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  1. krugerandsmith

    Flies grr.

    I agree. Daughters attic smoke bombed them twice.
  2. krugerandsmith

    world cup

    The best team lost.
  3. krugerandsmith

    Trump Protests

    Absolutely correct. All these people criticising him without knowing the man. He is as you say a breath of fresh air and has the Guts to say things as they are not like our weak individuals. More power to his elbow. As for the marchers its a pity that they don't march for things that directly effect this country and its people.
  4. krugerandsmith

    Could this really be sciatica? (Juncker)

    Many a true word spoken in jest. Everything going to plan. 😶
  5. krugerandsmith

    Could this really be sciatica? (Juncker)

    Waiting for someone to say that he has an inner ear infection and balance loss. .... He was as Nisst as a Pewt.
  6. krugerandsmith

    Could this really be sciatica? (Juncker)

    Shame on you. This is the man our Remainers demand we support and finance ( support being the operative word ).
  7. krugerandsmith

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Thought we were Metric?😆
  8. krugerandsmith

    Horse fly bites

    Brulidine Cream...... Antiseptic and Antibacterial absolutely Brilliant. Two nasty bites this morning , all clear now.
  9. krugerandsmith

    BREXIT - merged threads

    So very True.
  10. krugerandsmith

    boris has left the building

    He may have a head like an exploded armchair but .... he is no Buffoon.
  11. krugerandsmith

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I have no doubt that Mrs May and Angela Merkel have worked out a plan at their many many meetings.... How to leave but not leave.
  12. krugerandsmith

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Democracy is an illusion defined only when you abide by the rules set out within certain parameters.
  13. krugerandsmith

    BREXIT - merged threads

    He knows which side his Bread is buttered on.
  14. krugerandsmith

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I agree. Why would there be a Huge surge to Labour? However I do believe we are having our eyes wiped by this greedy shower
  15. krugerandsmith

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Hope not but you could be right. Is she using delaying tactics until a few of us older Brexitiers are dead?