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  1. if it sounds to good to be true it probley is
  2. I use a file now but ive got arthrites in my hands and its painfull to do luckley dont use chainsaw all the time
  3. looking at them needs 2 holes in end of bar but if theres only1 you can remove a part on sharpner for it to fit
  4. at the moment i use a file but been looking at those that clip on end of bar press against it to sharpen any body use one are they any good thanks
  5. I was just thinking is going rabbiting food collection !
  6. before you buy go to your local rfd and borrow one to se how she gets on start with 410 pick close targets she can brake them if they miss a lot she will be put off
  7. dont do any thing till spring then use decking cleaner when its dry use decking oil dONT USE JET WASH TO CLEAN IT
  8. been looking at the add on nv on auction sight the cheap ones up to £100 thinking of geting one for air rifle shooting rats from 6mtrs to 20mtrs rangeany body use one are they any good thanks for any comments
  9. Think you can a rail to change to normal rings optic warehouse had some or use 331360253257 on auction site
  10. terence

    Hatsan escort

    bit far but my local gun shop selling them for £255 new
  11. terence

    Beating stick

    ive used a wooden brush handle last 3 years nobody commented on it
  12. dont think youre allowed to make entries onto your own ticket
  13. you could put it on a shooting friends ticket as shared and store at is when your away
  14. Thanks its only 1.2 mudguard to mudguard
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