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  1. Browning 425 12 Gauge Its time to sell my 425. This has been a brilliant gun, it’s light and a real pleasure to shoot. It’s in great condition and has an excellent piece of wood on it. Only selling as I now use my XS Pro for really all of my shooting. 28” barrels, comes with a pair of Teague 1/2 and 3/4 extended chokes and 2 flush in the same constriction. LOP - is around 14.75 but will measure when I get home. I have plenty more pics but it won’t let me add them all. So please feel free to message me. looking for £1100 face to face sales only. Located in Stafford ST16.
  2. They’re 6.5lb unscoped if that helps? Afraid not, I’m not in a huge rush to sell as the monies only going towards my sons first shotgun.
  3. Been a great gun for both targets and game. I just don’t get the use out of it now. Comes with everything in the picture. Scope, bag, pellets and a few paper targets. Based in Stafford - ST16 £150 ONO
  4. Good condition, comes with scope, sling, bag, pellets and a few targets. Only selling due to not using and would rather someone was getting some enjoyment from it. I’ve found it super accurate, light and great for both rabbits and pigeons. Based in Stafford for collection only. £200
  5. Thanks everyone. After a lot of hard scrubbing yesterday I put it away. Pulled it out tonight still looked bad so stuck a Tornado brush through it (happened to have one) and looks to have cleaned it almost perfectly. I think it must have been plastic Lyevale sporters i short and maybe hadn’t removed all of the plastic residue on a previous clean. I’ll be sure to not be sticking any more plastic wars through it very quickly!
  6. I shot some clays on Saturday morning, I used Eley Olympic blue fibre. When I cleaned the barrel afterwards about 6 inches down the barrel there were some really bad fouling, it looked so bad I was convinced the barrels were majorly pitted/scratched. (The fun is 3 weeks old) I took it to a local gun shop, where they recommended some Gun Blend cleaner, followed the instructions with no joy! They also had a go in their workshop, still no joy. They looked at it with a bore cam to confirm it wasn’t pitting. I came home and continued to clean it with the solution. I’d say it’s definitely better. But I wouldn’t say it’s spotless. Has anyone got any tips on products that might get it all off? Also is this likely to be a bad batch of cartridges? It’s really put me off them. cheers, Chris
  7. Thanks, I’ll give that a whirl. Funny you should say that, I’ve emailed them, messaged them on Instagram both to no avail. I must say I’m pretty disappointed that I’ve bought it brand new and can’t make the adjustments I require with out potentially rounding off the edges on the brass nut. Which I’ve actually started to do as it’s so sharp it just cuts through the cloth i wrap round it when gripping with pliers. I’ve found some of the little brass inserts online, but again I’m annoyed that I may have to buy one, I’d much sooner they sent me a new one!
  8. How did you get the brass off the Allen screw?
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