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  1. terence

    Baikal 12 gauge

    interested in gun have sent you a text
  2. terence

    Gun safe

    its at side of photo £60
  3. terence


    Have had marlin lever action in 44 just thought something different
  4. terence


    Just put in for a variation for a .357 but want a bolt action theres ruger 77 and enfield is there any other makes to look for done a search on net but only these 2 come up your views on these two would be helpful Thanks Terry
  5. terence

    Duster 2018

    Had a test drive in a new one was told don't set off in first gear use second he said first was realy a crawle gear this was in a diesel
  6. as any body used steel shot through a Remington wingmaster docent say steel on barrel but have red Remington claim all barrels after 1960 are ok for steel whats youre thoughts thanks for any replies
  7. terence

    Decorative Machete SOLD

    £18 POSTED this is not for work over 18 only length of blade 24 inch approx SOLD
  8. terence

    new gun for £250

    that's how it is in there web site 12G Escort, 28" barrel, M/C, 3" chamber, Black synthetic stock.
  9. terence

    new gun for £250

    my local gun shop in Huddersfield are selling new hatsans semiauto for £250
  10. terence

    Aldi special buys - shooting clothing ?

    Huddersfield store had them up to 40 waist in black work trs
  11. terence

    Browning 525 12 gauge

    pm sent
  12. terence

    simmons prosport

    simmons prosport 3x9x50one on auction site £45 posted seems cheap ive got a couple of simmons scope and I think there ok wanting scope for air rifle any body know of the prosport thanks for any replies
  13. terence


    its gone down hill last few years since it got more popular just had some of there soft scoop ice cream had it before and it was ok this lot is rubbish
  14. terence

    2 knives

    small one approx. 7 inch blade just under 4 inch £6.50. posted large one approx. 11 3/4 inch blade 7inch cap unscrews compass matches inside £12.50 posted OVER 18 ONLY paypal ok KNIVES SOLD
  15. terence

    357 brass once fired