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  1. I picked up this little Beretta at the shooting show a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday was the first chance I had to take her for a spin. Weather was fair sunny for most of the day with some decent wind at times. I was very limited to where I could shoot based on how high the rape has grown over the last 2-3 weeks. But I found my spot and set up accordingly. It was a sporadic day, the pigeons that decoyed did so very well. BUT I couldn’t seem to hit the birds that came straight across the decoys which with my trusty SxS would have been centre patterned. But I took some very lengthy shots, that I would probably not have put the gun up at with the SxS. Both guns are fixed Chokes. Certainly not my best day over the decoys it has to be said. But there were 2 shots that will live with me for a long time. We finished on 20 birds, but the cartridge count is strictly between me and the new girl!
  2. Thanks Tightchoke, I’ll have a look tonight.
  3. Mines a double trigger also, do you know where the markings are for the chamber size?
  4. Okay, so I’ve just bought a Beretta S56E, but I stupidly for got to ask what the chamber length is. The only marking on the barrel are in the picture below, can anyone be make it out for me please? Or point me In the direction that I can find out please. Kind Regards, Chris
  5. I’m going, and I appreciate that this is going to sound like a very silly question but are there used shotgun stands there? Or is it just the big names selling their new kit? The website is terrible for information. Cheers, Chris
  6. Thanks so much for all of your repsonses, I’ve already got a couple of serious considerations just from your replies. Regards, Chris
  7. I have (currently) a Hatsan Escort and I’ve just about had my fill of the thing. It’s the most temperamental gun in existence, and so much so it’s about to lose its place in the cabinet. It was purchased in haste with little to no research. So the question is what should I look to exchange it for? I’m not looking to break the bank as I’m also looking for an o/u. First and foremost I want something reliable, it’s fine to be second hand. Budget of up to and around the £700 mark. Any advise would be greatly appreciated, Chris
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I too have shot some of my best bags early doors. On this occasion it looked like the field I was shooting was more of an afternoon field. So I moved on and had a good couple of hours on the edge of a wood with a field of rape in front. I’ve shot the field far too much over the last month but it’s guaranteed to “shoot at” and normally drop 20-30. So I was happy. Chris
  9. What are people’s views on what time you should be set up and ready to shoot? Should i I be there before the first flight of the day? Or or should I be waiting to let them settle on the field and set up mid morning? I’ve always been an up at the crack of dawn and set up early morning. But I’m reading and watching many shooters set up later than this. Am I missing something? Any views welcome, Chris.
  10. I've recently purchased my first home, I've informed my new police licensing department of my move. But this is where it gets tricky I'm up for renewal and have lived in another part of the country but forgot to change it on my licence. My renewal form is asking me for previous addresses, should I declare now that I haven't changed the address or leave it to change over to my new address? I'm aware that I'm completely in the wrong and should have changed addresses. It might be worth adding I've never held guns at my address. Hope this makes sense Chris
  11. I woke up at 6am to a very wet day yesterday, I stood there looking at the warmth of my bed wondering whether to just call the shooting off. It took less than a millisecond to decide to carry on and shoot through it. I only get chance to go maybe once every 2 months. Needles to say it took a lot of additional effort from my friend and my self to even get the gear to our selected shooting spot. Due to the now pouring down rain. We were set up for roughly 7am and the birds were dropping in before we'd put down our last decoy. We were shooting over rape that in fairness was quite high in places. As we sat down and readied our selves for what would come. (We shot 10 on Thursday) even through the pouring down rain they were committing them selves to the pattern and banking straight into the spinner we had set up to the right. We soon realised that in these conditions we were being ambitious with the location of the spinner so we moved the spinner slightly closer to the hide which we had set up in the centre of a field around a large oak tree. Then the fun really began and the bag started to grow. We'd got it right! For once. As they were coming thick and fast we had varying success but we were certainly enjoying the day so far. It went quite mid day with them coming in drips and drabs which allowed me to restock the ammo supplies. I was shooting an old Lig side by side and hit some of the best shots of my life. With them coming in so well I decided I wanted my very first left and right and within 40 mins I had it. I was chuffed as my friend was videoing it... But managed to miss the whole thing! You're probably thinking at this point that I'm going to say we shot hundreds of pigeons this is not the case we shot a modest 50 which is my personal record day. But it's certainly a day that I will remember as everything went well. It's probably worth adding if we'd hit everything we shot at it would have been well over 100. Sorry if this was a bit lengthy It's just I'm still beaming. Cheers Chris
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