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  1. Ruger m77 not had long zerod with fmj nice grouping tried some with lead heads ang group was all over any body else had this thanks for any replies
  2. had mine about 6 years and still going strong they where secends from john Norris think about £45
  3. I asked for 243 for target shooting got it no problem
  4. mates just bought one had a go with it yesterday feels ok shoots 24g cartridges think he paid under £200not mint but good
  5. 2 at our club one in 9mm one in 45acp
  6. bought a shot gun from photos phoned guy and he said it was a 9 out 10 bought when I went to rfd to pick it up didn't want to touch it my local rfd said he would have scored it a 5 got money back but still ended up about £40 quid out of pocket would never buy again from photos
  7. west Yorkshire would not be happy if not signed I member at club got phone call from them when he sent his back not signed telling him the first thing you should do is sign it But west Yorkshire are a law to them selfs and seem to make things up as they go along
  8. Tell him to sign it before sending back
  9. maybe its just me but I think its wrong mine are sporting firearms if you hunt its a tool the term weapon just winds me up at club I ask members not to call them weapons
  10. west Yorkshire forms say weapons purchased / weapons sold this realy winds me up and im going to approach them about it I don't class any of my firearms as weapons just bought a new knive should I notife them more knives used as weapons than firearms does your force put weapons or firearms thanks for replys
  11. ive got one on my 223 behind it not bad people at side tell me im a anti social *******
  12. does a muzzle break reduce recoil on a centre fire info to settle a argument thanks for any replys
  13. Yes there in boxes of 50 Kirklees guns huddersfield
  14. local to me magtech Hornady 75g £27 65 ---50 Hornady 55g £23.65 --50 magtech 55 g £21.50--50
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