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  1. semi auto spring noise issue

    Absolutely agree ... I use motorcycle Synthetic oil myself.
  2. Fishermens friends?

    Thought you were talking about the suckable ones from Lowestoft.
  3. Benelli super black eage

  4. Belas

    I understand what your saying but .... Was only buying a scope rail for a Compatto,
  5. Belas

    Seemed quite a nice chap to talk with at this years Midland game fair on the Daystate stand. Very helpful.
  6. Food banks.

    Not true, they have to be referred.
  7. Brexit - Merged Threads

    Should be sent to Mr Barnier
  8. The Rambouillet. I have one and can honestly say that they are absolutely brilliant. Breathable, waterproof, very warm, lots of pockets. Only downside maybe a little on the heavy side.
  9. Daily Mail

    OR She. Page two of the Mail tells us that ..... Drag Queens are to visit nursery schools to teach two and three year olds about sexual diversity.
  10. Daily Mail

    Todays Daily Mail Front page about letting young primary school boys wear high heals, tiara, and tutus. Has this Country gone completely stupid.
  11. Famous last quotes

    Not a last quote and I don't know by who. Women use sex to obtain Love ... Men use Love to obtain sex.
  12. Something I never thought i would see or hear.....

    Even that would not surprise me. Next thing will be compensation to those convicted. Rumour has it that when the Homosexual bill was raised in Parliament someone cried .... PAY IT.
  13. Panorama and Tax avoidance

    Now we know who's not paying their taxes.
  14. Panorama and Tax avoidance

  15. Panorama and Tax avoidance