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  1. krugerandsmith

    Midland game fair

    Yes I agree with you ..... Think I'll call it a day.
  2. krugerandsmith

    It could reduce a grown man to tears

    I'm practically in tears reading this please don't tell me that there was a Velocett Venom and a Scott Squirrel in there as well
  3. krugerandsmith

    Domestic Vacuum recommendations

    Vax. Had mine for over a year, its brilliant makes my old Dyson like an Asthmatic in comparison.
  4. krugerandsmith

    Midland game fair

    Yes I agree. Not enough dealers displaying air weapons and idiots taking dogs into the narrow aisles already packed with people some with bloody great haversacks on their backs. .... God almighty why are these people given the right to vote.
  5. krugerandsmith

    Gordon Brown Fears Another Economic Meltdown

    Not everyones cup of tea I know but, the Americans love him as he did help them with his advice.
  6. krugerandsmith

    Midland game fair

    If you are going for a quick walk around. ...... Watch you don't trip over the multi dog leads.
  7. krugerandsmith

    THIS TV AD will get you all an AAAHHH and bring a smile to your heart

    Never had anything like that when I Was at school ..... Maybe a couple of Triangles. ....Seems like a very expensive advert.
  8. krugerandsmith

    B & Q Club card

    B & Q Diamond club card will now give discount on Gardening products only on Wednesdays ( Who buys gardening products in winter? ) . I have contacted the club team and have told them of my displeasure.
  9. krugerandsmith

    HMRC Blocking the Honours List!

    Knighthoods an infantile practice given to the less ( Some ) deserving.
  10. krugerandsmith

    Frank Field

    Two faced Reptiles.
  11. krugerandsmith

    The longest 10 minute job ever.

    You have my every sympathy. I can relate to everything you have said. It always makes me laugh watching Wheeler Dealers on TV. Big Ed China never has any problems. Bullshine 😤.
  12. krugerandsmith

    Frank Field

    I am not one of his constituents and do not vote for his party but, have contacted him many times with queries regarding pensions and other issues. This man never failed to reply quickly and give the help needed. He is a man of honour and is trustworthy unlike many of his MP colleagues.
  13. krugerandsmith

    AK47 or a car

    Looks like the Lada estate.
  14. krugerandsmith

    Great offer from M&S....

    Think I'll stick with Matalan. 😄
  15. krugerandsmith

    The Moon & Mars

    Wondered if that was Mars I Could see close to the Moon.