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  1. Cwis Packham does a good one I believe! 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Cornwall is already like a Swiss cheese without digging for tungsten 🤣
  3. That .1% is the manufacturer’s cop out.
  4. One this morning on the bird table 987 First squirrel I have seen since January
  5. There is an old leather ‘leg of mutton’ case for sale on Facebook near Lincoln at £60
  6. Looks like a red cartridge has fallen out of the pocket and landed on the floor next to your right leg 😂
  7. I dabble occasionally. My advice would be to use good quality flour. I now get all my flours and yeasts from Bakery Bits. Great site with good advice. They are very knowledgeable of all things baking. For books, have a look at Crust and Dough, both written by Richard Bertinet. I would also say, ditch the bread maker and get hands on. There is nothing quite like that first crust from a freshly baked loaf covered with lashings of a good quality butter. 🥖🍞
  8. Hungry people these computer boffins. Cookies, bit, nibble, bytes, apple
  9. moondoggy

    John Bercow

    With a name like Bercow, she must be an old boiler!
  10. You can eat beeswax as people do when they eat honey in the comb. An even better option in my opinion is to mix chopping board oil and beeswax to make your own food safe wax in a 4 to 1 ratio. That’s 4 parts chopping board oil to 1 part beeswax. Heat them gently in a Bain Marie until the beeswax melts. Pour into containers and let it cool. Wax finished. Just rub it in to the wood, leave it for a few hours then gently buff. It will be absorbed in to the wood, so apply a couple on more coats. Refresh as necessary. There are loads of videos on YouTube showing you how to make it.
  11. Cointreau and sugar or Amaretto and sugar. Delicious 😋
  12. Thank you, I will have a look 👍
  13. I saw those on YouTube. They look like a nice bit of kit. Couldn’t find a UK supplier though.
  14. But do you prefer manual or electric?
  15. Tree work, stumps, etc. I don’t need speed, just a good steady pull.
  16. I’m looking at getting one of these Tirfor type cable pullers by a company called Vevor. Just wondering if anyone on here has any experience of them as to whether they are any good?
  17. I didn’t know badgers could read, let alone dead badgers!
  18. Isn’t heading towards the verge and doing 30 mph on a national speed limit road to avoid a collision driving carefully?
  19. If you can afford it, go for the Hills. There was a recent article in one of the Airgun magazines singing its praises and there are loads of videos on YouTube giving very positive reviews. The back-up service also sounds fantastic.
  20. Bought some from Asda a few weeks back. It was only about £6 for 10 litres.
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