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  1. Yes he probably did but as a drummer .... not in the same league as Buddy Rich.
  2. I thought you were talking about the over six hundred idiots in the house of commons
  3. Still trying to remove this bloody bottle ... Even Wirral Airguns gave up trying.
  4. You and most other Lads and it was the girls that started the escapades. No because they have blinkered vision and are desperate and thick.
  5. Iv'e heard about the dangers of yellow snow 😄
  6. Empty Stands in Doha. Question ....... Who received the backhander for arranging it in that stupid place?
  7. Yes the ring at the neck has holes drilled around its circumference for what looks like it requires a C Spanner to undo.
  8. Thanks for that but...... American sites show the bottle being easily removed using a oil filter strap wrench ....If only ... my new rifle has a locking ring and is bloody tight.
  9. Has anyone removed the air bottle from one of these rifles? On this new model there is a or what looks like a locking ring on the neck which way should it turn to enable the bottles removal?
  10. A "W " on each buttock when you bend over. Wow!
  11. I too have done the Tangier day trip. Pestered all day by street sellers ... Trapped in carpet and perfume establishments. One American girl in our party who had booked to stay for a week was in tears and decided to return with us. Back in Gib customs asked me if I had anything to declare. Declare says I I am lucky to have the shirt still on my back.
  12. Having been through this myself I know how you feel.... Stay strong for your Dad.
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