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  1. Fantastic atmosphere at the ground too. The boys played out of their socks, chasing everything down, harrying MC at every opportunity.
  2. Yep, bought mine three years ago and it's still going strong. I was sceptical but now converted. I started a new blade up on January 1st and it's still (rather boringly) going strong. Every time I think it's had it I manage to bring it back to life with the Razor Pit!!! I have probably missed a dozen shaves in that time.
  3. Hi folks, I wonder if any of you could help? I’m interested in any feedback from people with experience of the scope in the title. I have the Apex already on my .22 lr but am interested in one of these on my fac impact for bunny control. Cheers
  4. Your face is too ugly!
  5. You forgot your flat caps and whippets!
  6. Unfortunately it has been opened but years ago apparently he had a dram and didn’t go back!! 😞
  7. I was given this by a client yesterday! Cant seem to find much information on it and wondered if any of you whisky connoisseurs had any ideas? I haven't had a sip yet!!
  8. 4 tickets for the sell out gig this Thursday at Westonbirt Arboretum, Westonbirt! Gone!!!! Selling for a friend who will arrange delivery!! Pm me if your interested.
  9. Sorted! Cheers Received cheers
  10. Yes please. PM me payment details. Cheers
  11. So if you have an FAC for an air rifle what would be the process? Could you just pop over and buy one?
  12. Happened to me 4 1/2 years ago. Set up my own business (totally new career to me) I earn less but still pay the bills and love it plus I see so much more of my family!! Treat it as an opportunity. It can be frightening but if it's a reality dont hide your head in the sand!!
  13. Lampwick

    Gordon Banks

    A childhood hero and legend! I had the honour of going to his testimonial with my dad and uncles, Ive got the programme somewhere, I must dig it out. Rest in peace.
  14. Lampwick

    Aaron Ramsey

    Good luck to the boy! I expect he will be rather happy.
  15. I was just thinking that I could turn it down sub 12 for rats and crank it back up for the bunnies! Never had a .25 or used the Impact.
  16. Interesting thread. I’m currently looking at another fac air rifle. Currently have a Verminator which I love but want to stick a thermal on another. I quite like to write up on the Impact in .25. Any thoughts welcome. Use is rats and rabbits. Cheers
  17. https://www.johnnorris.co.uk/collections/bargain-bin/products/harkila-forester-neoprene-lined-rubber-boots One size only!! 16!!!!!!!
  18. Aigle Parcors ISO are a cracking boot!
  19. Hi Trevor I can't make this week (already out) but pm me if your short in the future. I only live up the road and could possibly get you another body if required. Ian
  20. Lampwick


    I,ve had nightmares over walnuts!! Stained fingers, hands, clothes etc. How do you get them from the husks? Do you let them come out naturally and ignore the fallen "green" ones? Do you ever pick the " "cracking" nuts from the tree?
  21. Whilst on a sking holiday in France a chum declared his own back on the ponies for all the money they had cost him over the years whilst chewing down on a medium rare horse steak. "Rather tasty" he announced!
  22. I appreciate the age of the document but is there any truth in the content and if so what are the rough figures now? https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2006/oct/01/horseracing.sport
  23. I'm not entirely sure that when they are "in" they are reported as being "in" The local boys don't want millions of fluff chuckers spoiling their freezer filling!!
  24. Lampwick

    Wasp sting

    Very waspy this year. Keep an eye out for the flippers. Don't drink from a can outside use a glass, a sting in the mouth from a wasp hidden in the can is bad, a sting in the esophagus is really bad!!!
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