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    Gmac told they only have .177 i want ,22 but another good site changing 2240 parts to brass , way over the top price wise but it will look good when finished also want to see how close i can get to 6ft/ib without going over looked at them bit more like a rifle want to sick with pistol
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    just been on T.R . ROBBS site great site, have contacted him about barrel
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    thanks i will keep that in mind
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    hi, trying to find a 14 inch barrel for my 2240 crosman pistol plenty in the us but cant seem to find one here the uk has anyone any ideas.
  5. I use them all the time and as you say up to 35m they will take some beating, another good one is their super dome field line not much between them but super H just shades the dome
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    Hi, was wondering if anyone has a Crosman 2240 was wondering what they are like, they seem to have a good write up on the net, thinking of getting one, to do a bit of plinking in back garden. What do you think.
  7. like to change password

  8. Hi lads. I have a question need to no if it is legal to import the above pistol from the U.S , also is it legal to own one in the U.K.
  9. me and a couple of pics
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    intrested whats the reg. billm
  11. use belt and pockets when pockets emty fill up from belt same as Wigeon billm.
  12. put mine on 2 years a go works all right Especially in the dusk. But still tend to close left eye at the last minute. billm.
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    brought tears to my eyes :(
  14. crow killer, have a look at sean johnstons pics 24th feb 2003
  15. the squealing is defiantly meant to be a rabbit in distress, as far as mr fox coming up and licking my leg never had it happen to me, had one come right up to about one yard of me done everything but sit up and beg, it never moved till my mate lifted his shot gun, and that was in a open field
  16. Not had it long t,s about 4 months.
  17. This is what it says on mine t,s. The .22 rifle, and the .22 air rifle, and the .22sound moderator and ammunition shall be used for shooting vermin and ground game using the appropriate calibre, and for zeroing on ranges, or land deemed suitable by the chief officer of police for the area where the land is situated and over which the holder has lawful authority to shoot. To me thats not a open certificate, but it dose not name any of the land I used to get it with Will defanetly check with BASC to make sure every thing is ok.
  18. Thats what I am trying to find out Sniper, what dose it say on f/c if it is open.
  19. Wouldn’t mined knowing what it says on a open f/c, I shoot on four farms but my f/c dose not name these farms, as that was the land I used to apply for said f/c I am now wondering if it should or not.
  20. When I first get my net I usually lay it out in the garden lines tight and put the bagging how I want it then tie it to the top line roughly where I put my pegs, not saying it’s the right way, but it has always worked for me. billm
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