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  1. Let him crack on then and try everything else first, as with anything there is a knack to it, cockers are renowned for not wanting to give up retrieves, how many cockers have you trained/owned Kent? As the dog comes in with delivery, go as normal to take the retrieve, once your hands are on the game give the release command, at the same time apply pressure on the dogs paw with your foot, I don't mean stamp on it just a gentle amount and the dog will immediately release game after 2-3 goes of this the dog will release on the command without the pressure on its paw.
  2. doesn't sound like hard mouth, more unwilling to give up the retrieve, a common cocker trait, when he comes in with the delivery, stand on his foot, he will soon drop the bird then, after a few times doing this he should get the message.
  3. Yes, got it off Ian Openshaw at Rytex at 8 weeks old, had a few off him now, really like his stuff, this ones coming along nicely. Cracking pic Tim!
  4. Where from?? they seem to be 5-6k in the advertisements up in Scotland, i understand it may be cheaper further south, but 2.5k sounds very cheap!
  5. Had a decent day on Friday, re-joined SACS after a few years absence, and being almost frog marched by a keeper to the tent and picked up a 2nd in the spaniel test, weather was very good which always helps!
  6. Look on the KC puppy finder site, there are lots of litters there in Scotland, some docked and chipped.
  7. Small maily black flys, like caithness almost all lochs hold trout but dont expect any monsters
  8. could you pass on your cousins name and phone number ,the one who had angie meeks dog magic. it would be nice to see how they are getting on.

    thanks steve

  9. No Davvy Lisset has pepper, had thought of using him, as he's very closely related (but not too close) to my bitch, but the pups would likely be all black and white, I'd preffer a mixture of liver and black, probably use beggarbush boris or dawsonlee chance.
  10. Cheers mate, got one more trial to run her in this year then I'll be lining her to keep a pup back for myself, will likely use Ian openshaws stud.
  11. My 2 year old FTAW Molly, out picking up on a driven shoot today.
  12. I trial and work my dogs at shoots, as long as you're consistent with the dog, I don't see a problem with it.
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