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  1. The Bells ... The Bells they make you deaf you know. The Flying Buttresses will support the outer walls. ... Very Sad.
  2. Having owned both rifles I can honestly say that both guns are brilliant however the finish on the Air Arms is better than the 97 but depending how old you are and dexterity of your fingers the 97 is better of the two because the loading port is larger and makes pellet insertion a lot easier.
  3. Whats the old adage ..... Cast not a Clout till May is out.
  4. We used to have plenty of skilled workers until Thatcher stopped Apprenticeships and introduced six month schemes.
  5. Absolutely disgraceful ..... The shots were all over the place .... Should have been tight group on the nose.
  6. Never mind jailing him .... Give him a seat in the house parliament he can join the rest of the brain dead.
  7. Democracy .... Died ...... Today.
  8. With the continual high winds we have been having for many days. Does anyone know what the pollution level in Britain is now?
  9. Did anyone actually see the baby? All that I ever saw was a bundle of rags.
  10. Despite the flu jab I came down with this nasty cold. Thought that I would never get rid of the cough its taken weeks.
  11. More than just good .. They are Brilliant. I have used nearly used every cartridge through mine and its never missed a beat.
  12. Italy Let down by their Kicker
  13. Mistake should read Nightmare on Bold Street ...whatever its still bloody Lovely.
  14. krugerandsmith

    Brit Awards

    No ... its not you getting old its a lowering of standards and a lazy approach to talent or so called talent. **** in a bottle these days put it through a synthesiser and have a hit record next week. Grrr.
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