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  1. YuMove is good I have my 14 year old staffy boxer cross on it, she been on it for 18 months plus now, unfortunately she’s artheritic and we’ve recently had to get prescribed rimadyl which is an anti-inflammatory which made a huge difference.
  2. I’ve had him for roughly 2 months now, previously he was a kitchen/garden dog who was barely walked. Since I’ve had him he’s been getting a quick 15-20 mins walk in a morning, 45mins in an evening, then most weekend days I’ve had him in the woods training and getting him use to working with the starter pistol. He’s also been with me on 2-4 shoot days every other Saturday. He was very confident this week and worked hard, you would think he’d been doing it years (still working on retrieving at the minute though). Didn’t walk him Saturday evening or at all Sunday though, Monday day he
  3. We’ve always fed our dogs at night so in a morning it’s literally toast a few treats and my pack up at lunch, I normally add extra sausage rolls, ham and other dog friendly human food.
  4. He has Harrington’s dry food which is 26% protein, 1 sachet of meat and an egg cracked on top. Portion wise he’s about 13kg but eats the same as my 24kg staffy Cross which is measured for his weight.
  5. Hi, recently rehomed a little springer off a friend, I’ve worked him the last 4 shoot days without issue. Yesterday has really taken it out of him though, is there anything I can give him as a treat or add to his diet to help him recover quicker after a real hard days work? Thanks in advance Gary
  6. Hi, Are these a genuine 36” waist or do they come up small? Regards Gary
  7. Hi, are these still available and could you tell me what postage would be please? Thanks Gary
  8. If only I could pull it off as well as them!😔
  9. I gutted my little lad who’s 4 was watching the film the snowman and told my wife “the snowman’s got daddy’s silly hat on!” I love it but just can’t pull it off so it’ll end up stuffed in the wardrobe.
  10. Hi, Selling my Barbour Hat, it’s in immaculate condition, bought it as I love the look of it and the tweed pattern/colours......selling it as I look a tit in it! £25 posted or swap for a flat cap. regards gary
  11. There are 4 bolts at the back of the unit where the tube is if you slacken them you can move the unit independently of the tube, then re tighten and fine tune.
  12. Can you forward pictures of both to me please, I'll message you my email, regards Gary.
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