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  1. Thanks to all cheers fellas
  2. Looking for some suitable permission with good back stops to do target shooting only with my 223.northeast area any help would be greatly appreciated please pm with any suggestions thanks
  3. Any builders out there who could advise me on a dampness problem. I have noticed there is dampness developing in interior lower walls behind front door and a foist type smell .could anyone advise me on how to solve this and what materials I may need ..upon inspection I've noticed outside there is a soil patch next to front step would I dig this all out and fill with concrete. ?
  4. I'm considering a rifle case to transport my tikka 595 plus scope in what case would you fellas recommend I look at thanks
  5. foxnet22

    Bsa open sights

    Anyone got a set of open sights front and rear for bsa mercury they would like to sell please pm with details thanks .
  6. foxnet22

    Bsa mercury s

    Looking for a mercury s. Must be in good overall condition please pm with details
  7. foxnet22


    Does anyone in the north east area breed or know anyone that breeds a working strain of polecat .not interested in any of these so called eu polecats that are advertising solely for profit.would rather give my money to a genuine old school breeder. Please pm with details .
  8. Looking for a note 3 please pm with details thanks
  9. foxnet22

    Logun solo

    Looking for the full tube
  10. foxnet22

    Logun solo

    Does anyone have a logun solo air cylinder they would like to sell on please pm with details
  11. Does anyone have a 8ft mk 1 collar that they not using and would like to sell please pm .
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