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  1. Excellent way to spend a day JD. First settled day here for a wee while although sleet and snow on the higher grounds tonight apparently.
  2. Ta Mark. Weather was keech but lucky the roe were still in the usual sheltered bits.Wee bit more colour now too from when you were doon.
  3. Thanks Konnie,i had a great time and hopefully the other lad did too. Cheers JD,and im embarrassed to say i didnt study the Corn Bunting properly and just presumed it was a Linnet so been educated today.We kept Linnets for decades too and cant believe i just presumed. When at the hoosie the other day there were Linnets,(real ones this time),Bullies,loads of Goldfinches,a single Blackcap as well as a single Red Poll,quite a few Willow Warblers and all the usual suspects and that was all visible from the hoosie and mostly at the feeder and the wee niger station. Outstanding to
  4. Finally had the lad up from Suffolk for the bucks and relief to get it done and dusted. Had pencilled in for 3 days but think he thought he had doen enough so done 2 but they were a fine couple.Weather was horrendous,strong freezing Northerly combined with heavy hail and sleet showers which were no ideal at all. Arrived here at 1750ish and after a wee run round we headed for where i knew would be a banker for the evening and were there for around 1900.By low light he had a couple of nice 6 pointers and and a couple of wee yearlings in velvet so a good start. Next morning was bal
  5. It is strange considering the amount of people always asking or looking for somewhere to shoot. At that price its ideal for some of these to get a foot in the door.I think it more shows that some folk do indeed care that they at least get a few birds for their time than just enjoy the day out and the birds are a bonus. Ive tried to put feeders at as many places as i can and have tremendous walked up sport and all for the price of barley and diesel.Dont understand why more dont do the same.
  6. Started using silos maybe 3 years ago and have never failed to pull birds in. Have around 80 but still adding to the pattern.
  7. Hopefully make it with the old fella but know nearer the time.
  8. Same here. Find it very hard to believe that the brutality mentioned was done in view,if at all. As for kicking,i would give mine what a lot of snowflakes would call a kick when in reality its no worse than a tug on the lug.You would think they were drop kicking for 3 points going by the hysteria when the word kick is used. Some folk are happy with a dog that they think is good enough for their needs and frown upon others who have higher standards and achieve that standard by being harsher but fail to differenciate cruelty from discipline. However,if the extent was as the O
  9. Some good clips and pics there. Hopefully you will see the limpy buck again and check if hes recovering.
  10. Think the challenge has came about because NE was not aware that the GL has to be reviewed yearly and failed to do so. Apparently SNH did their yearly review so they have no need to revoke. Pretty sure this is just a blip due to negligence and should not be allowed to happen again.Maybe even be a positive in the long run and quieten a few antis,or at least allow the authorities to give them less credence.
  11. Will see what date it is any hopefully get doon with the old fella. Have a lad up on the roe the weekend of the 6th but will try and make if outwith that.
  12. Good to see you picking away bud and this great weather helps. Mostly out with the camera and loads of bucks showing,along with so many other species that have increased after last years great summer.Hopefully it carries on.
  13. All outside now and hopefully the decent weather carries on and get a crop like last season.
  14. Had a night out and havent watched yet but by all accounts it was a quit job. Hes absolutely thick so will get the endless excuses and how he is still a force and blah blah blah but im sure most in the game realise hes nothing in the big picture anymore. Could still get the fight that Brook has bleated on about for so long but it would be an "interesting" domestic fight and nothing else imo.
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