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  1. This is perhaps the best way of stabilising wood. Many pen turners stabilise punky wood that is otherwise useless. Basically, it sucks all the air out of the wood and replaces it with resin. It is then baked to set the resin. There are people that offer this as a service as the equipment and resins are not cheap.
  2. Just fitted an Aico last week. Chose this make over Fire Angel based on reviews on Screwfix. It seems Fire Angel can have some reliability issues. I used mine to replace an old Fire Angel unit. It is hard wired and linked in to two other units. All are working together and I will be replacing the other two units with Aico in due course.
  3. Tasty, worth getting its feet wet! 😁
  4. Amazing shot. I always look forward to your pictures, you need to write a book about wildlife photography.
  5. Pigeon poop from all those near misses 😁
  6. All cartridges now sold
  7. All cartridges still for sale
  8. Don’t forget it was always in shorts. We weren’t allowed to wear long trousers at all until 10 or 11 years old.
  9. The easiest way to see my doctor is when my Shotgun Certificate is due for renewal. He interviews you and checks your records for a £50 fee. Couldn’t book me in quick enough. If you are ill, you usually only get offered an appointment with a nurse.
  10. I have the following for sale: 200 Gamebore Pure Gold - 12 gauge 32grams No.6 65mm Felt Wad £55 175 Gamebore Clear Pigeon - 12 gauge 30 grams No.6 70mm Plastic Wad £45 200 Gamebore Clear Pigeon - 12 gauge 30 grams No.6 65mm Felt Wad £50 50 Gamebore Super Steel - 12 gauge 32 grams No.4 70mm Plastic Wad. £14 Collection from east of Louth in Lincolnshire - Shotgun Certificate required.
  11. Took herpes a month to deliver a parcel to me. Worst couriers around in my opinion
  12. Had a look through my stack but only got three or four copies from 1972, none of which are the dates you require. Good luck on finding the ones you need.
  13. Will be auditioning for Bond Boys then!
  14. Cheapest I have found is Powertoolmate. I am looking at an 18 volt 12.0 AH and they are the cheapest by far.
  15. Lighter fluid, brilliant stuff to have around the house. Just used it today on exactly the same thing, removing clear stickers from some new stainless steel light fittings.
  16. Ashley Iles. Hand made in Lincolnshire. I bought a selection of four chisels and they are superbly made. There are some good videos showing them being made.
  17. Expresso???? No such drink. Back to school for you my boy.
  18. I’ll let you know when we put our cottage on the market then! 😂
  19. Spare a thought for us who live near Louth. If you live near RAF Conningsby, you have to expect it I’m afraid. I really don’t mind, they keep us safe.
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