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  1. foxnet22

    Rambo fbp1

    If you decide to sell I will take it off your hands for 20 p fella.
  2. foxnet22

    Single malt

    Having called into my local store for a bottle of my favourite tipple jura I was informed that jura no longer produce it's superstition bottle.this was a lightly peated malt that I was becoming rather fond of .any recommendations for a replacement lightly peated malt I could try .
  3. foxnet22

    All terrain tyres

    Looking for two all terrain 16 inch tyres with good tread north east area if anyone's got a couple please pm with details .
  4. foxnet22

    Cheap .410

    Hope they enjoy it safe shooting mate .
  5. foxnet22

    Logun solo air tube wanted

    Looking for a 9 inch hush power detachable moderator suitable for a baikel 410.please pm with details
  6. foxnet22

    Red filter for a light force striker 170

    If you will accept bank transfer I will take this thanks
  7. foxnet22

    D Day

    Very brave men they where.I wonder how they would feel looking at the country they laid down there lives for now.RIP to all they are legends .
  8. foxnet22

    rapid 7 bottle

    Pm sent
  9. foxnet22

    Logun solo

    Air tube for a logun solo wanted even one with air leaks would do I will replace seals .please pm if you have a broken logun solo and would sell the air tube .
  10. foxnet22

    Air rifle

    Overtime rats become immune to the poison I have witnessed this on a infested farm I shoot on .the best way is to bait a area leave them to it for a while until they feel safe then shoot them with a not to powerful air rifle using flat head pellets .
  11. foxnet22

    Lakeland terrier wanted

    Hi there try looking up a good terrier breeder by the name of Gary middleton.he has bred some outstanding working strain of lakeland over the years.
  12. foxnet22

    rapid 7

    F.a.c rated or 12 ftlbs ?
  13. Sorry not had chance to look for battery had my sister come visiting.

    Will have look asap.tony

    1. foxnet22


      Ok thanks mate I've sent you my number 

  14. Wanted 18v battery suitable for makita LXT impact driver
  15. foxnet22

    New mortgage

    We wI'll be putting current house up for sale then .and pay some of the new one hopefully leaving a smaller payment .