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  1. RiP Ken Dodd

    Will his funeral service be ..... Five hours long?
  2. Reports of a Self drive car killing pedestrian in US?

    You never mentioned.... don't know where their indicators are....lazy s..s. These people really annoy me.
  3. Stephen Hawking - Passed Away

    As an engineer I just wish that I had been paid by supposition and theory instead of having to be 100% correct.
  4. Stephen Hawking - Passed Away

    Or as the words in the song about Jonah and the whale says ...... It Ain't necessarily so .
  5. Jim Bowen RIP

    Only if as a contestant he has not answered the final question correctly.
  6. Stephen Hawking - Passed Away

    Falcon. I appreciate what you are saying and after listening to his friend Micheal Green professor of theoretical Astrophysics at Cambridge I Still have to say that it is still all supposition and theory.
  7. Jim Bowen RIP

    But wasn't it strange how the non darts players were better than the players. Hmm
  8. Stephen Hawking - Passed Away

    I certainly admired this great man but forgive me for asking other than theory what did he discover?
  9. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    You are quite right its knowing who is your enemy. Dublin bombing in the early 70s my mothers cousin was one of the victims. It was found that the trigger mechanism was a highly sophisticated unit that was only being used at the time by our military and even then by specialised units.
  10. RiP Ken Dodd

    I know what you mean the show my wife and I went to see started at 7pm and ended after midnight. We should have been given flight socks to prevent DVT.
  11. RiP Ken Dodd

    One of his jokes: Did you hear about the Topless lady ventriloquist .... nobody saw her lips move.
  12. Yes they will meet and Don will say ..... Howdy Partner put it there ( Aka. Dads Army ).
  13. six nations

    Not the safest place to go either the Russian fans are ruthless .
  14. six nations

    We were not that good
  15. RiP Ken Dodd

    He had an acquired sense of humour but gave value for money. How anyone can fire out jokes one after the other for five hours was amazing. Remember him back in the sixties at Our Ladies Church hall Birkenhead he sang some great songs and at the time he was going out with a nurse from Clatterbridge Hospital Bebington on the wirral. Sadly she died.