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  1. It’s got to be 70 years since Dr. Murton conducted his survey for the Ministry of Ags Infestation Control Laboratory. Some of the info will have changed no doubt but much else hasn’t. Maybe it’s time PW members contributed financially to a new survey perhaps by GWCT to update everyone (including those ignoramouses at NE) about woodys behaviour. Maybe even satelite tag a few as they’ve done with woodcock. Not sure how many members of PW but a £1 each should raise a fair bit!! 😊 Perhaps offer it to a uni student for their thesis.
  2. I haven't posted on here for an age but do occassionally keep an eye on things. Couldn't help noticing this thread and thought you'all might be interested in this...some years ago about 5/6 I think I shot a big heavy prime condition woodpigeon over winter OSR. It had two rings on one leg both of which I returned to the BTO. I was sent a very interesting report; the first ring had been placed on the bird when it was in the nest within 2 km of where I shot it, the second when the bird was 8 years of age within 2 km of where I shot it by when it was 10 years old. I rang and spoke to a chap at the BTO and had a very interesting conversation. Three points of interest; the BTO have been ringing woodpigeons since the 1950's and have rung over 50000 (fifty thousand) of which very few, less than half a dozen, have ever been sent back from Europe (rather dispelling the old notion of birds from Europe which the BTO dispute in any event). The oldest woodpigeon ever recorded was 18 years of age and sent back from the Orkneys (or was it Shetland Isles) found within the same area where it was originally rung. Probably not worth eating then!
  3. First fields cropped last week round this neck of the woods but hardly a bird on them since drilling.
  4. Mike you’re not reading things correctly are you ....Minsmere self financing, pumping £1.5 – 2m into the local economy??? How’s that then? No I don’t pay to belong to RSPB, that’s my choice BUT I do pay taxes and yet have no say in the wasted millions NE spends on silly unworkable projects. So THE NT haven’t stopped people hunting on (some of) their grounds and haven’t stopped shoot leaseholders (after they’ve paid their dues) from shooting Woodcock. Yes different organizations/people but all ‘anti’ shooting. I’ve been to Minsmere (I also shoot all round the area) but it’s too much of a wildlife theme park for my liking.
  5. Mike please stop spouting NE/RSPB propaganda. I was talking about Minsmere an RSPB flagship reserve is it not and not other parts of the UK or even EA. The areas around that reserve they are spending so much money on in attempts to help rare wading birds such as Stone Curlews and Lapwings are for the most part pastureland and heathland habitats. However the skies are full of their ‘flagship’ Harriers and hence no Stone Curlews bred last year and Lapwings struggled to do so. The wardens say they have no idea why but every countryman you meet around the area knows full well why! The RSPB has deep pockets! Unfortunately NE is spending our money and if the general public knew just how much I believe there’d be rioting in the streets especially now with all the belt tightening going on. If you want to know why I get so incensed by RSPB it’s because their vowed intent is to stop us shooting. That as far as I’m concerned is an ‘anti’ measure and seeks to interfere with my chosen way of life. Not something I seek to impose on twitchers or indeed any other members of society. For the same reason I won’t put a penny in the pockets of such bodies as The National Trust, or (anti) individuals like Sir Paul McCartney and the likes of Brian May and some chap calling himself 'Fisherman Mike'. Get on with your own lives and stop interfering in mine!
  6. Not on RSPB Minsmere (isn't that one of the largest) they aren't...too many Harriers! In fact NE/RSPB attempts at helping Stone Curlews and Lapwings around the Minsmere reserve costing £millions over the last few years had been nothing short of pathetic! Mind you they have cottoned on to the fact that Red Deer in the rut can be a profitable sideline!
  7. Good efforts I hope you keep going until 'perfection' is reached. A couple of points if I may...much of the taxidermy one sees around is poor, the lads/lasses doing it really should spend more time watching the real thing alive and in it's natural state. Many speciemens end up looking 'moth eaten' but as they are new they clearly aren't. I prefer mine (I don't do it myself) to have a lifelike quality to them. Heads that are turned, watching, on the alert etc etc. Birds in flight, alighting, taking off etc. A frog for instance that's jumping rather than static.
  8. I was a bit concerned that this might be one of those 'personal problem' threads when I first read the title...but I digress Seems to me a good arguement for storing guns barrels down. Storing guns barrels up lets all the oils run down and is the cause of many stock failures around the breech end. The locks are not sealed against liquids and any will eventually soak into the wood.
  9. You should know by now...I'm always there, it's just you weren't looking!
  10. whatever you plan to put through it use a pattern plate to establish what different chokes do with the same and different cartridges. Taking advice from others doesn't mean that'll work in your gun. One of the best shots I've ever worked with (many years ago an English Sporting Champion) uses 1oz #6 loads for everything including geese and I yet to see him miss! Well maybe the once
  11. round here nothing like that lasts very long...the raptors that NE/RSPB are so keen on EAT 'EM! :yp:
  12. is this a weather or a whether thread?
  13. Unfortunately the medics can only operate within the law as it stands. Hopefully it will get changed in the not too distant future! I've seen a number of family/friends linger when a swift end was called for. We treat our animals better! All my family/friends know if I'm ever in that position all they need do is hand me a loaded gun...trouble is I suspect there'll be a long queue!
  14. Ooooops Mung's troden on someones sensitive bits! :o
  15. Once again the Italians are not renowned for their fighting spirit! White Flags
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