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  1. Shed and Buried

    They could have bought an Austin Champ complete with Rolls Royce engine as standard.
  2. British Roswell

    Clue. Starts with M ends in a Y.
  3. British Roswell

    Robert Dean and or Dr Steven Greer on ufos very interesting.
  4. British Roswell

    You will see a few walking around Birkenhead with their fat little offspring clutching what looks like ray guns but in fact are beef burgers.
  5. New watch

    Quite right save your money and buy either a Seiko or Casio.
  6. Shed and Buried

    Like the program but wish they would buy decent items some of the pieces are Mickey Mouse.
  7. Plastic

    The Country is determined to clear itself of all plastic products so. Will you all please send your new banknotes to me and I will safely dispose of them.
  8. Holidays recommendations

    Agreed a great place to visit and as Scully stated take the hydrofoil or coach to Venice.
  9. Holidays recommendations

    Agreed. You could always stay in England, come to Liverpool and have a great time so much to see and do.
  10. miroku trap or sporter

    Had my MK38 grade3 Sporter for over ten years now, its a keeper. Just Love it.
  11. Wich semi auto

    I have a Super Sport and a Franchi affinity, also have a Armsan 612. ....The 612 has the nicest trigger action.
  12. Super Man Flu

    Vicks vapor rub on the soles of my feet works for me. Don't ask me how, I have no idea.
  13. Malcolm Appleby

    I truly admire Malcolm and the other engravers........ As would anyone who has tried to centre pop a round bar.
  14. Grout Cleaner

    I use decorators green sandpaper. Fold in two and using the closed edge swipe along the grouting lightly. Most effective.
  15. Sporting tattoo's

    John. Do you have chicken pox?