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  1. Peter Bone is one of a very small bunch of quality patriotic MP's.
  2. Not so? Optical solutions sell them new and repair.
  3. You are being way too kind to 99% of them, in days gone past they wouldn't be able to make the rope quick enough!
  4. Yes will help us all so much in our day to day lives, what a total waste of Taxpayers money!! How many homeless could they have homed and fed with what they spent on this Ego trip!! The EU showing total contempt to its Taxpayers in how it spends their money.
  5. You personally or the ripped off UK Taxpayer?
  6. I use a 6.5 x 55, superb calibre for Deer and soft to shoot with a Mod. Bullet weights 85GRN > 160 GRN so can be loaded as a potent frangible Fox round also if you desire.
  7. JRDS

    Pard NV008

    Get very good reviews like the 007.
  8. The only thing lost is the result of the once in a Generation Referendum on both you and the Cretinous inhabitants of Parliament.
  9. Yes some world class ones on this thread!
  10. I don't know a single person who voted Leave that wants to Leave with any sort of 'deal', they just want all strings cut and to get out with No Deal.
  11. Yep me too. Test card then Laurel and Hardy and the Clangers, with a bit of Z Cars thrown in!! How would the modern age have coped!!
  12. They make the rules to suit themselves so yes unless you have unlimited funds to appeal or can persuade BASC or similar to support you. We have money to fund Foreign Aid at 15 Billion a year and want to give the EU 39 Billion for absolutely nothing but we can't fund our own Police Force. This Government makes me absolutely sick.
  13. My wife has one, tinny and very slow with cheap plastics but other than that it does what it says on the tin. It has been reliable.
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