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  1. Wonder if we see the victims names on the back of football shirts of if there is thousands march on the streets to protest against this incident and kneel to there memory .somehow I think not .can someone wake me up up and explain what this country as become .why are powers that be not listening to the wishes of the British public .thoughts to the family's of those victims .
  2. Her indoors is looking into the purchase of a static caravan.so thought I would ask the knowledge of pw members who have experienced statics what we should be looking out for before we take the plunge .she as narrowed the location down to the Tyne valley area northumberland.any recommendations up that way of decent sites ?is there any underlying costs we should look out for etc ?
  3. If you have a change of mind id take them and pay for courier obviously.
  4. foxnet22

    Logun solo

    Does anyone have any idea where i can buy a new airtube to fit a logun solo .?
  5. Well i like the idea of mr farage keeping us updated on a situation that the media will not .if my memory serves me correct was it not the media who opened the flood gates to these immigrants by announcing we only had two border patrol boats to cover the full uk coastline.?its an invasion time will tell the damage is done ..
  6. foxnet22

    Harris bipod

    Swivel type harris bipod wanted please pm with details
  7. foxnet22

    Bsa airsporter s

    Airsporter s in good original condition with open sights wanted please pm with details
  8. Hello mate and welcome back .there is a rapid members page on fb if your on it .send joining request .i have noticed lately there seems to be a high demand for the mk 1 rapids on there .good luck hope you get sorted
  9. Logun solo wanted for parts
  10. Sorry went to wrong post somehow
  11. I have the tikka m595 in 223 calibre.never had any issues with it .coupled with a Schmidt bender 8x56 and a T4 mod.would recommend one
  12. I use the nightmaster nm800 torch on my rifle easy to replace battery if needed .you can carry a spare in your pocket .does the job for me with the red pill fitted .
  13. foxnet22

    Air rifle wanted

    Trading post hylton road .they sell them mate but doubt they will be open due to current circumstances
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