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  1. Follow the Singapore solution .... Punish the offenders and ...... Jail the parents for not raising the children the correct way.
  2. One of the best ..... RIP Kirk.
  3. I agree ....I can live without this incompetent broadcaster. GREEDY ****.
  4. Yes unlike yesteryear when it took weeks if not months to travel around the world now it takes hours allowing the virus to spread quickly.
  5. Women use Sex to obtain Love .... Men use Love to obtain Sex.
  6. Divers that I worked with in the North Sea told me that it is possible to drown in two inches of water.
  7. Back in the sixties I saw a documentary about submarine escape testing methods using the Naval 100ft deep water tank. As an example they asked two men one black the other white to jump into the tank and not to move a muscle ...first in was the white chap ... He bobbed up and down bellow the surface. .... next the black chap. ... He sank like a stone. They concluded or thought that this was because of heavier bone mass. Maybe this is why we don't see many Olympic Swimmers. However I believe that this father ( God love him ) was a non swimmer.
  8. China to build dozens more coal fired power stations. They already have more than the whole of Europe and that's including Germanys six recently built stations. Will the climate change protesters get off their comfortable backsides and go and demonstrate over there.
  9. Not in this Country but .... is in America.
  10. The chrome version was a little more expensive.
  11. You can always tell who were past owners of Gat or Diana pistols .... They will have round circular marks on the palms of either left or right hands.
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