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  1. Sounds a top day. Lovely weather here too and what a difference it makes to the wildlife.
  2. Hard to imagine a more scenic stand for the view down below.Not easy birds either especially with that wind.
  3. Outstanding wee shoot and pity we didnt get a bit longer to chat with all and put faces to the names. Hopefully try and make one of the further away ones now and appreciated that others made the journey up. Once again,cheers from us both.
  4. Been reports of quite a few getting taken in plenty rivers and real early for here.Hoping its a sign of a decent run as the last 4-5 have been dire.
  5. Absolutely no connection to body size and antler size. Biggest 2 i have shot scored 167 and 157 and both were under 17kg with the big lad just over 16kg. The heaviest ive seen was 23.5kg and he ended up being a bronze,and he was an ancient beast going well back. Nice even head the one you have,get him boiled and let us know the weight for a better idea on what he will score.
  6. Good start fella and hopefully this fine spell of weather carries on.
  7. Not the best kept secret but Maggie Thatcher visited one regiment once and when the figure 11s turned Neil Kinnocks pic was on it.Luckily,nobody filmed it.
  8. ^^^^ This x10. This is mild compared to many but the lack of common sense in filming and sharing is astounding.
  9. Pigeon numbers were pretty high on all the new sown parks that we had access to.Very busy road for the size of it as they all seemed to be in the area. Dont think the area needs allt hat promoting,the place speaks for itself as far as we have seen and heres hoping for a wee visit next season too. Cheers regarding the old fella,and the old dear is hearing no end of the trip.She phoned on the second day home and said he had actually said it was the best time hes ever had,and knowing what hes done in his many years that speaks volumes.Great that we can do things like this as he wasnt one for travelling for his shooting so making the most of it now.At 74 he still puts a great shift in and he wouldnt have it any other way.He was regretting it the last evening when he dragged 2 ungralloched CWDs 800ish metres to our RV place due to forgetting his knife,but soon recovered. Cheers bud. Driving is the only downside but soon forgotten when you have 3 days ahead of us that are brilliant. Ta bumpy. Hopefully you get sorted out asap.Bucks starting would be my number 1 day of the year and always wonder what will be going about.Only seen one cleaning here so far but with this weather im expecting them to be a wee bit ahead than usual in a week or two.
  10. Tusks in remarkably good condition and the few mid to old ones ive shot had horrendous dental hygiene. Suppose like all species some go against the grain in trying to determine age and as said im very far from clued up on the wee fellas.
  11. Thats an absolute beast of a muntjac,some thickness on it. Im just regurgating what the fellas have said so could well be wrong.The first one i shot he reckoned was getting on to 8+ and had antlers going way back,and were very thin with the brows just offerings which he said in years gone past would have been prominent. Facinating wee beasts anyway,and so much character.
  12. Far from an expert but does the short pedicle length not point to an older beast?
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