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  1. I’ve used all three! Lamping, night vision and Thermal! Lamping works, night vision is better but Thermal is the nuts. Yes it’s not cheap but if you can afford it you won’t look back. People still shoot muzzle loaders and enjoy it, but you don’t see many on driven days!!
  2. Flipping massive! Poor people!
  3. Lampwick


    Certainly some very sad stories on here and I wish all of you the very best. Just remember its good to talk. We had absolutely no idea Shannon was that desperate and that's such a shame.
  4. Lampwick


    I lost a good friend yesterday. It appears he had had enough. God bless him. Please, please, please folks if you are struggling, please talk to someone. RIP Shannon.
  5. Another legend! RIP
  6. My petrol station asked me for sight of my driving licence last time I went to buy petrol from them! Go figure!!
  7. Try to just cover above the spring ensuring no light can get through. Push the feet in a bit then lift and run a track for them to cross in. Set trap, It needs to be set firm enough so it isn’t pushed up too easily and make sure there aren’t any stones or flints etc which may get in the way of a closing! Cut the hole slightly larger than the trap ie don’t leave a big space they don’t like these (yours looks too wide) . Pick the deepest run you can on shallow runs and a straight section. I tend to hit the newest runs first!
  8. I wondered what happened to old racing pigeons! It's not like you can just set them free to fly off into the blue yonder.
  9. Humanely killed in its run this morning. Don’t shift soil in front of me! Good luck with the Putanges. Couldn’t get on with them. Stupid triggers.
  10. 🤣 I don’t think so.
  11. Right you lot! I think it's time I offered some free lessons!!! Ditchy, if your not too far away? You can be the first recipient.
  12. Pm me your number if you like and I will talk you through setting the traps properly.
  13. I trap moles for a living (pest control) there is an art to doing it well. You need to choose the right part of the run, set the traps well (fine, not too much cover but not too little) and pray the mole doesn't shove too much dirt ahead of it! Also make sure the jaws of the trap don't close on a stone. Most of the time it's fairly easy but sometimes I find myself chasing the beggars around the lawn wondering if I'm ever going to get it.
  14. Strangely enjoyable and a super sword. Although I’m not sure if I’d have a beer with him or a fight? 😂
  15. Could you explain the estimated cost please? Is this what they believe they will sell for? What they want to get? or their way of setting a price? Also are there reserves? I didn’t notice. Cheers
  16. Lampwick


    Get that shotgun out! They are a flipping nuisance.
  17. Superb, I watched that twice! It’s great that there are people out there with those skills and passion to make such.
  18. If you want a to have a go at making some soft cheese really easily have a go at Yoghurt cheese. Simply buy some natural yoghurt (full fat) Lidl's large pots are great and cheap. Mix in salt, (trial and error, this is to draw out the moisture in the yoghurt) don't over do it. You then need to let it drain overnight (I hang it in some muslin) then eat it. I add flavourings, just pop into the yoghurt whatever you fancy when you add the salt, garlic, herbs, pepper, chilli etc.
  19. I Would be interested also. Can you do a semi flat bottom one too?
  20. It's a wasp starter cell/nest. Built by the queen who will be laying eggs in it to get her workers up and running. I would get rid of it ASAP. Do it in the dark to ensure she is in there (if it's big enough there may be workers already, get them too) A blast with a decent insect spray knock, it into a box or bag and squash it. Then on to the bin. Take care not to disturb any occupants so they attack you. Take precautions to avoid getting stung, especially if you have any reactions to insect stings. If she (the queen) is active it will grow rapidly if left. I run a pest control company, you could always pay me to come and sort it!
  21. Im afraid it was go down as the season that never was! even if it’s started back up. 😬😂
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