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  1. JRDS

    Thermal scopes

    That's the add on not the dedicated Scope, only Clive sells that as he developed it with them.
  2. JRDS

    Thermal scopes

    It is a dedicated Digital scope not an add on, called a Warden IIRC there is footage on You Tube.
  3. JRDS

    Which dog

    I am on my 5th Cocker and my latest is the most mental yet. Great little dogs though if you just want a job doing, they have all hunted and retrieved superbly if a little chaotic at times lol. Not a peg dog.
  4. JRDS

    Thermal scopes

    Clive Wards new Digi seems to be the new kid on the block, I would wait for some user feedback first but they look good. Log onto the Nightvisionforum for info.
  5. JRDS

    Dead Eels !

    Might be weather related with poor oxygen levels, seen dead Pike in numbers in my local canal
  6. JRDS

    New Model Jimny

    Looks a great little motor, little G Wagon springs to mind. https://www.carmagazine.co.uk/car-news/first-official-pictures/suzuki/jimny-2018-news-pictures-prices-specs/
  7. JRDS

    Thermal scopes

    I spot with a XQ38F and shoot with a Drone. There have been many instances when I can clearly see Foxes with the Thermal but not through the Drone because they are in cover, if you had just the Thermal you wouldn't know which makes them unsuitable for weapon scopes unless you know every inch of your land intimately.
  8. JRDS

    Skoda Yeti 4x4

    I have run a 15 Plate 170 BHP DSG Elegance 4 x 4 for the last year and it is absolutely superb. Great build quality and hasn't put a foot wrong on stubbles, tracks and fields just don't go mad.
  9. You have far too much money, nice choices
  10. JRDS

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Her days need to be numbered to single figures.
  11. JRDS

    Ruger wanted

    One on Guntrader in mint condition with after market trigger.
  12. JRDS

    Slow gun sales

    I have just bought a Winchester Model 23 in a private sale and the seller said he could have sold it 10 times over, I would get it on Guntrader.
  13. JRDS

    Andy Burnham

    No he is a self seving ******** in a pointless totally unecessary job.
  14. JRDS

    17hmr barrel length

    I have a 14 inch Annie TH and it works a treat.
  15. JRDS

    Night vision

    On the side so your hand doesn't interrupt the IR when you focus.