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  1. HaHa. He always calls me that. It was the spaniel - is that one Molly?
  2. Don't the above products affect the look of what is a nubuck kind of leather and not a shiny one?
  3. Sorry - didn't think as hasn't happened yet. As I need to put a price now I'll say £900 which seems to be the going rate.
  4. I am hoping to have a litter from Tulli who is the puppy I kept from Ekko's (my Field Trial Champion) litter early 2016, as we need another puppy for ourselves. Tulli is showing great promise in the field, having gained awards in working tests including 1st and 4th in Open this season, gradings at pointing tests on grouse and partridge and two Field Trial awards last season. Tulli has had all her health tests dome and these can be verified on the KC site. Hips: 3/3 Elbows: 0 HUU clear eyes: clear All of our dogs (three at present) are part of the family and are more than happy to just chill out when we are at home. They participate in grouse counting/beating on the moor, picking up, competing in working tests/field trials and any 'proper' hpr days that we can get. Tulli has never had the opportunity of doing any pigeon shooting but Ekko was happy to curl up in the hide between shots. The puppies will be brought up in the house and socialised with cats. chickens, ducks, sheep and grandchildren If anyone might be interested in one of these puppies or would like any more information please contact me.
  5. If anyone has any spare pigeons I could buy/collect not too far from Holywell (Flintshire) I would be very grateful.
  6. If there is anyone shooting pigeons not too far from Holywell (Flintshire) who has some spare that I could buy/collect I would be very grateful. I want to try and gets the pups swimming before winter sets in.
  7. Thanks Richard - shame you couldn't have had one. The eyes are opening today.
  8. No sorry Kes I've only bred this litter as I wanted one for myself, specifically from Ekko. My friend does breed regularly though.
  9. There are two dog puppies still looking for homes if anyone is interested - £750 each. They will be ready to go to their new homes early August. The mother is F.T. Ch. Tarkanya Spikeys Splendour. Good working lines on both sides and lovely temperaments. Please contact me for further information.
  10. Ten puppies arrived yesterday - five dogs and five bitches. There are still a couple looking for homes if anyone is interested, as I wasn't expecting such a large number! (can't work out how to post a photo)
  11. They look lovely but I hope Ekko doesn't have eleven!
  12. If it's done right you can have the treat in view and the dummy still won't be given up until it is asked for
  13. I've always used treats and have never had a dog that spits its retrieve. It is all in the timing.
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