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  1. foxnet22

    Bsa open sights

    Anyone got a set of open sights front and rear for bsa mercury they would like to sell please pm with details thanks .
  2. foxnet22

    Bsa mercury s

    Looking for a mercury s. Must be in good overall condition please pm with details
  3. foxnet22


    Does anyone in the north east area breed or know anyone that breeds a working strain of polecat .not interested in any of these so called eu polecats that are advertising solely for profit.would rather give my money to a genuine old school breeder. Please pm with details .
  4. Looking for a note 3 please pm with details thanks
  5. foxnet22

    Logun solo

    Looking for the full tube
  6. foxnet22

    Logun solo

    Does anyone have a logun solo air cylinder they would like to sell on please pm with details
  7. Does anyone have a 8ft mk 1 collar that they not using and would like to sell please pm .
  8. Lightforce scope mounted lamp with amber filter good condition £30 +postage
  9. And what do I do if it is proved someone did deliberately change it .and yes I would be that employee after all I done my bit by giving up a week of my time to do them a favour as no one else would. This is not the first time this as happened with this company hence why they struggle to get people to do emergency call outs .all I wanted was my pay and as soon as I get I'm on my way.this won't happen again with me .but would like to confront managenent with a bit know how about the matter. Thanks for all replies chaps.
  10. When I phoned my boss and he got my original copy of time sheet he read from the time sheet and clearly stated it said 10 hours .funny thing is I wrote it out stating 10 shifts and my mate can confirm this .someone as altered the time sheet without my knowing.
  11. I would like to ask the knowledgeable members there advise on the following .I received my payslip from work last week and noticed my overtime was not paid .I confronted the manager about this and after checking my time sheet it was noticed that someone altered my overtime from 10 shifts to 10 hours .this could only have been done by office staff.resulting in a loss of £500.the mangers assured me the problem would be rectified immediately. It is now Christmas eve and I sill have not received any payment. I would like to know where I stand on this matter and could I take some legal action .basically wanting some ammunition so to speak for when I return to work and take this further. I'm assuming this could be classed as fraud would I be correct ?
  12. foxnet22

    Rambo fbp1

    If you decide to sell I will take it off your hands for 20 p fella.
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