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  1. Have seen and handled a 20 bore Crown, absolutely lovely gun. But hand on heart is it worth 2k more than a 20 bore MK60 GRD 5 or an older Browning B25. Thoughts please people?
  2. JRDS

    Gun fitting

    Yes the Yorkshire Gun Room.
  3. JRDS

    Browning Crown

    1/2 is fine for Steel?
  4. JRDS

    Browning Crown

    Seriously tempted by one of these but they are choked 1/2 / 1/2 which for normal guns is fine for Steel but these state Lead Shot only. Can anyone explain why this is?
  5. JRDS

    7 month old lab bitch - cold game retrieving

    Game licences were abolished years ago?
  6. JRDS

    Finally scratched my itch.....

    Make sure you select the correct barrel when shooting skywards!!
  7. JRDS

    Beretta Prevail s10 12 gauge

    How much does it weigh?
  8. JRDS

    Ruger WSM 17 Trigger

    Timney and Rifle Basix do them.
  9. JRDS

    Rifle for Red Deer

    Only used a 270 once an un-moderated Parker Hale and it was a bit lively, any of those three moderated would be fine the 308 would probably be the easiest to get ammunition for.
  10. JRDS

    Rifle for Red Deer

    I would say any quality rifle my preference would be Sako in 308 / 270 / 6.5 x 55. I have the latter and it is soft shooting and throws a heavy bullet. If you have no price limit get yourself a Rigby Stalker :)
  11. JRDS

    Back bored 12bore - Fibre Game Cartridge.

    Browning Crown I presume.
  12. Bear in mind alot of 243's won't shoot 100grn accurately due to their twist.
  13. JRDS

    CORBYN's Leaders Speech

    If Corbyn gets in don't blame the Brexit vote, blame the Prime Minister and her Cabinet's gross betrayal of it (along with 95% of both houses) which could very well help Labour get in even though they would have done just the same.
  14. JRDS

    Back bored 12bore - Fibre Game Cartridge.

    Are new Beretta and Browning Game Guns not back bored for Fibre use?
  15. JRDS

    Back bored 12bore - Fibre Game Cartridge.

    Just out of interest which Beretta & Brownings are not Back Bored?