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  1. krugerandsmith

    Help with Petrol Strimmers/Brush cutters decision

    Iv'e had my Timberpro 5 in 1 for three years now only problem has been a broken choke arm. I contacted the company in St Helens and was surprised when they sent me a complete new carburettor by return of post. Great service, my only other advice is to fit a new Spark plug in as the Chinese ones are not very good.
  2. krugerandsmith

    Yanny or laurel?

  3. krugerandsmith

    Neil Kinnock

    Will someone please tell this greedy man to shut up and go away in short jerky movements. regarding remaining in Europe and keeping his and his wife noses in the money trough.
  4. krugerandsmith

    What would you do?

    You can't call a person who never was a has-been. ....Singing wise.
  5. krugerandsmith

    Multiple organisms.

    Same Same ...... Suppose its cheaper than the real thing.
  6. krugerandsmith

    Ditchman's health problem

    Yes this is what I have to take.
  7. krugerandsmith

    Average speed cameras

    Just read that they are going to lower the speed in Wales to 50mph I see that they are considering introducing 50 mph speed limits in Wales.
  8. krugerandsmith

    Armsan 612 12 gauge

    Brilliant guns bargain price in the Wood too.
  9. krugerandsmith

    House of Lords

  10. krugerandsmith

    House of Lords

    Is it time to get rid of this shower of unelected people and demand that our vote on Brexit is honoured?
  11. krugerandsmith

    franchi affinity

    I sent mine back don't know what they replaced but its fine now.
  12. krugerandsmith

    St. George's mushrooms

    Check to see if she has taken a out new insurance policy on you .
  13. krugerandsmith

    Where to go on holiday

    Singapore. Down to Newton Circus Large Tiger beer plate of Curry Puffs sit back and watch the world go by.
  14. krugerandsmith

    Premium Bonds

    Don't forget that if you inherit some bonds in a Will that have won past prizes and never been claimed these bond to you will only be worth face value you cannot claim the prize money.
  15. krugerandsmith

    Armsan A612 12 gauge

    Agreed ... very good guns.