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  1. sako751sg

    Andy Lee new WBO middleweight champion

    Rocky Fielding in Germany? Good honest fighter in the twilight of his career and hopefully gets a good payday or 2 with this win.
  2. sako751sg

    More roe and air weapons.

    Old fella shot a fine buck early season and on cleaning revealed a pellet lodged in the skull with the bone growing round it.Couple of pics.
  3. sako751sg

    Andy Lee new WBO middleweight champion

    Just a wee update with Usyk. Last night beat Gassiev to become the undisputed CW Champ holding 4 belts after winning a near shut out away from home in Russia,which in itself is some feat. Threw over 930 punches which is astounding for Cruiser and put on a pure masterclass. Think a move to HW will happen very shortly and he will win a belt. Must be in for a shout for the worlds Pound For Pound number 1.
  4. sako751sg

    CBD Oil

    Have used for roughly 6 months and at the start was pretty sure it was beneficial but now not sure if it was in the mind. Vile tasting stuff but plenty swear by it.
  5. Dont inform any of the 25ish places although a few i text to see if they want the papers or any messages as ill be in the area.
  6. sako751sg

    This seasons medal bucks.

    Took 5 of my own to Scone and as thought all made silver and a couple not too far from gold. Had 2 that would have been bronze but moved them on not long after shooting.Also have this abnorm from a couple of weeks back that should score but its still in the freezer for now. Had 31 bucks this season and wont take many more unless a surprise or two shows up during the rut.
  7. sako751sg

    2018 Chilli Growing

    Good stuff and presuming these were grown inside or picking it up wrong? Have been eating 2 kinds here and all the others looking well with plenty fruit and flowers. Toms are very heavy fruited and just started eating them on Friday so an early crop for here. Carrots getting pulled already and a good size and generally everything looking very healthy due to the fine spell.
  8. sako751sg

    Stalk and fox control

    Top job fella. Cover is shocking bad here now and making things pretty hard.
  9. sako751sg

    Scottish Game Fair

    Just down for the day and looking like Saturday. Here's hoping the weather's decent.
  10. sako751sg

    Browning XBolt Varmint barrel chop.

    As you say,real world very little but legally might be borderline. I reload for roe and foxes and just buy a couple of boxes of 100 grainers for the stags but if they are marginal i could cook a good legal load. Mod is a Hardy Gen5 so fine and light already.
  11. sako751sg

    Browning XBolt Varmint barrel chop.

    Its .243 fella,and thinking taking down to 20 inch should be fine for keeping it on the right side for red too.
  12. sako751sg

    Browning XBolt Varmint barrel chop.

    Spot on bud,thats all i need to know,cheers.
  13. Have a Swaro DS scope so changing from the Zeiss and before fitting im going to get the barrel chopped,threaded and re-crowned and was wondering what length was best? Anyone had theirs done and the results post chop? Its 24inch the now and was planning on taking down to 20.Cheers.
  14. sako751sg

    GGG v Clenelo 2,rematch,Sept 15th

    Pretty sure she will not get a look in but still shocking that shes reffing again. GGG def the better fighter and its father time that will lose this fight for him if it goes that way.Just gutted there has to be a rematch after the corruption in the first and GGGs record should have and W on it. Heart screams GGG but head is split,although as you say it will be age catching up with him if he loses. Very interesting to see if there is a difference with Alvarez after signing up to the drugs programme finally,and could be the first time hes come in to a fight not juiced up for a long time,or at least as juiced. Be rooting for GGG anyway and more so after Alvarez failing tests.
  15. sako751sg

    GGG v Clenelo 2,rematch,Sept 15th

    After a lot of keech from GBP they have finally agreed terms for the rematch. GGG held out for a 45% purse and Dela Hoya had no choice if the fight was to be made so excellent result for GGG. Obviously Alvarez is still suspended after his testing positive for banned substances and The Ring have finally taken him off the rankings but all will be clear for Sept 15th. Should have been decided in the first gig but as has become a habit when Alvarez is involved it was a hugely controversial ending but hopefully no shenanigans this time around.