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  1. sako751sg

    Loads of Wasps

    Its always a bad time of year for them. Havent been stung for more years than i can remember till 2 mornings ago,in bed.Missus came up with a cup of coffee first thing and i sat up and pushed myself up with my arm when i got a stinging pain,yelped and on looking saw a wasp attached to my forearm.Swiped him away and was left with the sting still on. Hate the little hoors and it doesnt take much to get their stings up the now.
  2. sako751sg

    Bird ownership

    Someone has been granted permission to use someones ground for their shoot,then get informed they will be getting charged for any pheasants they shoot and you wonder why some advocate escalating? The keeper has shown an attitude that gets so many of them off on a wrong footing and some never seem to learn.
  3. sako751sg

    Well it's done .....

    Outstanding work fella.
  4. sako751sg

    pink numbers

    Huge numbers came in yesterday evening and through the night. Velux was left open and heard them for a good 4-5 hours near non stop.
  5. sako751sg

    Airport check-in online

    Dont think there would be much to gain if you have hold luggage but if hand luggage i just put the boarding pass onto the phone and scan it to go through.
  6. sako751sg

    GGG v Clenelo,Take 2.Sunday Morning.

    Once again the wrong result. Not shocked if im honest,Dela Hoya cooks these results up for Alvarez pretty often.
  7. sako751sg

    GGG v Clenelo,Take 2.Sunday Morning.

    Bellew v Usyk been confirmed too which is a bit of a shock.Bellew was making noises about fighting him but never thought it would come to happen. Hes shocked me before but pretty sure this will be a totally schooling as Usyk is another level imo.
  8. sako751sg

    GGG v Clenelo,Take 2.Sunday Morning.

    Agree regarding the re-match. If GGG wins he should draw a line under it and move on.The money would be huge for a 3rd but he doesnt seem a squanderer do shouldnt need it although obviously it could be hard to turn down. The other camp would try and play on the "fact" one fight ended a draw but the vast majority of sane fans and pundits know who really won.
  9. Pretty sure all who are interested know but just a heads up for the rematch early Sunday. A lot of grudge in this and compared to the lead up to the first gig this time round some harsh words have been said and real dislike so hoping it shows in the ring too. Be interesting to see how Saul performs since he got busted for drugs and signed up for the drug testing program. GGG a year older and at his age he could well be on the downturn but heres hoping he has enough to get the correct result this time round.As Dela Hoya and his cash cow are involved i wouldnt hold my breath.
  10. sako751sg

    Packing in booze

    Used to go out for a skinful pretty regular but now its a blowout maybe every month or two or special occasions. Havent had a drink for probably 2 months and just back from 4 days in Prague which was pretty non stop drink and it was relatively easy considering the time between seshes now. Often think about going teetotal but i enjoy a good drink with the mates so cant see the point.It was always the day after i hated but seem to have got things sorted where those days are minimal now.
  11. sako751sg

    Khan v Vargas

    Watched it in Prague with no sound but looked a good wee tear up. Vargas has some heart on him and kept going when quite a few would have quit and if the bell hadnt saved Khan twice it could have been a totally different ending. Same old Khan,when he fights intelligently he can school the oppo but cant resist hanging that chin up to get tagged,and when hit clean hes usually on the floor. Probably got 1 or 2 more fights left in him to cash out but the way hes talking they could be brutal KOs too. Decent career,very skillful but lack of chin and boxing brain had always been his downfall. Brook has wasted so much of his career chasing a Khan fight its been unreal and the twice he has stepped up he quit once and the towel in for the other after having his glass orbitals shattered.Lacks the stamina for 12 rounds of action too which has been a weak spot and like Khan has always been very deluded. Would like to see them finally fight and hopefully end both their careers.
  12. Not England but over the border into Scotland Mark Robson is pretty exceptional. Top lad,knows his stuff and has a variety of shooting.
  13. sako751sg

    Nikko Stirling 6-24x56 Targetmaster Half Mildot Ret.

    Bipod sold. Package,scope +mounts £160 posted.
  14. New glass on rimmies so getting shot of a couple. As title,very near mint and only been used on the HMR. Also a Deben 6-9 swivel bipod and set of 30mm high mounts. Also advertised elsewhere. £180 including P&P.
  15. sako751sg

    Few pics,rabbits,pigeons,rut,stags.

    Ta fella. There are plenty of bits with 3-6 holes out in the parks and would be ideal for the ferrets but as you say the main warrens would be a pure mare. The lad from next door has said its fine to do his wee bit too which had over 250 in the one wee field so will get the NV set up and hopefully have a night next week.