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  1. krugerandsmith

    PCP Compressor

    Thanks Turbo very informative. Wonder if a small amount of Slik or Moli-slip would be beneficial. Just an idea.
  2. krugerandsmith

    PCP Compressor

    The only thing that concerns me is that the Big end journals don't have either roller or white metal bearings.
  3. krugerandsmith

    PCP Compressor

    O/K thanks once again Turbo. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh.
  4. krugerandsmith

    PCP Compressor

    Thanks for that. Just toying with the idea of making a water tank with quick release couplings.
  5. krugerandsmith

    PCP Compressor

  6. krugerandsmith

    PCP Compressor

    What make and model do you have?
  7. krugerandsmith

    BREXIT - merged threads

    And at the end said ......" THIS MIGHT NOT HAPPEN ."... Will someone please tell him to shut his mouth. He was WRONG last time and will be proved Wrong again.
  8. krugerandsmith

    moped scum, gloves off?

    About time.
  9. krugerandsmith

    What a spineless cabinet we have

    I see her office in Tattenhall is right next door to a Funeral Directors. ....She's leaving the cabinet but staying on the Gravy Train. Horrible woman.
  10. krugerandsmith

    Standards - what happened to them?

    Both Standards and Morals died years ago.
  11. krugerandsmith

    What a mess!

    The Police Force has been decimated by this Government and others so .... What the Hell do you expect, and its going to get worse, Greed has taken over we are racing to Hell and unless direct action is taken by the people I fear for our future.
  12. krugerandsmith

    Simon Reeves Mediterranean

    He's very good, and informative.
  13. krugerandsmith

    Anyone watching the Grand Prix?

    I agree
  14. krugerandsmith


    Yes and Sainsbury's is about to sell vibrators three models apparently.