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  1. JRDS

    Aaron Ramsey

    He is crocked 75% of the time and the rest he is mediocre, why on earth would they do that!!
  2. JRDS

    CZ 457 Royal.

    One on Guntrader now along with a target version.
  3. JRDS

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Absolutely and more.
  4. JRDS

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Corbyn hoping his plan is approved and passed by the Traitors in the Commons, DUP withdraw support for May and hey presto a General Election.
  5. JRDS

    BREXIT - merged threads

    She will embrace it, it is a get out of Jail free card for her and her quisling Cabinet as staunch Remoaners. A deal she had to take because its all she could get through the traitors in the Commons and House of Frauds and we couldn't possibly actually leave as we voted for without a deal (that nobody voting leave voted for, just a Remoaner invention to keep us tied to them). Betrayal in both Houses everywhere you look, a modern day Guy Fawkes urgently required.
  6. I would only ever use Plastic on a Clay ground. Fibres work fine in both my 12 & 20.
  7. JRDS

    Scope mag and zero

    I have the 3-9 x 40 and it works a treat.
  8. JRDS

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Scottish MP's have their own very costly Parliament and should stop there instead of infesting ours.
  9. So Nissan citing Brexit as one of their reasons are scaremongering, no doubt with plenty of Govt support?
  10. They had previously said they would be building the new X Trail in Sunderland. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-37787890
  11. When Nissan sat down with the Government after the vote I wonder if this is what they agreed. This is an announcement about investment a long way in the future, there was absolutely no need to make it before the March Leave date when they could have seen how things turned out or were looking to turn out. The timing is perfect for May in her quest to get rid off the red herring backstop to replace it with a Customs Union. Would anyone be surprised if this Government had put Nissan up to this? Diesel sales have plummeted because of Government taxation, this decision would have been taken Brexit or No Brexit they haven't announced the investment in an EU country where they already have existing factories but in Japan.
  12. JRDS

    End of Season Near Miss

    A guy on our shoot had a blockage in his barrel about 1/4 of the way along the barrels, looked like a piece of wad when we got it out but he sent it away and the cartridge company said part of a buffer between the powder and wad which I have never heard of? Either way if he had fired a shot it would have blown the barrel.
  13. JRDS

    What scope do you use for lamping foxes?

    Some cheap 8 x 56 Schmidt's on the Bay if you can afford to bide your time.
  14. JRDS

    A few jobs out the way

  15. JRDS

    2016 on Kia sorento

    I have a Yeti and it is great off road on stubbles etc, unless doing heavy duty off road I am sure the Kia will be fine. Who goes round churning fields up, if its too wet its too wet.