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  1. JRDS

    Greta Thunberg

    Lead role in the Omen 5.
  2. Yes a totally pathetic statement but as an aside there's nowt wrong with a good Ferret or Burnley not perfect by any means but where is these days. I have been to Derby with work, it's not somewhere to go unless you have to.
  3. Interest in Ferrets, is that a base assumption that everyone in Burnley has a Ferret???? Don't have a Ferret but I do have a Brain and a Spine unlike every Remoaner I have ever met.
  4. Mine has had one since being 7 and she is now 23 on her 2nd pony and working for Happa. My wife and her have never disclosed the true costs but I would say for none livery around £225 a month with all the hidden costs.
  5. Where's Guy Fawkes when you need him!
  6. I have had a EELL and now have a Browning Crown, the Crown is the better made gun. I also own a 725 20 Bore UK Hunter and had no qualms buying the Crown as an addition, it's a joy to own. Its just the same with cars they all do the same job yet people like Leather, Air Con, Sat Nav etc and pay more for the privelige. If you want it and can afford it then why not, you can't take it with you.
  7. I use a 17 Hornet with a Wildcat Panther and it does a superb job.
  8. None round here and very few on my shoot up at Settle. Used to have loads behind my house, now zilch.
  9. I'm not? I know why you had the pleasure of banning me thx.
  10. I had a 3 month ban for replying to the **** you write, I am trying to avoid the same again.
  11. You don't believe May's Govt was one for remain WOW. With a Cabinet rammed full of Remainers and a WA written to tie us to the EU forever and payng £39 Biliion for the privelige? Do you live in a parallel universe to the rest of us.
  12. Talking the UK down at every opportunity is his job is it, his pre referendum doom laden forecasts have been proven BS have they not. He is a fully paid up member of Osbornes Project Fear team and BJ or his Chancellor should have sacked him day 1.
  13. Yep O Leary is a total how can I put it without getting banned again, begins in C. Much the same as Carney, why hasn't be been sacked?
  14. You asked how to keep Owls out of a pen, I answered with a solution we have used succcessfully for many years. You never stated the size of your pen or where it was sited.
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