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  1. sorry lads, basically, some idiots have been out shooting rabbits, without gaining the permission, driving through hedge rows..and shooting sheep at the same time…..
  2. hope you can see this link……it puts a dark shadow on the shooting world https://www.facebook.com/groups/farmersfreeadssheepshed/ sorry..that should have been allowed
  3. sorry if this sound s harsh https://www.facebook.com/farmwatcher/photos/a.231387887048948.1073741828.230364610484609/548657405321993/?type=3&theater
  4. jasper3

    Skin Tags

    True story…i had a lump on the old gonads….and like most men, you try to wish it away…after 6 weeks, i just knew i had to sort it..so off to the doctors…you know that feeling when your in the waiting room…all of a sudden,this stunning mid 30s beautiful woman called my name….OMG..is this my new doctor... anyway..it didn't take long for her to get my Gonads on display….it felt like ages when she started to prod and have a good feel…..i would have paid for this lol anyway..she said it was a tag…3 weeks later..it vanished
  5. these may be able to help…. http://www.bhwt.org.uk our girl is 6 this year and still giving an egg a day…she is top bird lol
  6. jasper3


    back to the land of phone and internet now mind you..this new life style is keeping me busy... i do the quad riding, and the wife does the hard work
  7. A few months back, someone broke into the RNLI life boat house here in Exmouth, causing damage,
  8. Wasn't Tax brought in on a temporary measure to raise money for a war….. the battle continues
  9. Totally Agree Steve, well my lovely trees have arrived, well pleased
  10. Man kind..the greediest creature on the planet…give him metal and paper , call it money and he becomes the most selfish **** ever to set foot on earth, then brain wash him with a bit of religion... give him an average of 70 years to live, and what does he do……****** wastes it on protecting a thing he can't take with him in death, don't you just love selfishness and greed..
  11. anything under a fiver is good… but i must admit to quite liking a nice little number from Gallo family vineyards, a cracking little Cabernet Sauvignon,coming out a 5.99… very nice
  12. normally hedges get cut between october to march..this is when the hedge is dormant
  13. So we have a great guy on here who has given me some trees, now he has offered me some more but bigger, so..i ask on another site if any one is coming from wales to plymouth for a kayak fishing comp…instantly a guy steps up, offer to meet up and pick up said trees, then on route meet with me and drop off trees….how fantastic is that..the power of good people and internet
  14. we do have a hen who thinks she is in the family group every opportunity and she will come indoors, normally following the dog
  15. worth every penny http://www.southwesthireandsales.co.uk/electric-floor-tile-stripper
  16. We are just building a little page to gather interest, once we start producing and selling we will get a website built, as said, at this point, its just showing how the place and business is building https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jopes-mill-hillside-produce/771020719622304
  17. what the hell is happening to the party now…they seem in turmoil ,
  18. jasper3

    Grass cuttings

    you can compost grass cuttings, me personally will be drying out for goat feed..but it helps if you have goats
  19. jasper3


    thanks for the tip about Advantix i didn't know about that ..great post mate
  20. jasper3


    good luck midge, it can have a horrible outcome if not treated early, hope things work out well ,for the last few years we always keep a tim twister and bottle of alcohol cream in the 1st aid pack
  21. jasper3


    i guess it is all part of nature , still not nice though, i have heard the Deer tick gets big, Thanks La bala, thats put me off baked beans
  22. yet another quake, feel so sorry for these lovely people, some of the nicest people you could ever meet
  23. jasper3


    certainly spat out a lot of blood when i crushed it...
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