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  1. Mk 1 rapid fac pm if interested for more details
  2. foxnet22

    Rapid 7

    12ftlbs or fac ?
  3. yes a mini wifi device I used one registered with ee and topped up monthly .
  4. at my allotment I use 12v leisure battery .a ip camera £25 from the bay .a solar panel .and you may need a portable wi fi device ?.works fine
  5. foxnet22


    with the temperature dropping a bit just loaded the stove up with firewood .I'm wondering what wood gives off the best heat heard hawthorn is a good one ?.
  6. got them here in Sunderland. a flock of about 20 fly past my house daily to roost.
  7. I will take fell terrier brian plummer and world of working terrier d harcombe please bank transfer ok .please pm if so
  8. original simmons whitetail classic Philippines model .good overall condition any more info please pm £100 plus postage.
  9. still available if interested please pm
  10. if anyone needs more info please pm this is my gun regrettably for sale
  11. Yes that's the one I've heard that there are other suitable ir LEDs on the market other than there own make .just wondering if anyone as any judgement on them .
  12. I've a nm 800 with the X searcher head and looking into a ir pill to add to it to be attached to a photon RT set up any recommendations on what pill to look into that would give that bit extra than the photon it?
  13. Cz American 3/8th picatinney wanted suitable to bring my photon NV around 2inch back on rifle .please pm with details .
  14. Simmons whitetail classic not the newer model. This is the old Philippines model the scope is in good overall condition any more info please pm.looking for £100 posted.
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