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  1. hankook1

    Smart pigeons

    Bet the intelegent Woody's fed heavy between 11.00 and 11.02 today lol
  2. hankook1

    Winchester SX3 & SX4

    sx3 in my opinion is superior think the new sx4 is assembled in portugal
  3. hankook1

    Semi Auto Club

    i use a sx3 fantastic gun it's 3.5" chamber and will cycle any cart 70mm upwards i use this gun for everything my shooting buddy has a 3.5" chambered sbe and although a good gun he is going to get a sx3 now there are still a few new ones left dont know if the sx4 will prove to be as good guess time will tell
  4. hankook1

    Gamebore Wild Game Cartridges.

    i bought a slab from clarkes of walsham recently they were 32gm #6 when i got them home i looked at the batch number on the box and compared it to the batch number on a slab of clear pigeon carts guess what they were identical so yes they are clear pigeon only difference was the colour they were transparent light blue, also some of them were rusty so i took them back and got the money back hope this was helpfull
  5. hankook1

    invector + extended choke (mod)

    Hi i am looking for a decent invector + extended choke (modified)/half for my winchester sx3 if anyone got one for sale please message me, Regards Alf..
  6. hankook1

    28" or 30" Barrels

    how i see it is if you get a gun with 28" barrels and buy a couple of 50mm extended chokes you can have both options
  7. hankook1

    Used Beretta semi auto

    Thats ok mate ive not advertised it for sale just saw your message on here that you were looking for a good s/a on a budget it will stay in my cabinet if you want it once you're sorted with the hatsan let me know
  8. hankook1

    Used Beretta semi auto

    Hi clodhopper, I have a really nice Beretta a303 sporter 28" barrel multi choke with 3 chokes not done much work it really is like new been sitting in my cabinet for years as i didn't want to part with it before but i have so many guns i don't think i will ever use it again . You're not to far away if you want it i will sell it for £375.00
  9. hankook1

    winchester sx4

    Hello cosd, I've gone for a new sx3 instead with the 28" barrel as they made a mistake with the stock levels of sx4s and i didn't think the 6 week wait was worth it think I've made the right decision as the sx3 is a well proven gun and your right with barrel length think 28" would suit me better as they say you can always add a 2" extended choke if needed its a bit more difficult to reduce the length !!
  10. hankook1

    How does the Winchester SXP feel compared to SX3/SX4

    nothing wrong with either the sx3/4 or the sxp and as far as quality go only difference is the sx3/4 is made in Portugal and the sxp (pump) is now made in turkey
  11. hankook1

    modern winchester date of manufactor

    Thanks guys got them now
  12. just wondering if anyone know how to date a modern Winchester shotgun cant find any reference to this cheers !
  13. hankook1

    winchester sx4

    ye i was originally after a sx3 anyway only went for the sx4 cos they were doing them cheaper than the sx3 and its basically the same gun, once all the sx3 s have gone i think the price of the sx4 will go up anyway just like they done with the franchi affinity. either way im happy to go for the sx3 almost 10 year production run must say something for it .
  14. hankook1

    winchester sx4

    figgy the dealer has just called me and said there suppliers have a stock error and actually don't have any left and will need to order it from browning and will be end of march but will still let me have it for the same price as there are going up so its either wait six weeks or they have a sx3 for £55.00 more (not sure what to do )
  15. hankook1

    winchester sx4

    just ordered my new Winchester sx4 3.5" chamber composite matt black with a 30" barrel will be trying it out sat roost shooting seem to be a lot of gun for £674.00 as i thought the only changes were purely ergonomics but it seems they have upgraded the active valve system as well by fitting a brass ring as apposed to the plastic one on the sx3 to give it better longevity guess time will tell !!