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  1. Just tripped over these damned things yet again in my man cave.....Sold the 28br ages ago so have no use for the following;225 Gamebore Pure Gold, #7 shot, 19gms, plastic wad shells20 Lyalvale Supreme Game, #6 shot, 25gm, fibre wad shellsLooking for £55 for the lot. Cheapest shells on Just Cartridges for 28br about £75 for 250 so this a decent deal to me.Located near St Boswells in Scottish Bordershh
  2. If its **** do you not want to flog it then?! Cheap, given it's useless! hh
  3. Still looking folks. Thanks, hh
  4. Based in Scottish Borders. hh
  5. Looking to expand my basic kit. Anyone got a decent pigeon magnet and battery they don't use anymore? A few more pigeon and crow decoys won't hurt either. Please PM with details. Cheers, hh
  6. Still looking. Might be willing to do a deal on my 5 shot metal one (which feeds 243 rounds ok but not my 6.5x47L rounds 100%) for a plastic 3 shot I can easily modify. Please PM with details if you are interested, or have found an unloved 3 shot mag! hh
  7. As the title says I am after a 3 Shot Plastic Mag for a Tikka 590/595 rifle - cartridge size 243/308 Anyone got an unwanted/unused/unloved (working ok!!) mag in their possession that they would like to find a new home for? Please PM me with details and a posted price. Many thanks, hh PS - I know where to get them new, but this is a spare for me, which I will only use occasionally.
  8. Brand new, unused, with tags still on it, Swazi Thar XP Aegis smock. SOLD Cheers, hh
  9. Nothing out there, hiding in a cupboard somewhere??!! hh
  10. Hi, Does anyone have a Swazi Kagoule in tussock green, size large, they would like to part with? Must be in really good condition. Just asking before I bite the bullet and go direct to the Swazi NZ site. Cheers, hh
  11. Very true, Braidwood can be time consuming! Game and Country in Selkirk is also worth a look. They are open to 12.30 on a Saturday these days.
  12. Edinburgh Rifles is run from home. His website is http://ersg.com/ Ed is a good bloke and I recently got some powder off him. He is very helpful and might be able to hunt down the sort of thing you are after. If you venture down the A68 (say an hour out of the Town) you can take in the Borders Gun Room in St Boswells, Braidwood Clays between St Boswells and Selkirk, and Game and Country in Selkirk - but you are right Edinburgh generally is pants for RFDs............ If you can find a gun you like on Guntrader or Gunstar they might post it to your local RFD for £15, if you are lucky, and your local RFD might charge you £25 to receive it - so budget for £40 on top of the sale price. Anyone that wants lots more to send or receive doesn't get my business, as a rule. Guntrader has a 'dealer' search section which throws up a fair few Jock RFDs. hh
  13. Still looking for some kit. Particularly decoys (pigeon and crows), but would consider a job lot if you are no longer shooting into pigeons. Happy to use a courier if that makes life easier. Cheers, hh
  14. Hi, Just getting into pigeon shooting and I'm after some basic decoying kit - poles, nets, decoys, seat even. Ideally a bit of a job lot and somewhere I can collect if possible (so SE and Central Scotland and NE England) unless you know a good courier! Please PM me with details of what you've got. Cheers, hh
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