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  1. Hi everyone After a bit of info please, Ive just bought a secondhand Bettinsoli ou its got really quite nice dark grainy wood 28" barrels red plastic end sight with a mid bead as well nice engraving with a dogs head underneath just in front of the trigger guard, it has a ventilated top rib and ventilated side rib the trigger itself is gold but its worn off where it come into contact with the finger so I would say fairly old or used a lot, reads Bettinsoli Tarcisio arm on top barrel stamped I think A.B.T just slightly to the left under the top lever, stamped I think BT also there's a BA un
  2. hankook1

    bullpup .177

    Thanks got a really nice fx wildcat off uk airgun forum ..
  3. But I was asking why some people seem to think a single shot is more accurate,reliability doesn't come into it for the life of me I really can't see how it would make Any difference someone must know
  4. Hi, just wondering why it is some people prefer a single shot mag saying its more accurate, how do this work as surely the pellet is seated into the breach by the bolt/lever so Why would this make a single shot mag give a tighter grouping , am I missing something here !
  5. Hi would like to buy this but I live just east of Norwich how much would it cost to send this to my local rfd
  6. hankook1

    bullpup .177

    Hi I'm looking to purchase a secondhand decent bullpup air rifle in .177 cal. Norfolk/suffolk area, already have a hw100 s which is 6 weeks old but now looking for something a bit lighter to carry when stalking. What do you have might poss go for a carbine but would prefer a bullpup with a long barrel. Regards Alf..
  7. Just a update, thanks for the replies haven't found the right gun yet but sure I will soon if not will wait for rfd"s to reopen, please bare in mind it have to be local to me which is Beccles, Norfolk/Suffolk border thanks again. Regards Alf..
  8. Hi, thanks just checked think Ronnie sunshine only deliver to door in a 30 mile radius anything further then to certain rfd's and all the ones around me are closed at the moment
  9. Hi all, Anyone got either a Weihrauch 100 , Bsa scorpion , or possible AA s410 for sale in the Norfolk/suffolk area live at Beccles up to £1000.00 for right gun with scope but would need to be Immaculate for that money, just can't seem to get a new one right now as all rfd's shut around here, had gun on order from Pellpax for over 5 weeks and had to give up on them thru lack of Communication and still no delivery, can't see things changing anytime soon either, so if you do have one your not using send me a message or call me 07825993060. Regards Alf.
  10. Hi diss4111 Did you sell the mec .
  11. only got em Friday still in the boxes as yet hope to get out soon will take lead as well just in case lol
  12. its because they have 1000s of lead carts to get rid off first as they probably can't send them back for a refund as had em for a while that's understandable, I got mine from just cartridges as wanted to try them out as I was curious how they might perform, and I would imagine in 5 years time lead will be all but a thing of the past and steel loads will be the main choices, so might as well start now, I don't like it anymore than anyone else but in 5 years lets hope they can make further improvements .
  13. thanks guys guess I will see how get on, not concerned about the recoil or steel damage as have a Winchester sx3 stamped with the fluer-de-lis so should handle any load..
  14. Hi all, Ok I have shot pigeons for over forty years now and have always shot lead , But I have decided its worth trying out steel shot so I've bought a slab of game bore steel 32gm no 4 and a slab of Eley steel 32gm no 5 and I am open to advice from pigeon shooters who already use steel shot, first are these a wise choice of loads for shooting over decoys and secondly what can I expect to experience in the way they differ from lead loads, I would rather hear your views than research it online as you guys have already made the transition and should be able to offer me the best advise , re
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