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  1. Sorry went to wrong post somehow
  2. I have the tikka m595 in 223 calibre.never had any issues with it .coupled with a Schmidt bender 8x56 and a T4 mod.would recommend one
  3. I use the nightmaster nm800 torch on my rifle easy to replace battery if needed .you can carry a spare in your pocket .does the job for me with the red pill fitted .
  4. foxnet22

    Air rifle wanted

    Trading post hylton road .they sell them mate but doubt they will be open due to current circumstances
  5. foxnet22


    Can anyone recommend a mincer that would be suitable for rabbit ..?
  6. Looking for the above stock switch for my nm 800 torch if anyone got a spare please pm with details
  7. foxnet22

    Night shifts

    Done 12 on 2 off 12-14 hour shifts then on last shift a 4.30 hour drive to get home that always resulted in one of the days off gone due to sleep.done this forv5 years then the problems started to set in due to lack of sleep.eventually ended up doing less shifts and on days .but still have sleep problems ten year later .have a good think about the problems it can cause and dont fall into the trap of drinking the energy drinks as many do .
  8. Yes hes just found one this morning .now sorted thanks
  9. Its to cover front of house doesnt have to be wifi and yes mains powered.
  10. Looking for a replacement bullit cctv camera mines had its day .not so sure of the make but im needing a camera that gives good clear nightvision preferably with wide angle to it .any suggestions on what to look for .
  11. A friend is looking for the above in good condition.please pm with details.
  12. foxnet22

    Extended wifi

    After a break in at the allotment I've installed a 12v cctv camera via a portable WiFi connection to my android device however the portable WiFi keeps losing connection. Would it be possible to somehow extend the signal of my home WiFi via a wireless connection 100 yrds or so to my allotment wifi camera if so what device am I looking for ?
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