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  1. Thanks everyone. After a lot of hard scrubbing yesterday I put it away. Pulled it out tonight still looked bad so stuck a Tornado brush through it (happened to have one) and looks to have cleaned it almost perfectly. I think it must have been plastic Lyevale sporters i short and maybe hadn’t removed all of the plastic residue on a previous clean. I’ll be sure to not be sticking any more plastic wars through it very quickly!
  2. I shot some clays on Saturday morning, I used Eley Olympic blue fibre. When I cleaned the barrel afterwards about 6 inches down the barrel there were some really bad fouling, it looked so bad I was convinced the barrels were majorly pitted/scratched. (The fun is 3 weeks old) I took it to a local gun shop, where they recommended some Gun Blend cleaner, followed the instructions with no joy! They also had a go in their workshop, still no joy. They looked at it with a bore cam to confirm it wasn’t pitting. I came home and continued to clean it with the solution. I’d say it’s definit
  3. Thanks, I’ll give that a whirl. Funny you should say that, I’ve emailed them, messaged them on Instagram both to no avail. I must say I’m pretty disappointed that I’ve bought it brand new and can’t make the adjustments I require with out potentially rounding off the edges on the brass nut. Which I’ve actually started to do as it’s so sharp it just cuts through the cloth i wrap round it when gripping with pliers. I’ve found some of the little brass inserts online, but again I’m annoyed that I may have to buy one, I’d much sooner they sent me a new one!
  4. How did you get the brass off the Allen screw?
  5. Thanks very much, I’ll follow these guidelines this week sometime.
  6. Thanks Button, I’ve watched this and thought thank god. It implies that the whole bar is inserted with the amount of weights bolted on. However in practice there’s nothing obvious that it secures to.
  7. Thanks for all the replies, I picked up a Browning Ultra Xs Pro after shooting the pro sport as well as the 694. Next question, has anyone used the Pro balance kit in the stock? It comes with weights that I want to add and a hole designed to Take them but it’s not at all obvious how you secure them. Just wondering if anyone has successfully added some?
  8. I guess this is the point, I believe it's game version. I love it and paid very little money for it. Hence the urge to add another to the collection that I can dedicate to clays.
  9. I think I'll probably have a look at the Pro-Sports well. Thanks for the Advice. Hmmmm I would never say I shoot well! But I understand your point entirely. Thanks I do fancy having a look at the Blaser F16 so ill add this to list too thanks. Cheers
  10. So I'm starting to do more Sporting Clay shooting than I ever have (it'll never take over my pigeon shooting!) but I live a short drive from Oakedge, West Mids and Dove-ridge so its becoming more of a habit than I expected and I'm enjoying it more and more. So much so I've decided to buy a dedicated clay gun, I've been using my 425 until now. I like the look of the new 694 and liked the feel of it. I've also read some very good reviews on it. Firstly has anyone got one that can advise? Secondly can anyone offer any other good options? I'd like something reliable, good looking (nice piece
  11. So off I went, strong wind a bit of rain in the air. But undeterred, I found where the pigeons were feeding rushed my hide up and started banging away. I had an exciting couple of hours, the pigeons were fast and challenging. But that’s not the reason I’m here... is it just me that when the hide is literally falling apart, stroking your head while you wait, gaping from the sides, constantly in need of repair.... that the pigeons keep coming and you make a half decent bag. But, when you shoot maybe the same field in the same season with the same (ish) number of pigeons spotted. You build a
  12. Hi all, Has anyone taken advantage of the BASC 50% off Morsø gas grill or already own one? I just want to know if it’s any good? Todays the last day of the offer. Cheers, Chris
  13. I’m wondering if anyone can help, I’ve got an old Beretta A303 and while I’ve been shooting the pin that sits above the trigger has been working loose. Is there anything I can do to get it tight or do I need to take it to the gunsmith for such work?
  14. I picked up this little Beretta at the shooting show a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday was the first chance I had to take her for a spin. Weather was fair sunny for most of the day with some decent wind at times. I was very limited to where I could shoot based on how high the rape has grown over the last 2-3 weeks. But I found my spot and set up accordingly. It was a sporadic day, the pigeons that decoyed did so very well. BUT I couldn’t seem to hit the birds that came straight across the decoys which with my trusty SxS would have been centre patterned. But I took some very lengthy shots,
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