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  1. One for the Fowler’s

    Good write up but would have been better if you had put "and ducks".
  2. So, what do you reckon?

    No thoughts needed really. It's above board because that pigeons at some time probably will be causing damage. If I remember rightly it was cleared up a few years ago when the use of decoys was questioned.
  3. Curlews

    Quite a few pairs and love hearing them although nowhere near the numbers of old. Usually try and thin out any early evening wandering foxes that scoop up the nexts on their travels. Had 2 the last 2 evenings and one on a superb field that always gets big numbers of peesies nesting on it.
  4. So, what do you reckon?

    You are fine. You can be shooting them to prevent damage they may cause.
  5. New Project,shooting boxes.Day 4.

    Plenty to watch fella,although will be have 40 winks now and again. Dare say i have too fella. Cheers. Was supposed to put a rail but missed it.Probably do one at a later date,or maybe just wait until the inevitable tumble has happened.
  6. Unreal the amount of not so old "celebs" dying at the moment.
  7. New Project,shooting boxes.Day 4.

    Fair age he was. Plenty of parks drilled this last few days and the roe are back to their usual haunts. Got your messages Mark,and will bell.
  8. New Project,shooting boxes.Day 4.

    Finally finished the hoosie except for the door handle which didnt arrive this morning. Old fella cracked the painting and i finished off a few wee bits inside including hinged rests for shooting off. Braced the legs off two posts and its unbelievably rigid now and hardly moves.Everything cleared away so hopefully with less disturbance things will get back to normal although the roe are still working close to it already. Also managed a couple of bucks this morning including a real old 7 pointer.
  9. Konichi Wa. I am back

    +1. A place I have always fancied going to although doubt I will.
  10. New Project,shooting boxes.Day 4.

    Think we crossed posts fella.
  11. New Project,shooting boxes.Day 4.

    Not fixed Figgy,just free standing with 8x2 plate feet sitting on blocks. Have 6x2s for bracing to the ground ready to go in place and could drive posts in at the feet and bolt to legs but will see.
  12. Drink driving ant&dec

    As i would say to anyone that gets done for drink driving,hopefully he learns from this and it never happens again. Shouldnt be treated any different to the thousands and thousands who get done for the same offence and the lad obviously has demons to beat and heres hoping he does.
  13. 2018 Chilli Growing

    Looking very healthy. My Toms were put out into the greenhouse at the weekend,around a week earlier than last year. They are a fair bit hardier than the chillis but a decent frost would still impact them.
  14. Game and Stout pie sesh

    Sure they will be fine bud. Cant really go wrong in the slow cooker,great invention.
  15. New Project,shooting boxes.Day 4.

    Will be wrapped in bubblewrap from now on.