaths to the selfish 30 somethings on uninsured and unidentified mountain bikes and now we have added electric powered scooters which despite the legal requirement restricting them to 15mph are easily altered to do 30. I view adults riding on the footpath as cowards that can't handle riding on the road My mates mother in law had her pelvis smashed by a cyclist on a footpath, he counter claimed for a set of forks and a front wheel
  12. She will be back, I remember one of the top Union guys used to call her 'our little Becky'. He who pays the piper...
  13. Not a terrorist act? At a hotel housing asylum seekers All the usual bull, and standard statements Shocked and saddened politicians Lessons will be learnt Our thoughts with injured Thanks to our brave emergency services Flowers will be laid Candles will be lit And we will do nothing to send these people home as they have crossed many safe countries to get here
  14. We are not heading there, we are already there in parts of some Northern cities
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