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  1. you could put it on a shooting friends ticket as shared and store at is when your away
  2. Thanks its only 1.2 mudguard to mudguard
  3. Hi everyone just bought a small trailer should it have a fog light its got side lights and indicaters. car lights are clear when its hitched on trailer is 3ft wide thanks
  4. Hi could you send payment details thanks terry

    1. if only shooting paper carry on and enjoy try blazer not much in price only think wrong with geco is there a bit oily
    2. Hi everyone whats your thoughts on the hausken range of sound moderater would be for a 223 thanks for any replys
    3. Hi could you send me your full post code intrested in mod thanks terry


      1. just started reloading for 44 ive lent some scales but want my own looking at mtm digital ones on auction site any body use these and your thoughts Thanks for your comments
      2. Ruger m77 not had long zerod with fmj nice grouping tried some with lead heads ang group was all over any body else had this thanks for any replies
      3. I asked for 243 for target shooting got it no problem
      4. mates just bought one had a go with it yesterday feels ok shoots 24g cartridges think he paid under £200not mint but good
      5. 2 at our club one in 9mm one in 45acp
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