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  1. sako751sg

    CZ 455 Thumb hole laminated stock

    Aye,maybe not ideal.
  2. sako751sg

    Land development

    All of the above help.
  3. sako751sg

    CZ 455 Thumb hole laminated stock

    How would the normal profile barrel do with this stock?
  4. sako751sg

    Game days? How much is justifiable?

    We usually take a couple of days to treat ourselves to something different and enjoy it very much. No huge bags but some good drives and remember one where I decked 14 birds which was unbelievable considering the price. Rest of the season delighted just walking about on various farms where I've set up feeders and get great days from that too.
  5. sako751sg

    2019 Chilli Growing thread

    Well on. My chillis have been a wee bit hit and miss and have re-seeded quite a few so hopefully they come through. Toms are flying and potted deeper today for the second time so they should be fine.
  6. sako751sg

    Work boots, but in half sizes?

    I use Haix now and any other boot i try is just so uncomfy.Expensive but seem to fit to perfection.
  7. sako751sg

    Trialing dog's that also work

    The average shoot dog is trained to a very poor standard from what I've been involved in and does a good dog no favours at all. The lad which had the dog that Jake is from was on a few shoots and his dogs were an exception and all he did was pick up. Had an invited woodcock day from a couple of shooting friends with Mac and took Rab at the time.Between 6 of us there were i think 9 dogs and it was a joy,every single one to a very good standard,no shouting and endless whistling. What a difference it made to the day.
  8. sako751sg

    2019 Chilli Growing thread

    Agreed,and always seems to taste so much better. I set enough seeds for us,one couple that i get shooting off,the old folk and a mate just up the road and they take as much as i can give.So easy,even if its just a few for a good sunny cill.
  9. sako751sg

    2019 Chilli Growing thread

    You want some Basket Of Fires through? Ordered a pack,they didnt come so they resent another pack plus a free pack of a different variety so have plenty.
  10. sako751sg

    2019 Chilli Growing thread

    All toms except for 2 have germinated out of 36 so not too bad. No chillis through at all yet but i always find them slow with me so hopefully will in a few more days.Have popped in the prop so see if that makes a difference.
  11. sako751sg


    Hopefully doesnt have widespread consequences for the hare population. Our numbers are superb and the recovery in the last 10ish years pretty remarkable and hopefully it continues.Only shot one this season and lift the gun very sparingly to them.
  12. sako751sg

    RIP Albert Finney.

    Probably biased as its during prohibition in the US,an era which i like watching and reading about.Gabriel Byrne is in it too. Hopefully you enjoy it anyway.
  13. sako751sg

    RIP Albert Finney.

    Millers Crossing too as well fella.Good movie altogether imo.
  14. sako751sg

    RIP Albert Finney.

    Another outstanding actor gone. Some good roles through the years.
  15. Cheers bud. Ta Daz.